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Hide Admin Toolbar icon

Hide Admin Toolbar

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world, offering users a wide range of functionality and customization options. One of the features that come with WordPress is the admin toolbar, a handy tool that provides quick access to various functions and shortcuts while managing your site. However, there may be instances when you would prefer to hide the admin toolbar from certain users or for specific purposes. Fortunately, the 'Hide Admin Toolbar' WordPress plugin is here to help.
MainWP Child – Securely Connects Sites to the MainWP WordPress Manager Dashboard icon

MainWP Child – Securely Connects Sites to the MainWP WordPress Manager Dashboard

MainWP Child is a WordPress plugin from MainWP, one of the best WordPress manager dashboards and maintenance solutions in the market today. It provides a comprehensive solution that enables users to manage multiple WordPress websites with ease. MainWP Child is designed to securely connect websites to the MainWP dashboard and make it easier to use the features it offers to keep your WordPress sites up-to-date, secure, and efficiently managed.
Simple Floating Menu icon

Simple Floating Menu

WordPress, over the years, has unfailingly served as a splendid platform enabling individuals and entities to create their websites with ease. The plethora of plugins available amplifies its charm, laying out an array of opportunities for customization. One such remarkable plugin is 'Simple Floating Menu'. This plugin, just as its name implies, is a simple tool that adds uniqueness and effortless navigation to your WordPress construction, seamlessly ensuring elevated user experience. The purpose of this article is to provide you with an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the 'Simple Floating Menu' WordPress plugin and how it integrates functionality and aesthetics on your site.
Arile Extra icon

Arile Extra

The Arile Extra plugin is an incredibly useful tool for WordPress users. This plugin provides an extensive list of customization options to help users create a really unique and personalized experience with their websites or blogs. Whether you’re an experienced WordPress user or a beginner, the Arile Extra plugin is a must-have if you’re looking to customize your website to meet your individual needs.
Simple Revisions Delete icon

Simple Revisions Delete

... The 'Simple Revisions Delete' plugin is an innovative and time-saving tool for content creators and website administrators utilizing the popular content management system, WordPress. Maintaining a clean and organized database is a crucial part of managing an efficient, well-oiled website, and this plugin is a fantastic tool to help achieve just that. It allows users to keep track of and delete old content revisions and drafts that would otherwise be cluttering up their database and taking up precious storage space. Enhanced database performance can lead to improved website speed and, ultimately, to a superior experience for your website visitors.
Radio Buttons for Taxonomies icon

Radio Buttons for Taxonomies

Taxonomies are a powerful way of connecting the content of your WordPress site, allowing you to group and categorize your posts and create links between related content. Radio Buttons for Taxonomies is a WordPress plugin that can make your taxonomy administration easier and more efficient. The plugin helps you to use simple radio buttons instead of select boxes when managing taxonomies, making it easier for you to select the terms in your taxonomies and helping to speed up the progress of your work.
No Page Comment icon

No Page Comment

‘No Page Comment’ is a WordPress plugin designed to simplify and streamline the commenting process on your WordPress blog or website. It allows users to quickly and easily add comments to any post or page without needing to use the standard WordPress dashboard. This free plugin is designed to help keep your blog or website organized by allowing visitors to contribute to the discussion without having to create an account and when needed, administrators can easily manage the comments as needed.
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LWS Tools

The 'LWS Tools' WordPress plugin has become a popular and highly-rated tool among website owners and developers. With its wide range of features and functionalities, the plugin offers an extensive array of tools to enhance websites powered by WordPress. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 'LWS Tools' plugin, exploring its capabilities, benefits, and how it can be the perfect addition to any WordPress website.
Hide Admin Menu icon

Hide Admin Menu

The 'Hide Admin Menu' WordPress plugin is a great solution for website owners who want to hide certain areas of their admin interface. This plugin is a useful tool for users who don’t want to show certain pages, like Dashboard Settings or Widgets, on their WordPress admin interface. It also provides extra layers of security by hiding the admin menu from all users except for the account owner or their designated users.
Login as User icon

Login as User

WordPress is a powerful and popular content management system that enables users to easily develop and maintain a website or blog. It is widely used by experienced and novice web designers alike. As a result, the need for plugins to extend its features and capabilities has grown. One such plugin is the Login as User plugin, an incredibly helpful plugin designed for administrators who frequently need to access user accounts.