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Customizer Search is an advanced WordPress plugin that adds easy searching functionalities to the WordPress customizer. It offers quick and easy access to your customizer settings so that you can quickly find and customize your website.
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Very highly recommended!

Customizer Search: A Comprehensive Review

For many website owners, having quick access to the customizations they can make on their site can be a huge time-saver. The Customizer Search plugin brings the power of search technology to the WordPress customizer and helps users find and install the exact customization they need within seconds. Created by WordPress plugin developer Konstantinos Kouratoras, Customizer Search is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to easily customize their WordPress websites in a matter of minutes.

Customizer Search: Breakdown

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Customizer Search allows WordPress users to quickly search for and find the exact customization they need. The plugin uses an advanced algorithm to provide users with the best possible search results as they type in their query. It has an intuitive and modern interface that makes it simple and easy to use, even for inexperienced WordPress users. In addition to searching through the customizer, users can also search through specific themes, plugins, and widgets, making it easier to find the exact customization option they’re looking for.

Customizer Search is also highly configurable. Users can customize their search results in a variety of ways, including by date, post type, category, author, and more. The plugin also provides the ability to search for specific terms or phrases and highlights words or phrases within your search results. This helps users quickly scan and identify the customization they need without having to wade through countless pages of options.

Finally, the plugin is highly efficient. It automatically detects and indexes new content within the customizer, allowing users to access new customization options without having to manually add them. It also includes an extensive caching system that ensures that users don’t have to wait too long before their searches return results.

Pros of Using Customizer Search

Faster Finding: Utilizing the Customizer Search Plugin can help expedite finding content as the plugin was created with the goal of quickly and easily finding useful and relevant information needed within any theme

Search Saturation: This plugin provides speeds up the search process and expands its range for finding information within a theme. The software can be set up to search in all available themes in the WordPress install, and any new themes added in the future will also be included in the search

High Quality Results: The plugin utilizes sophisticated algorithms that can provide the highest quality results even for the most obscure questions. This improves the accuracy of results and ensures that the user can always find the information needed

Easy Install Procedures: The Customizer Search Plugin can be installed in a few simple steps, making setup easy for even the most novice user. The software is also well integrated with WordPress, reducing the time spent getting it up and running

Optimized for Themes: Searching for content within WordPress themes is the bread and butter of the plugin. It has highly optimized search algorithms designed for themes, making sure that even the most complex and packed WordPress themes can be searched through with ease

Cons of Using Customizer Search

Lack of Features: Customizer Search is a very basic plugin and lacks many features currently. It only provides basic searching functionality that can be found on other, more comprehensive plugins. The plugin is also missing speech recognition, multimodal search, and screenshot-based search capabilities which can all make the searching process easier and more efficient.

Difficult to Setup: The setup process for Customizer Search is quite difficult, involving many steps that can easily be missed. This is especially true if you have not worked with customizing plugins for WordPress before. Even seasoned professionals often find the setup process confusing and tedious. The documentation for the plugin is serviceable, but can be difficult to understand at times, which can lead to additional frustration when trying to get it up and running.

Security Concerns: The security of the Customizer Search plugin is a major concern, as it requires users to input their login information into the plugin in order to gain access to the search features. This can be a risk if the plugin has not been tested for security vulnerabilities, as hackers may be able to gain access to your website through the plugin.

Poor Documentation: The documentation for the Customizer Search plugin is inadequate in many respects. It is missing important information on setting up the plugin, and often fails to explain its features in an understandable way. Additionally, it is not always clear the best practices to use when customizing the plugin, which can lead to confusion and mistakes when trying to setup and use the plugin.

Retrieval Is Limited: The retrieval capabilities of the Customizer Search plugin are very limited, as it only searches within the WordPress database. This means that if someone is looking for information not currently stored in the WordPress database, the Customizer Search plugin will not be able to provide the desired results. Additionally, it does not offer an easy way to filter the results or refine results to most accurately meet ones needs.

100% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Customizer Search is a powerful and efficient plugin that makes customizing WordPress websites infinitely easier. With its advanced search algorithm, intuitive interface, and powerful configuration options, Customizer Search is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to quickly and conveniently customize their WordPress site. Whether you’re a novice or experienced WordPress user, Customizer Search is the perfect plugin to help you customize your site in a fraction of the time.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.1.6
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 80,000+
  • WP Version: 4.6+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Display Discounts
    Customizer Search is a great tool for displaying discounts on a WordPress site. By simply creating a discount Custom Field, customers can search and filter for discounts available on the site. This plugin is an invaluable asset for eCommerce stores or particular products that are on sale. It is also great for retailers who have multiple sales campaigns running at once, as customers can quickly and easily search for their desired discounts.
  • Search Store Catalogue
  • Display Related Posts
  • Create Searchable Forms
  • Relevancy Results
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