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Manage content classification using categories, tags, or custom taxonomies.

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Reveal IDs

Reveal IDs is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows website owners to reveal the IDs of their posts and pages with a simple click of a button. This can be an extremely useful tool for developers, publishers, and even bloggers who are looking to improve the overall functionality of their website. Reveal IDs makes it easy to quickly identify and access specific elements of a website that would otherwise require complex code or a search through a database. By providing a simple interface to access a website’s post and page IDs, Reveal IDs makes it easy for any user to improve the functionality of their website or blog.
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Adjust Admin Categories

The Adjust Admin Categories plugin is an incredibly useful and powerful tool for WordPress bloggers and website owners. This plugin offers an array of settings to quickly and easily modify the backend administrative categories of the site. This allows users to optimize site navigation, categories, and pages for a custom website and user experience. Through a simple installation of the plugin, users are able to effortlessly organize their WordPress site’s directory to their liking.
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Radio Buttons for Taxonomies

Taxonomies are a powerful way of connecting the content of your WordPress site, allowing you to group and categorize your posts and create links between related content. Radio Buttons for Taxonomies is a WordPress plugin that can make your taxonomy administration easier and more efficient. The plugin helps you to use simple radio buttons instead of select boxes when managing taxonomies, making it easier for you to select the terms in your taxonomies and helping to speed up the progress of your work.
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Post Types Unlimited

When it comes to an expansive and flexible blogging experience, WordPress leaves no stone unturned. Among the plethora of plugins and tools that WordPress offers, 'Post Types Unlimited' stands as a unique yet dynamic plugin. 'Post Types Unlimited' is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that extends the basic functionalities of WordPress to unbound horizons. Being an integral part of the WordPress ecosystem, it provides website builders and even casual hobbyist bloggers with an unprecedented range of options to represent and manage their content in a personalized, creative, professional, and efficient way. In the realm of website development, where content is the king, tailoring and showcasing it in the most appealing and engaging manner can be a daunting task. However, with the 'Post Types Unlimited' plugin, tailoring content presentation to meticulously fit individual needs is no more an uphill resist.
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Allow HTML in Category Descriptions

The WordPress platform is an extremely powerful software for creating several types of websites, from blogs to ecommerce portals. WordPress provides a massive array of tools and plugins to customize the user experience and extend the capabilities of the software. One common plugin used in WordPress is the "Allow HTML in Category Descriptions" plugin, which allows WordPress users to enable basic HTML tags such as lists, bold text, italics, font colors, and headings in their category and tag descriptions. This plugin gives users the ability to create more descriptive and informative category and tag descriptions and improve the presentation of their content.
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Custom Taxonomy Order

The WordPress ‘Custom Taxonomy Order’ plugin provides various customisation options for custom taxonomies. This open-source plugin provides options for reordering taxonomies, managing custom taxonomies, and sorting out categories for posts as well. It offers a high degree of customisation, allowing users to modify the sorting order of post categories, regardless of whether the order is established manually or through a selected sorting method. The custom taxonomy order plugin is very simple to use, even for WordPress users who lack any coding experience.
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Term Management Tools

Term Management Tools is a plugin for WordPress websites that provides a range of useful features to help manage and control the terms on your website. This plugin makes it easy to manage the terms you have set up on your website, including categories, tags, custom taxonomies, and even terms you have imported from WordPress, WooCommerce, yet another feature, and many other sources. From organizing and editing existing terms to managing the different settings for each term type, Term Management Tools makes it easy to stay on top of your terms and keep your site running smoothly.
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Tag Pages

Today, websites are responsible for more functions than just providing information. They must be able to drive engagement, provide a great user experience, and be easy to maintain. The Tag Pages WordPress plugin helps users to easily manage these functions. With this plugin, users can easily and quickly add and manage tags that can increase website engagement. This article will discuss what the Tag Pages WordPress plugin does and how it can enhance a website’s performance.
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Cool Tag Cloud

The Cool Tag Cloud WordPress plugin is an indispensable tool for website owners looking to take advantage of the many benefits of tag clouds. For those unfamiliar, a tag cloud is a visual depiction of descriptive words or “tags” related to a particular topic or theme which typically contains hundreds or even thousands of tags. This plugin allows website owners to easily and effectively generate tag clouds from their existing WordPress posts and pages.
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Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields

The WordPress platform is an incredibly versatile and powerful content management system. It’s also incredibly popular, and with millions of users, it’s one of the most popular web publishing tools in the world. The range of applications for WordPress is diverse and constantly growing, from simple blogging and content-rich blogs, to complex content management systems and powerful ecommerce sites. Many users are unaware, however, of the fantastic range of custom content types and fields made available with the Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields plugin for WordPress.