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The Social LikeBox & Feed plugin enables you to quickly and easily add a customizable, interactive social media dashboard to your WordPress website. Increase engagement and stay connected with your followers & customers through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and more.
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Social LikeBox & Feed: A Comprehensive Review

WordPress is a versatile, open-source content management system (CMS) used by many businesses and organizations to manage and publish their digital content. WordPress is renowned for its variety of robust plugins that bring additional functionality to websites and optimize user experiences. One such plugin is the Social LikeBox & Feed WordPress plugin – a useful tool that helps website owners better manage and interact with their customers via social media.

Social LikeBox & Feed: Breakdown

FaceBook Page Like Box settings.

The Social LikeBox & Feed plugin is developed by LayerStore and offers website visitors an easy way to stay connected and informed. The plugin allows users to add both Facebook and Instagram likes to their WordPress website with custom styles and designs.

Adding the plugin to a website is simple and requires minimal setup. After installation, the plugin prompts website admins to link their Facebook page and/or Instagram account. After a few simple clicks, the LikeBox and Feed will appear on the website. The plugin also offers multiple features that enable website admins to customize how the LikeBox and Feed are presented.

The Social LikeBox & Feed plugin comes with several unique features that make it ideal for engaging visitors and providing them easy access to content. The plugin offers website admins the ability to scale the size of the LikeBox, including both width and height, customize its background color, and adjust the speed of the transition between posts. Additionally, the plugin allows admins to add a “Follow” link to the LikeBox that will redirect users to the Facebook or Instagram page or account with a single click.

The Social LikeBox & Feed also helps website admins produce tailored posts that will appeal to their customers. By leveraging the “Posts Filter” feature, admins can modify the visual look and feel of the posts on the Feed. The “Posts Filter” feature also allows admins to target posts to a more specific audience. For example, admins can filter posts that are related to certain keywords or that come from certain accounts.

Pros of Using Social LikeBox & Feed

Increased Engagement: The Social LikeBox & Feed plugin helps facilitate website connectivity and interaction with customers. It allows users to view recent news activity or updates from various social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. This helps enhance the look and feel of the website and encourages visitors to become more active on the site, increasing overall engagement.

Enhanced Web Traffic: Using the Social LikeBox & Feed plugin can help boost website traffic by drawing visitors from various social networking sites. As users view the plug-in, they might be motivated to take further actions like subscribing to newsletter emails or visiting the website regularly.

Better Networking Opportunities: The plugin acts as a platform for users to communicate with each other. It allows users to directly connect to each other and create more beneficial networking opportunities. Sharing content or updates from one social media profile to other profiles can be done quickly and easily from the Social LikeBox & Feed plugin.

More Interaction: The plugin enables users to directly comment, share, like or favourite posts from various social networking sites in one place. This helps create an active and engaging atmosphere that encourages more interaction from all users.

Overall Improvement: Having the Social LikeBox & Feed plugin installed helps improve the look and visibility of the website. It also facilitates more social media interactions such as following and liking pages and posts. Having the latest news and updates from popular social networking sites on the website is an extra advantage as it allows people to keep up with the recent developments of the website.

Cons of Using Social LikeBox & Feed

Difficulty Creating Custom Look and Feel: The Social Likebox & Feed plugin offers some basic customization options, but you cannot create a totally custom look and feel. Additionally, the plugin is limited to predetermined layouts and designs. This means you have limited options for creating a unique user experience. You may have to look elsewhere if you need a more customized look and feel.

Inconsistent Updates: The Social Likebox & Feed plugin is not updated very regularly. This means any new features or bug fixes will not be available to users of the plugin. Additionally, you may run into compatibility issues with newer versions of WordPress, or other plugins. Therefore, it may not be ideal to rely on this plugin as your main source of Social Media integration.

Confusing User Interface: The user interface of the Social Likebox & Feed plugin can be a bit confusing at times, with detailed menus and options that may be hard to navigate. Additionally, some users report difficulty in setting it up correctly, and the documentation provided may not be enough to assist them with their setup.

Information Overload: The Social Likebox & Feed plugin can overwhelm users with too much information. This can make it difficult to follow the conversations on social media, as well as create a cluttered interface. Therefore, users may have to filter out which feeds they would like to see, and this can be a time consuming task.

Issues with Social Networks Integration: The Social Likebox & Feed plugin is not always compatible with all social networks, as there are often specific idiosyncrasies associated with each network. Furthermore, should there be any API changes on the part of the social networks, it may take the Social Likebox & Feed plugin time to catch up. Therefore, you may want to consider an alternative if you require greater control over your social network integration.

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In conclusion

The Social LikeBox & Feed plugin is a powerful tool that helps website admins engage their audience and strengthen their connections with customers. The plugin is simple to install and use and comes with a range of features that allow website admins to customize the display of the LikeBox and feed. Additionally, the “Posts Filter” feature offers website admins the opportunity to personalize posts and create an engaging user experience. The Social LikeBox & Feed plugin is an invaluable tool for website admins who want to strengthen their relationships with customers and help grow their business.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.1.4
  • Last Updated: 9 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 3.8+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Online Community Promotion
    Social LikeBox & Feed WordPress plugin is an indispensable tool for online community promotion. It allows website owners to increase engagement on their content by providing users with an intuitive and straightforward way to follow and engage with the posts of a specific page. This allows website owners to cultivate an engaged and active user base that can interact with each other in a meaningful way. It also allows website owners to easily organize and present news feeds and posts from a variety of different sources within their website. It is an ideal tool for promoting online communities, as it allows website owners to easily integrate various elements that are important to the online community, such as discussion forums, activity streams, and article sharing tools.
  • Personal Branding for Small Business Owners
  • Content Discovery for Publications
  • Blog Post Promotion
  • Business Networking
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