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Add From Server is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily upload files from your computer or server into your WordPress media library.
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Add From Server: A Comprehensive Review

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available on the market. With its intuitive user interface and thousands of plugins, WordPress allows users to create blogs, E-commerce sites, and a variety of other web-based applications. Among these plugins is the 'Add From Server' plugin, which provides a seamless way for WordPress users to add files and images from the server directly into their posts without the need to download and upload the files manually.

Add From Server: Breakdown

The 'Add From Server' plugin provides its users with a simple and efficient solution for managing content on their WordPress website. By using the plugin, users can select their files directly from their server without having to download and upload them manually. This saves valuable time and energy for users who have a lot of content to manage. Additionally, the plugin is easy to install and does not require any additional configuration. It is also compatible with popular WordPress themes like Gutenberg and Elementor, allowing users to easily add the files into their posts when using these themes.

The plugin is also customizable, allowing users to fine-tune its settings to their preferences. This includes setting the number of files to be displayed at a time, defining the maximum upload size, as well as adding a thumbnail option to automatically create a preview of the files. Additionally, users can restrict access to specific folders and files, choosing what content will be allowed to be viewed. This makes it easier for website admins to secure and manage their content in one convenient location.

Moreover, the plugin also provides users with a way to conveniently search and filter through their server files. This makes it faster and easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for, without having to navigate through the server files manually. The plugin also allows users to create custom categories and tags for their server files, which helps them organize their content in a meaningful way.

Lastly, the plugin also provides users with detailed reports on their previously uploaded files. These reports show the user which files have been added recently, which files have been modified, and which files have been deleted. This makes it easier for website admins to track which files are being uploaded and make sure that the website is running securely.

Pros of Using Add From Server

Versatile Directory Support : The Add from Server plugin for WordPress is capable of accessing directories both locally and remotely, giving users a lot of flexibility in terms of where their files can be stored. It supports FTP, SFTP and SMB protocols, allowing users to securely store files outside of their WordPress site. This gives users an extra level of control and security over the files they store on their WordPress site.

Fine-Grained Access Controls: The Add from Server plugin for WordPress allows admins to configure who can access different areas of the server to add and remove files. Each directory's permissions can be configured so only certain users have access to each directory, which helps ensure files are stored and accessed securely. Since each user can only see the files in their designated directory, there's less chance of someone deleting a file or making changes they shouldn't have access to.

Blazingly Fast Transfers: The Add from Server plugin for WordPress is lightning fast when transferring files, transferring an average of 6 megabytes per second. This makes it perfect for transferring large files or a large number of files at once. It's also great for sites with a lot of media, as it can quickly and easily transfer large quantities of media at once without any delay.

Secure Transfers: The Add from Server plugin for WordPress uses secure connections to transfer files, ensuring that sensitive information is not exposed during the transfer. It also supports several encryption protocols, allowing users to ensure their data is secure while it is being transferred across the web. This helps ensure users can safely and securely store their files on their WordPress site.

Easily Manage and Organize Files: The Add from Server plugin for WordPress makes organizing and managing files on a WordPress site incredibly easy. With its intuitive interface, users can quickly and easily add new files, remove old files, and organize and rename them with the click of a button. This makes it easy to keep track of which files are where, and helps ensure users can quickly and easily access the files they need when they need them.

Cons of Using Add From Server

The file structure can be confusing: The folder structure of the Add From Server plugin is quite confusing and can be difficult to understand for someone not well versed in finding their way around a website's file structures. It requires going through multiple levels of folders and subfolders to find files, leading to frustration when trying to access them.

The setup process: The setup process for the Add From Server plugin can not only be time-consuming, but also confusing in setting up the required directory and server access. It requires setting up a user with correct permissions beforehand, as well as creating a whitelist of directory locations that it is allowed to view - if the user is not diligent in correctly setting up the plugin, it can be difficult to access files the plugin is intended to access.

Synchronization issues: Synchronization between the plugin and the server can be problematic, resulting in slow loading and even failed downloads. By default the plugin will check the server every 15 minutes for new files or changes, which can lead to slowdowns and an unreliable experience.

Security vulnerabilities: Due to the plugin required access permissions it can put servers at risk as hackers have found ways to exploit and override it. In particular, someone with malicious intent may be able to access private files that are being served from a server. The user must be very careful when setting up the plugin to make sure they are not unintentionally leaving vulnerable openings.

Compatibility concerns: The Add From Server plugin is only available for WordPress, meaning users must have it installed on their website to use it. It might not be compatible with all versions of WordPress, which could lead to further confusion, or even system compatibility issues or conflicts with plugins that are used.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Overall, the 'Add From Server' plugin is a convenient and powerful tool for WordPress users who need to manage and add content to their websites. By using the plugin, users can save time and energy by adding content from their server directly instead of downloading and uploading the files manually. Furthermore, the plugin also provides users with a way to customise, search, and filter content conveniently, as well as browse detailed reports about their uploaded files. This makes the plugin a valuable asset for any WordPress user who needs to manage their files and images efficiently.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.4.5
  • Last Updated: 4 years ago
  • Installs: 100,000+
  • WP Version: 5.4+
  • Tested Until: 5.5.13
  • PHP Version: 7.0 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Store Files on an External Server
    Add From Server offers the capability of storing files on an external server, making it easy to store and retrieve files. It allows the user to upload or download files from an external server to their WordPress site. It integrates with any server that supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or S3 protocols. With this integration, the user can easily upload any file type directly from the external server, making file management faster and easier.
  • Secure File Transfers
  • Manage and Deploy Bulk Files Easily
  • Create and Use Multiple Server Instances
  • Streamline File Uploads
  • admin
  • import
  • media
  • post
  • uploads