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Index Now

WordPress has become one of the world’s most popular content management systems for building websites, blogs, and applications. It provides endless possibilities for developers and users alike by allowing them to easily customize and extend the platform for their specific needs. The ‘Index Now’ plugin is a great plugin for WordPress users that helps improve the performance and overall functionality of their website or blog. It works by helping optimize the internal link structure of your website, providing faster loading times, and helping optimize indexation of your website in search engines.
Fonts Plugin | Google Fonts Typography icon

Fonts Plugin | Google Fonts Typography

WordPress is an incredibly powerful platform for web development and content creation. It allows for a great deal of control over how a website looks and presents its content. One of the key elements of any website’s aesthetic is its typography – the style of fonts used to present text. Fortunately, WordPress has a number of plugins available that make selecting, installing, and managing fonts a much easier process. One of the most popular of these plugins is the Fonts Plugin | Google Fonts Typography plugin.
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BP Profile Search

The BP Profile Search plugin is a powerful and popular tool for WordPress users. It gives website owners the ability to create complex search forms and fields for user profiles, allowing visitors to easily search for the specific information they’re looking for. This plugin is a must-have for those looking to increase engagement with their site’s users and give them an efficient way to find what they need quickly and easily.
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Customizer Search

For many website owners, having quick access to the customizations they can make on their site can be a huge time-saver. The Customizer Search plugin brings the power of search technology to the WordPress customizer and helps users find and install the exact customization they need within seconds. Created by WordPress plugin developer Konstantinos Kouratoras, Customizer Search is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to easily customize their WordPress websites in a matter of minutes.
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ACF: Better Search

The ‘ACF: Better Search’ plugin for WordPress is an incredibly useful search tool that can help make searching on your WordPress site quicker and easier for your visitors. The ‘ACF: Better Search’ plugin was designed to provide advanced search capabilities for the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin, which allows users to define custom post types in WordPress. The plugin uses jQuery, Ajax, and other cutting edge technologies to ensure that searches are fast and efficient. With ‘ACF: Better Search’, you can provide your visitors with a powerful search experience that allows them to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
FiboSearch – Ajax Search for WooCommerce icon

FiboSearch – Ajax Search for WooCommerce

FiboSearch is a powerful Ajax search plugin for WooCommerce stores. It elevates customer experience and maximizes efficiency by allowing customers to quickly and easily find products they are interested in. FiboSearch is easy to install, configurable, and lightweight. It provides results that appear faster and are more accurate than those provided by standard WooCommerce search features. With FiboSearch, customers can search for products without leaving the page, and they get instant search results directly in the shop page.
Ivory Search – WordPress Search Plugin icon

Ivory Search – WordPress Search Plugin

Ivory Search is an intuitive and powerful WordPress plugin that makes it easy for WordPress users to create an advanced search capability on their sites. It offers a whole range of features, including support for multiple languages, advanced search parameters, and the ability to customize the search results to meet your site’s unique needs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Ivory Search can do for you and your WordPress site.
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Nextend Social Login and Register

Nextend Social Login and Register is an incredibly powerful and user-friendly plugin for WordPress websites. It allows users to quickly and easily register and log in to websites with their social media accounts, making the experience faster and more secure than traditional methods of authentication. It also allows website admins to customize the experience to match their website’s visual or branding. It is the perfect tool for streamlining the user experience on WordPress sites.
GA Google Analytics – Connect Google Analytics to WordPress icon

GA Google Analytics – Connect Google Analytics to WordPress

As a conclusion of the continually growing digitalization, a freelance web designer or a web design agency can no longer ignore the great importance of Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the ideal analytics tool that can help every digital marketer and webmaster in understanding and monitoring their website performance. However, setting up and configuring these analytics can be challenging and complex. This is especially true for those with a limited knowledge of coding. Fortunately, the GA Google Analytics – Connect Google Analytics to WordPress plugin helps to simplify the setup of this analytic tool.
GN Publisher: Google News Compatible RSS Feeds icon

GN Publisher: Google News Compatible RSS Feeds

The GN Publisher Plugin for WordPress is a great tool for content creators, bloggers, website owners, and digital marketers. This WordPress plugin is designed to automatically generate customizable, Google News compatible RSS feeds for websites and blogs. With this plugin, content creators can simplify the process of speeding up content syndication, and easily track and manage news feeds.