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BP Profile Search icon

BP Profile Search

The BP Profile Search plugin is a powerful and popular tool for WordPress users. It gives website owners the ability to create complex search forms and fields for user profiles, allowing visitors to easily search for the specific information they’re looking for. This plugin is a must-have for those looking to increase engagement with their site’s users and give them an efficient way to find what they need quickly and easily.
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Login rebuilder

The Login rebuilder WordPress plugin helps site administrators to easily customize the appearance of the login page, allowing for a faster and more efficient website customization experience. Utilizing the power of the WordPress platform, Login rebuilder provides access to features such as a custom background image, logo, authentication message modification, and password reset settings. Furthermore, the plugin is fully responsive and can be used in any mobile environment, while offering a unique set of user control features specifically designed to make the most of the WordPress platform.
MainWP Child – Securely Connects Sites to the MainWP WordPress Manager Dashboard icon

MainWP Child – Securely Connects Sites to the MainWP WordPress Manager Dashboard

MainWP Child is a WordPress plugin from MainWP, one of the best WordPress manager dashboards and maintenance solutions in the market today. It provides a comprehensive solution that enables users to manage multiple WordPress websites with ease. MainWP Child is designed to securely connect websites to the MainWP dashboard and make it easier to use the features it offers to keep your WordPress sites up-to-date, secure, and efficiently managed.
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12 Step Meeting List

12 Step Meeting List is a WordPress plugin that helps individuals find and attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and other 12 step programs. This tool gives users the necessary information about meetings in their area, including details such as calendar dates, locations, and times for meetings. Users can easily filter their search results based on their location, language, and availability. 12 Step Meeting List supports a wide variety of languages, making it accessible to users across the globe. With this plugin, users can easily access all the information they need to attend their local 12 step programs.
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AddFunc Head & Footer Code

The WordPress plugin AddFunc Head & Footer Code allows website owners to easily add custom JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to both their websites’ head and footer sections. Whether a website owner is looking for more advanced styling options or ways to integrate analytics tracking codes, the AddFunc Head & Footer Code plugin offers users a convenient and simple solution when adding code to their WordPress site. With this plugin, website owners are able to quickly and effortlessly make changes to their site without the need for any custom coding.
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Allow Multiple Accounts

The WordPress content management system is an excellent platform for creating and managing your website’s content. With its flexibility and versatility, it has become the preferred platform of choice for many webmasters looking to create a professional design and user friendly website for their business. The ‘Allow Multiple Accounts’ plugin is one of the most useful and convenient WordPress plugins available and can benefit any webmaster looking to add an extra layer of security and flexibility to their website’s content management.
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Temporary Login Without Password

The Temporary Login Without Password WordPress plugin is a tool that enables a WordPress administrator to provide temporary logins to their site without the requirement of a password and without effecting the user's current passwords. This plugin is useful to WordPress administrators and owners who need to temporarily allow access to their WordPress sites to different people, without the risk of unwanted users using the same login account or below par security. It is an ideal solution for being able to let people access parts of their website or content, while also ensuring the security of their data and other parts of the website.
Registrations for the Events Calendar – Event Registration Plugin icon

Registrations for the Events Calendar – Event Registration Plugin

... The ever-evolving digital realm has expanded the ability for organizations, businesses, and individuals to engage with their audience through interactive online events. Navigating through this space requires specific tools that can manage event details seamlessly. One such tool that has made considerable strides in this domain is the 'Registrations for the Events Calendar - Event Registration Plugin.' This comprehensive WordPress plugin is designed to streamline the laborious task of event management efficiently. In the pages that follow, we will explore the unique capabilities of this notable plugin that make event registration an effortless task.
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Login Logout Menu

The Login Logout Menu WordPress plugin offers a comprehensive and reliable way to manage user sessions in any WordPress site. Providing an easy-to-use interface for both developers and non-developers, the plugin allows users to implement a logout/login menu in any WordPress menu. By combining a period of inactivity with an automatic logout, the plugin serves as a secure solution for users who need to manage their user sessions with high-level security and ease-of-use.
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AyeCode Connect

AyeCode Connect is the latest plugin for WordPress websites, designed to help developers save time and simplify the website building process. This plugin allows users to easily connect and integrate third-party services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3, into any WordPress site. AyeCode Connect can help streamline the process of syncing, uploading, and retrieving data quickly, all without the need for complex coding and installation. This plugin provides WordPress users with a tool that was previously only available to developers.