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Manage content classification using categories, tags, or custom taxonomies.

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Categories Images icon

Categories Images

The WordPress plugin called Categories Images is a useful tool for those who are managing a blog or website powered by WordPress. This plugin is designed to allow administrators to upload images that will associate with specific categories, thereby providing for much more site organization and an added level of navigation for visitors to the website. Installing this plugin is easy, and it provides several options and features that make it extremely useful.
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Hide Categories and Products for Woocommerce

Woocommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for WordPress, allowing users to easily set up an online store and sell products. However, sometimes you may want to hide certain categories or products from your customers. This is where the 'Hide Categories and Products for Woocommerce' plugin comes into play. In this article, we will explore this plugin and its features, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how it can help enhance your online store.
WordPress Tag and Category Manager – AI Autotagger icon

WordPress Tag and Category Manager – AI Autotagger

TaxoPress is a WordPress plugin designed to make managing tags, categories, and taxonomies easier. It offers a dynamic and intuitive interface, allowing users to quickly create powerful and dynamic navigation menus, tag clouds, and featured content. TaxoPress also has the ability to manually manage how categories and taxonomies are displayed in themes and widgets. TaxoPress is an essential plugin for any WordPress user, providing an easy way to manage the navigation of WordPress sites and ensure optimal content discovery.
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Category Posts Widget

WordPress is one of the most versatile and powerful content management systems available. It allows users to create complex, feature-rich websites and blogs quickly and easily with the help of plugins. One of the most useful plugins available for WordPress is the Category Posts Widget. This plugin allows users to display a list of recent posts from specific categories on their website.
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Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order

WordPress plugins are tools that allow users to extend and enhance the functionality of their WordPress websites. One such plugin is the Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order plugin, which allows users to easily order and rearrange multiple categories or taxonomy terms. The simple but powerful drag & drop interface allows users to easily organize and display category and taxonomy terms in the order of their preference. This plugin’s flexibility makes it ideal for blog sites, as well as for any user setting up an online store.
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Bulk Move

The ‘Bulk Move’ WordPress plugin is a handy and efficient tool for content managers and website owners. This plugin allows users to select multiple posts, pages, attachments, categories, and tags from a single place, and sort or transfer them between them in bulk. With the aid of this plugin, content editors and website owners can quickly and easily reorganize their entire website, without having to pay expensive developers or learn complicated coding. Its interface is both intuitive and user friendly, making it suitable for beginners as well as more advanced users.
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FV Top Level Categories

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) used to develop powerful and interactive websites. This system has a variety of “plugins”, or extensions, that are created by developers to add various features to a website. One of these is known as the FV Top Level Categories WordPress plugin, which has many features designed to make managing and categorizing WordPress content pages much easier.
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Posts in Page

Given the immense popularity of WordPress as one of the leading content management systems for a variety of websites, plugins have become an extremely important aspect of WordPress usage. A significant number of plugins are available, providing a range of benefits to users looking to enhance their WordPress experience. 'Posts in Page' is one such plugin that has been designed to provide a simple and effective method of displaying post content on pages.
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Ultimate Category Excluder

The Ultimate Category Excluder is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows users to easily filter posts and pages by category. This plugin is designed to help users exclude categories from their website and manage the order of posts, allowing for a more streamlined and organized WordPress site. The Ultimate Category Excluder is a great asset for webmasters and bloggers who want to organize their website quickly and easily.
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Remove Category URL

The ‘Remove Category URL’ WordPress plugin is a powerful and versatile tool that allows users to remove category URLs in WordPress websites. With this plugins users can improve the user experience and search engine optimization of their site. Removing category URLs can help improve the ranking of a page in search engines and provide a more user-friendly experience.