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Reveal IDs is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that makes it easy to display post, page, and media IDs, as well as other helpful information, in a clear and organized way.
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Reveal IDs: A Comprehensive Review

Reveal IDs is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows website owners to reveal the IDs of their posts and pages with a simple click of a button. This can be an extremely useful tool for developers, publishers, and even bloggers who are looking to improve the overall functionality of their website. Reveal IDs makes it easy to quickly identify and access specific elements of a website that would otherwise require complex code or a search through a database. By providing a simple interface to access a website’s post and page IDs, Reveal IDs makes it easy for any user to improve the functionality of their website or blog.

Reveal IDs: Breakdown

The added ID column

Reveal IDs is a WordPress plugin that makes it possible to easily find and manage all post and page IDs for a website. The plugin adds a ‘Reveal ID’ button within the WordPress admin interface that provides direct access to each post or page’s ID. This button is situated next to the ‘Edit’ button, which is typically found when viewing a list of your website's posts or pages. When the ‘Reveal ID’ button is clicked, a small window opens displaying the ID of the chosen post or page.

Reveal IDs also provides additional features such as the ability to copy a post or page’s ID to the clipboard and the option to open the particular post or page in a new browser window. This makes it easy to quickly view and access the content associated with a post or page ID without having to go back and forth between multiple pages. Additionally, Reveal IDs also allows website owners to customize the appearance of the interface, such as the font size and colors. This can help make it easier for users to quickly identify and locate the specific ID they are looking for.

The plugin also has support for various WordPress post types, such as pages, posts, media, comments, categories, tags, and custom post types. This makes it easy to find and access IDs associated with any type of content on a website. For developers and website owners looking to improve the overall performance of their website, Reveal IDs is a must-have plugin.

Pros of Using Reveal IDs

Easy to use: The Reveal ID's plugin is designed to be user friendly and intuitive. It is very simple to use and only requires a few clicks to get started. With just a few clicks you can reveal any ID's on your WordPress site quickly and easily

Organize Your Content: Reveal ID's allows you to quickly identify and organize your content, which can be beneficial for tracking and accounting purposes. This will enable you to easily locate and maintain a well-organized list of all content within your blog or website

Securely Reveal IDs: The Reveal IDs plugin is highly secure and provides a great level of protection for your WordPress site. All ID's are securely revealed using a secure static salt, which means your ID's are only revealed when you want them to be revealed

Enhanced Compatibility: The Reveal IDs plugin is designed to be compatible with all versions of WordPress, as well as other popular web development frameworks. This means you will be able to utilize the plugin regardless of which WordPress theme or framework you are running. This ensures a seamless implementation of the plugin on your site

Additional Informations: The Reveal IDs plugin not only reveals the ID's but it also provides additional information such as the post title, URL, post type, and other post meta data. This allows you to get more insight into the posts on your site and helps you to better understand the data associated with each post

Cons of Using Reveal IDs

Lack of Performance: The Reveal IDs plugin adds an additional query for every request made to the server, which can create a performance issue for certain websites. The plugin slows down database queries in very high-traffic websites, degrading the overall performance of the site. It is recommended to only use the plugin when needed and disable it once the task is completed.

Risk of Security Breach: When the Reveal IDs plugin is activated, it can unintentionally leave the website open to security vulnerabilities if not used correctly. Without caution, the plugin’s functionality creates an entry point for hackers to view all of the user IDs associated with accounts on the website, in addition to the website’s internal infrastructure. Therefore, it is important to monitor any changes that the plugin triggers to protect the site from malicious activity.

Difficulty for Developers: Since Reveal IDs is a plugin designed to alter web page content, it is difficult for developers to keep up with the changes made by other users. There is potential for the plugin to prevent manual fixes to the site, making the task of maintaining the website more difficult. Furthermore, the plugin’s changes to the web page must be manually reversed once it is no longer needed in order to avoid any unintentional consequences.

Error-prone Interface: Due to the nature of the Reveal IDs plugin, the manual input of values into the plugin’s user interface can lead to mistakes. It is important to pay attention to the proper syntax and usage of the plugin to avoid common mistakes. If used incorrectly, the plugin can lead to unexpected results, potentially crashing the site if not quickly corrected.

Compatibility Issues: The Reveal IDs plugin may contain compatibility issues with the website’s existing codebase, potentially causing some features or functionality to break. It is recommended to use caution when using the plugin and always test changes in a local or staging environment before deploying into production. This will ensure that the plugin does not create any unexpected conflicts that will prevent the website from functioning properly.

100% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Reveal IDs is an essential WordPress plugin that makes it simple to quickly access and manage the IDs associated with a website’s posts, pages, and other content. By providing an easy-to-use interface that can be customized to an individual’s preferences, Reveal IDs helps developers and website owners alike to quickly find and access a specific element of a website, potentially improving the overall performance of their website or blog. For WordPress users looking to improve the functionality of their website, Reveal IDs is a must-have solution.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.6.1
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 60,000+
  • WP Version: 3.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.99
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Displaying Unique Identifiers for Hotel Guests
    A hotel can use Reveal IDs to provide guests with a unique identifier for their stay. This can be used to keep track of who has stayed in each room, and it simplifies the process of giving out the information that guests need to check in. This plugin can also be used to easily assign room numbers that are consistent with other reservations. By keeping track of guests and their unique IDs, hotel staff can provide a secure experience and make sure reservations are handled properly.
  • Identifying E-commerce Customers
  • Providing Unique Usernames in Online Communities
  • Securing Invoices and Contracts
  • Identifying Unique Experiences for Visitors
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