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Integrate interactive maps to enhance user engagement and provide location details.

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API KEY for Google Maps icon

API KEY for Google Maps

The ‘API KEY for Google Maps’ WordPress plugin is a great resource for developers who want to add Google Maps to their website. This free plugin makes it easy for anyone to quickly integrate Google Maps into their WordPress sites, without having to write any code. It also simplifies the process of getting a Google Maps API Key for the Google Maps Platform APIs. With this plugin, it’s easy to enhance any content page with an interactive Google Map.
Interactive Image Map Plugin – Draw Attention icon

Interactive Image Map Plugin – Draw Attention

The Interactive Image Map Plugin – Draw Attention is a plugin specifically designed to provide users with an easy and intuitive way to create interactive image maps with complex shapes and graphics that can be implemented on any WordPress page or post. By simply uploading an image of your choice and defining the clickable hotspots, you’ll be able to create beautiful and meaningful interactive images that will draw attention and encourage users to further explore your content. Whether you’re a graphic designer, marketer, or just looking to add an extra layer of interactivity to your website or blog, this plugin can help you put a professional touch on your digital design.
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Leaflet Map

The Leaflet Map WordPress plugin is an open-source software created to help users create and manage customized maps through a WordPress interface. This plugin is an excellent tool for websites that showcase geographic locations or need to provide a route or direction on a website. It's also a great way for developers to manage interactive maps, from the convenience of a WordPress page.
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SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle is an incredibly useful and powerful WordPress plugin. Originally created by Greg Priday for SiteOrigin, the plugin greatly enhances the functionality of WordPress websites and has developed a large following. Using the pre-built page builder widgets, users can drag and drop their layout in seconds and adjust extensive settings to create a unique look for their WordPress site. Despite the immense power of the plugin, it’s relatively simple to use and a perfect option for both web design professionals and novice users alike.
Maps Plugin using Google Maps for WordPress – WP Google Map icon

Maps Plugin using Google Maps for WordPress – WP Google Map

Having the basic WordPress installation offers several advantages, such as a professional website builder, a collection of custom themes, and plugins that increase the functionality of a website. One of the most popular plugins is the WP Google Map plugin that taps into the Google Maps programming to present people with an easy and convenient way to add maps to their blog posts, website or anywhere else. This plugin is widely used by website owners around the globe as it is highly flexible, efficient, and gives users full control over what and how they want their map to look like.
WP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps) icon

WP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps)

WP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps) is an all-in-one map plugin for WordPress users. It provides access to robust features including custom categories, widget and shortcode support, directions, and street view. These features allow users to quickly create and customize maps that fit their website specific needs. WP Go Maps is one of the few plugins that offer a complete solution to create custom maps inside WordPress for any purpose and blog size.
Interactive Geo Maps icon

Interactive Geo Maps

Interactive Geo Maps is a WordPress plugin that enables users to add fully customizable interactive maps to their WordPress websites. Interactive Geo Maps makes it simple for webmasters to easily create interactive maps that feature marker pins, information boxes, custom styling, and more. With this plugin, they can quickly create complex geographic information systems (GIS) without any coding experience.
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WP Store Locator

With the increase in online shopping, it has become increasingly important for businesses to ensure their physical store locations are highly visible and easy to find. To do this, most companies use a store locator. A store locator allows customers to search for a local store by entering their address or zip code. The WP Store Locator plugin is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add a store locator to a website. It is a great tool for both business owners and customers alike.
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Map Block for Google Maps

The Map Block for Google Maps is a powerful plugin for WordPress that can help users embed powerful, professional-quality Google Maps into their content. With it, users can incorporate interactive maps into their WordPress websites to represent data, display locations, and even provide directions. Whether you’re a business owner looking to boost your SEO, a real estate agent trying to showcase properties, or a travel blog wanting to plot out destinations, this plugin is a great fit.
Store Locator WordPress icon

Store Locator WordPress

The Store Locator plugin for WordPress is an exceptionally useful tool for businesses that list and store multiple locations across the globe. This plugin gives customers greater control over their online search experience, and businesses greater control over how they present their locations to customers. Searching for a product, store, or service can be a tedious task, but a well-set up Store Locator plugin can allow customers and businesses to easily locate and connect with each other.