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Arile Extra WordPress Plugin is an excellent way to easily build custom page layouts and create mega menus with user-friendly UI and powerful customization options. It enables users to customize their WordPress site to fit their needs with the help of intuitive, drag & drop builder tools.
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Very highly recommended!

Arile Extra: A Comprehensive Review

The Arile Extra plugin is an incredibly useful tool for WordPress users. This plugin provides an extensive list of customization options to help users create a really unique and personalized experience with their websites or blogs. Whether you’re an experienced WordPress user or a beginner, the Arile Extra plugin is a must-have if you’re looking to customize your website to meet your individual needs.

Arile Extra: Breakdown

The Arile Extra plugin is easy to install and comes with a comprehensive list of features that make it a great choice for all users. With this plugin, users can quickly create an engaging website without the added difficulty of coding necessary to make major changes. It provides a range of customization options, allowing users to alter their website’s aesthetic or even the functionality of certain components.

For example, Arile Extra provides a range of header and footer options, allowing users to quickly add content like extra navigation menus or even a contact form. The plugin also allows users to customize their post layout with an array of post grids and post layouts. These options can be used to completely reshape the layout of a page. Additionally, users can add features like post masonry grids, video galleries, and image galleries with just the click of a button.

The Arile Extra plugin also includes an extensive library of custom widgets that can be used to add extra features to any page. These widgets are highly customizable and versatile, allowing users to create custom menus, promotional banners, blogger profiles, and more. Additionally, users can take advantage of Arile Extra’s powerful shortcodes to add content like maps, tabs, accordions, and other useful elements with ease.

If you want to take full advantage of the Arile Extra plugin, you can upgrade to the premium version for even more features. With the premium version, users can access a wide variety of additional customization options like page transitions, background controls, and parallax effects. Additionally, the premium version allows users to add custom sidebars to any page of their website.

Finally, Arile Extra includes complete website demos for users to quickly setup a new site. It also provides translation support if you want to make your website accessible to an international audience. With all these features, Arile Extra is a great choice for users looking to customize their WordPress website.

Pros of Using Arile Extra

Better Management of Ads and Affiliate Links: Arile Extra is an excellent WordPress plugin for the management of Ads and affiliate links. This plugin allows its users to organize ads and affiliate links more conveniently and efficiently. It offers the ability to customize links with user-friendly options and toggle for hiding or displaying of ads or affiliate links. It also enables you to show ads across all devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile. With Arile Extra, you can also, create global settings for all your ads and affiliate links, which helps to save time and effort when creating ads or affiliate links.

Enhanced Security and Privacy: Arile Extra is also a great plugin for improving security and privacy. It helps to hide referral links, which makes it difficult for consumers to see what website the user is coming from. This feature helps to protect the user's privacy. It also has an automated key protection feature that makes it easy to protect the advertiser's key from being stolen or misused. It also provides the ability to hide sponsored content from visitors, which helps to maintain better security and privacy on websites.

Highly Customizable: Arile Extra provides users with the ability to customize almost every aspect of their ads and affiliate links. This plugin equipped with advanced settings for customizing link structures, which helps users to create unique and attractive links. It also makes it easy to set up affiliate links for products or services that you want to promote. Additionally, it has the flexibility to use any Ad network to display ads and also make it easier to change link structure as per user requirement.

Faster Page Loading Time: Arile Extra helps to give the user's website faster page loading time by optimizing the scripts. It also has minification feature which makes the user's website much faster by reducing the script size. Moreover, the plugin can also be used to reduce CDN usage and improve page loading time as well. Also, it can be used to asynchronously load and optimize the user's scripts which helps in improving website performance.

Better SEO: Since Arile Extra is a WordPress plugin, it makes it easy for users to manage their SEO in the most efficient way. This plugin is equipped with the ability to create sitemaps for better search engine optimization. It also offers options to customize meta tags as per requirement. Additionally, it helps users to generate targeted keywords which helps to attract more traffic from search engines.

Cons of Using Arile Extra

Difficult to Modify: When it comes to customizing elements within Arile Extra, developers may find the process to be quite difficult. The code can sometimes be complex and the plugin’s support team is often unresponsive to help requests. This makes it hard to modify the plugin’s elements to match preset styling and look.

Requires Regular Maintenance: The Arile Extra plugin relies on external services to power certain features. Because these services change their APIs or their functionality, you are then required to update the plugin regularly. This can be time-consuming, and in some cases, the updates can cause conflicts with other plugins or themes.

High Risk of Security Breaches: Often times, WordPress plugins can lack sufficient security protection. This could leave your website vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Fortunately, Arile Extra has implemented extensive security features to help protect from malicious activity, but this is something that must be monitored constantly to guarantee the safety of your website.

Graphics Are Low Quality: When it comes to displaying graphics, the Arile Extra plugin doesn’t stand up to the competition. Many of the commenters have noticed that the graphics used within the plugin come off as low-quality, and this can detract from the overall look of the website.

Takes Time for Setup: One of the biggest drawbacks to the Arile Extra plugin is the time it takes to setup. The plugin is complex to configure, so it may take several tries to get it working correctly and fully integrated with your website. This can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially for beginners.

100% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

In conclusion, the Arile Extra plugin is an amazing tool for WordPress users of all levels. With its comprehensive list of customization options, users can quickly customize their website to create a truly unique experience for their visitors. The plugin includes a range of header and footer options, custom widgets, and shortcodes to make website customization easy and hassle-free. To access the full potential of Arile Extra, users can upgrade to the premium version, which unlocks an even broader range of features. If you’re a WordPress user looking to fully customize your website, the Arile Extra plugin should definitely be on your list.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 6.3
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 3.3+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Increasing Page Load Speed
    Using the Arile Extra plugin, users can access a wide range of customization options to regulate page loading speed for their WordPress website. The plugin offers settings to enable caching, minifying HTML and JavaScript, and compressing images. These built-in features give users a great chance to improve their website’s loading speed and overall performance.
  • Optimizing Display for Mobile Devices
  • Configuring Widgets
  • Sending Newsletter
  • Improving SEO
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