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BlossomThemes Toolkit icon

BlossomThemes Toolkit

The web has become a hub of activity for businesses and organizations of all sizes, providing a platform to facilitate communication, generate leads, and increase visibility. WordPress is a particularly popular choice for website developers, due to its flexibility and intuitive user interface. For those looking to take their WordPress site to the next level of functionality, BlossomThemes Toolkit is a WordPress plugin that can do just that.
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Post Date Randomizer

Post Date Randomizer is an incredible WordPress plugin that aims to help web administrators manage the publication dates of their posts effortlessly. With millions of websites around the world running on WordPress - a robust and powerful content management platform - staying ahead of the competition can be a daunting task. Among the competition, search engines play a crucial role in determining the visibility and traffic to a website, and they place a strong emphasis on fresh, regularly updated content. It's in this area that the Post Date Randomizer plugin shines by effectively helping administrators manage and modify their post dates.
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Thrive Automator

Staying on top of the ever-evolving business landscape requires the deployment of well-organized and efficient automation, and there is no better tool to help you do this than the Thrive Automator WordPress plugin. With a little help from this powerful plugin, WordPress users can execute complex and tedious tasks with lightning-speed, saving the user hundreds of hours and potential errors. This article will explain what the Thrive Automator plugin can do for businesses in terms of automation and will help you determine if the plugin is the right choice for your business.
404 Redirection icon

404 Redirection

The 404 Redirection plugin is an essential WordPress plugin for almost any website. It automates the process of redirecting users from a page that doesn’t exist to a page which does exist. This means that visitors who click on a page that no longer exists, such as if a link on another blog is outdated, will be automatically redirected to a page that does exist. This provides a much better user experience than the default behaviour of presenting a ‘page not found’ error page. Additionally, the 404 Redirection plugin is super easy to configure and does not require the use of any coding skills.
Burger Companion icon

Burger Companion

Creating a website that visitors can easily use and navigate is essential for online success. However, achieving this can be a challenge for some, especially when it comes to the design. To help website owners create a more user friendly layout and design, there is the Burger Companion WordPress plugin. This plugin can help to improve the layout of the website, enhance the user experience, and allow for more customization options when creating a website.
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CF7 to Webhook

The 'CF7 to Webhook' WordPress plugin is the ultimate way to bridge the gaps between your WordPress forms and almost any third-party application. This plugin enables your WordPress forms to send message or data to external sources. Now you can receive notifications and data sent by customers and forms without the hassle of complex coding and setup. By using this plugin, you can automate workflow, send data to your CRM of choice, and even run complex functions in the cloud in real-time.
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WPFront Scroll Top

WPFront Scroll Top is an awesome and totally free WordPress plugin that adds a scroll to top feature on any WordPress page. This plugin displays a button on the web page that takes users back to the top when the button is clicked. WPFront Scroll Top allows visitors to quickly and easily navigate back to the top of the page, no matter how long the page is. The plugin was created for the sake of convenience and it is easy to install and configure.
Transients Manager icon

Transients Manager

The Transients Manager WordPress plugin is an incredibly useful tool for managing and minimizing storage within your WordPress website. It allows users to store large amounts of data for short periods of time, reducing requests within a database and ultimately making the website run faster. It helps to optimize website performance, saving time and memory within WordPress. This plugin is a great option for WordPress users looking to increase the performance of their website while minimizing the amount of time spent managing large amounts of data.
Head & Footer Code icon

Head & Footer Code

Head & Footer Code is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add scripts, tracking codes, and meta tags to the header and footer of your website. This is an incredibly useful tool for those who want to enhance the functionality of their website without writing any code. It is also incredibly easy to use, meaning anyone can get up and running with customizing their website in just a few clicks.
AddFunc Head & Footer Code icon

AddFunc Head & Footer Code

The WordPress plugin AddFunc Head & Footer Code allows website owners to easily add custom JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to both their websites’ head and footer sections. Whether a website owner is looking for more advanced styling options or ways to integrate analytics tracking codes, the AddFunc Head & Footer Code plugin offers users a convenient and simple solution when adding code to their WordPress site. With this plugin, website owners are able to quickly and effortlessly make changes to their site without the need for any custom coding.