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WPFront Scroll Top plugin helps you to create a dynamic 'Go Top' link. It offers smooth scrolling back to the top for better User experience. It is very simple and lightweight, customize colors, button positions and much more.
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Very highly recommended!

WPFront Scroll Top: A Comprehensive Review

WPFront Scroll Top is an awesome and totally free WordPress plugin that adds a scroll to top feature on any WordPress page. This plugin displays a button on the web page that takes users back to the top when the button is clicked. WPFront Scroll Top allows visitors to quickly and easily navigate back to the top of the page, no matter how long the page is. The plugin was created for the sake of convenience and it is easy to install and configure.

WPFront Scroll Top: Breakdown

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WPFront Scroll Top plugin is very user-friendly since it doesn’t require any special experience or coding skills for installation and configuration. The plugin only needs to be installed and activated on the WordPress site and it will be ready for use. Once activated, the plugin adds a scroll to top button on the page. The scroll to top button is a small icon that appears on the lower right corner of the page. It is usually a small arrow pointing to the top. When clicked, it takes you back to the top of the page.

The plugin also offers advanced features to customize and control the appearance and behavior of the button. For example, it allows users to choose the style and position of the button, as well as the animations that are triggered when the button is clicked. Furthermore, users can also change the button’s background color, the icon and the scroll speed. Additionally, they can also choose whether to display the button on desktop and mobile devices. All these configuration options make the plugin suitable for any website.

Other than the scroll to top button, the plugin also enables users to add a back to the top link in the footer of the page. This link doesn’t require any clicking and it takes users back to the top of the page instantly. This feature is particularly useful for those who want a more permanent back to top solution that won’t be forgotten or overlooked.

Finally, WPFront Scroll Top offers a simple yet highly effective performance optimization. This optimization improves page loading speeds by performing a number of tasks designed to reduce the number of HTTP requests made on the page and defer the rendering of non-essential elements. This optimization helps reduce page loading times, improving the user experience and SEO scores.

Pros of Using WPFront Scroll Top

User Friendly: WPFront Scroll Top plugin makes scrolling on WordPress sites much easier and more user friendly. The plugin allows users to easily go back to the top of the page instead of having to manually scroll up. This makes the user’s experience more enjoyable as they do not have to take the time to continuously scroll up the page.

Customizable Features: The WPFront Scroll Top plugin is highly customizable. It allows the user to set where and how the scroll top button appears on the page, adjust the speed of scrolling, and even choose from three different scrolling types. Whether the user wants a slow scroll up or a quick snap back, the plugin allows them to do so with ease.

Flexibility: The WPFront Scroll Top plugin is also flexible in its application. It can be used on any WordPress page and is also compatible with many themes. Users can also apply the plugin to multiple pages or posts all at the same time, or they can apply it to each page or post individually.

Treehouse Integration: The WPFront Scroll Top plugin also supports integration with Treehouse, an open source library of useful WordPress plugins. This library allows users access to a wide array of various WordPress plugins. By using the WPFront Scroll Top plugin in conjunction with the Treehouse library, users have access to a huge number of plugins to choose from.

Customizable Buttons: The WPFront Scroll Top plugin also has customizable button features. Users are able to choose from a variety of button sizes, color options, and even add in custom texts or images. Users also have the ability to alter the animation speed of the button, allowing for faster or slower scrolls depending on the user’s preference.

Cons of Using WPFront Scroll Top

Inability To Tailor The Plugin’s Functionality: WPFront Scroll Top plugin offers very limited options for customizing its functionality. Users are not able to adjust the position of the scroll to top button, speed and animation as well as customize the look and feel of the button. This limits the potential effects that the plugin can provide.

Conflicts With Other Plugins: WPFront Scroll Top plugin can conflict with other plugins and certain themes if these have the same type of JavaScript code. If those plugins are using other types of JS code, then WPFront Scroll Top plugin may not detect them. This can lead to a wrong setup of the scroll to top button and result in problems that can affect user experience.

Security Issues: There have been some reports of security issues associated with WPFront Scroll Top plugin. The plugin developers have already asserted that the plugin is verified to be secure. However, it's still important to regularly monitor the source code of the plugin to ensure that it is free from any malicious components.

Technical Issues: Some users have reported technical issues after they installed the WPFront Scroll Top plugin. These technical issues include functionality problems, problems in loading the plugin, and errors that appear when they try to customize the plugin’s settings. This may lead to a poor user experience and unreliable results.

Difficult To Use: The WPFront Scroll Top plugin is not easy to use for those who are new to WordPress and are not familiar with code. Although you can customize the look and feel of the button, it requires a considerable amount of technical knowledge and expertise. For most users, this may be a difficult and time-consuming task.

100% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

WPFront Scroll Top is a great WordPress plugin for implementing a comprehensive scroll to top feature on any web page. The plugin is easy to install and configure, and offers a whole range of customization options to suit any website's design. Furthermore, it also allows users to add a permanent back to top link in the footer, as well as some performance optimization settings to reduce page loading times. With WPFront Scroll Top, websites of any size can benefit from a better user experience.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.2
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 200,000+
  • WP Version: 5.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.3 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Make Scrolling More Visible
    The WPFront Scroll Top plugin lets site owners make scrolling more visible for users. By adding a large, colorful scroll-to-top button to your website, visitors can easily return to the top of your site with just one click. This helps users navigate your content quickly and efficiently, leading to better user experience and increased engagement.
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  • Retain Scroll Position
  • Customizable Scroll Button
  • Smooth Scrolling
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