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The Easy Forms for Mailchimp WordPress Plugin makes it easy to create powerful Mailchimp forms in WordPress with easy to use drag and drop options. Automatically add contacts to Mailchimp and ensure that all your contacts details are always up to date.
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Very highly recommended!

Easy Forms for Mailchimp: A Comprehensive Review

Easy Forms for Mailchimp is a WordPress plugin that helps users quickly and effortlessly set up forms that allow them to connect their WordPress sites with a Mailchimp account. Easy Forms for Mailchimp offers powerful features like automated opt-in forms, Manage Subscriptions, and an API Key that makes it easy to connect to any Mailchimp account. A lot of its features are designed to make it easy for small business owners, marketing teams, and website creators to get full control over their Mailchimp contact lists, lists of subscribers, and to ensure the integration is simple and secure.

Easy Forms for Mailchimp: Breakdown

General Form Settings - Enter your API key to connect your site to your account

Easy Forms for Mailchimp is an easy to use WordPress plugin that helps users quickly and easily add custom opt-in forms to their WordPress site. These forms are designed to connect with a Mailchimp account for the purpose of collecting contact information from site visitors. Once a user has installed the plugin and connected it with their Mailchimp account, they will be able to customize the forms to fit their own needs. This includes adding different fields for specific information, such as name, address, or occupation, and setting limits on the number of submitted forms.

The plugin also allows users to export contacts from the form to a CSV file for future use. This can prove invaluable for marketing teams who are looking to build up a database of contacts to reach out to. The integration with Mailchimp also allows users to save time and effort by automatically adding new contacts to their campaigns and creating automated follow-up emails.

Easy Forms for Mailchimp also provides users with a comprehensive set of features that can help secure the forms from malicious users. These include the ability to set up captcha algorithms and API Keys, which can help protect the forms from abuse. The plugin also utilizes an integrated spam-filter to scan messages for content that may seem suspicious.

Pros of Using Easy Forms for Mailchimp

Compatibility: This plugin is compatible with a wide range of web technologies, including WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS. This means users can be confident that their form is supported by the majority of major browsers and devices, giving them a wider reach.

Flexibility: Easy Forms for Mailchimp is highly customizable which allows users to create custom forms for their needs. Users have the ability to easily adjust the text, structure, layout, style and design elements are easily adjusted, giving users ultimate flexibility.

Integration: This plugin integrates seamlessly with MailChimp, allowing users to extend the functionality of MailChimp and easily connect their forms to MailChimp’s powerful marketing automation tools and triggers. The integration also allows users to create new automated campaigns and targeted messages based on user form submissions.

Analytics: The plugin allows users to gain insight into their forms by tracking and analyzing user submissions. Users can view visual reports, hook into Google Analytics for tracking, and stay up-to-date with notifications and alerts.

Support: The developers of Easy Forms for Mailchimp offer several levels of customer support, ranging from basic email support to live chat and premium package options. This means regardless of the level of experience or knowledge, there is always someone available to help the user with any issue.

Cons of Using Easy Forms for Mailchimp

Inaccurate Reporting: The plugin may not always accurately show the number of subscribers, campaigns, or click-through rates. This makes it difficult to know the exact performance of your mailing lists.

Limited Integrations: Although the plugin does support basic integration with some third-party services, there are many services that cannot be integrated. This narrows your options for other solutions to enhance your email marketing efforts.

User Unfriendly Interface: Some users have found the WordPress plugin to be difficult to use and understand. This makes it hard for new users to gain the necessary knowledge to utilize the plugin efficiently.

Vulnerability to Spam: The plugin may be vulnerable to spam as users have noted that their email lists receive a large amount of spam emails. While the plugin does have options to block this, it is still not as secure as other email marketing solutions.

Slow Performance: Some users have reported slow response times while using the plugin. This can make setting up campaigns and managing your email list more time consuming than necessary.

94% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Easy Forms for Mailchimp is a powerful WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of connecting WordPress sites with Mailchimp. From creating forms to capturing customer data, this plugin helps users quickly and easily set up opt-in forms for their WordPress site and manage their Mailchimp contact lists. It also offers features such as automated opt-in forms, CSV data export, an API key, captcha algorithms, and a comprehensive spam-filter to protect the forms from malicious use.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 6.8.9
  • Last Updated: 1 year ago
  • Installs: 90,000+
  • WP Version: 4.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.2.2
  • PHP Version: 5.2.13 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Collecting sign-ups for online newsletters
    The Easy Forms for Mailchimp WordPress plugin provides the ability to quickly add subscription forms to your website to capture users’ emails. This is great for collecting sign-ups for online newsletters to keep your audience informed about new products, services or updates.
  • Creating lead magnets
  • Segmenting your subscribers
  • Integrating with existing campaigns
  • Managing multiple Mailchimp accounts
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