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No Page Comment is an effective WordPress plugin that allows website administrators to easily disable comment threads on pages for improved SEO optimization and increased site security.
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No Page Comment: A Comprehensive Review

‘No Page Comment’ is a WordPress plugin designed to simplify and streamline the commenting process on your WordPress blog or website. It allows users to quickly and easily add comments to any post or page without needing to use the standard WordPress dashboard. This free plugin is designed to help keep your blog or website organized by allowing visitors to contribute to the discussion without having to create an account and when needed, administrators can easily manage the comments as needed.

No Page Comment: Breakdown

The Settings page on a fresh WordPress 4.3 installation

No Page Comment is easily installed and setup by adding a simple code snippet to the top of the HTML file for the page or post you are working with. Once installed, all the user will need to do is enter their name and comment in the designated fields and hit submit. The plugin is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing the user to perform all the necessary steps of commenting with ease and efficiency.

No Page Comment also offers a robust yet simple user interface. Users can quickly adjust the color of the comment box, the font and size of the text, and the number of comments that appear on the page. Additionally, the plugin allows the user to customize the comment box further by adding a featured comment box, setting the limit on the amount of characters allowed per comment, and temporarily deactivating or deleting comments, either as needed or on a timed basis.

The plugin also has built-in moderation and security features to help keep comment spam to a minimum. Comments can be manually moderated or blocked, which gives the user the ability to protect their comment box from malicious behavior. Additionally, comments are automatically moderated and validated for accuracy to ensure the comment is valid and not an attempt to post malicious comments on the site.

Lastly, No Page Comment offers a host of other features such as easy linking to social media networks, RSS feeds, and custom tracking code. It is possible to set up a No Page Comment account with the social media networks you use and your visitors can quickly and easily share your post or page on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. RSS feeds can be set up for visitors that wish to stay up-to-date with the latest comments and custom tracking code, such as Google Analytics or Clicky, can be used to track visitor activity on the comment box.

Pros of Using No Page Comment

Enhanced Security: The No Page Comment WordPress plugin creates an additional layer of security for resist intruders and malicious content, by denying the opportunity for a user to leave comments to your posts. This disallows any type of unauthorized content to appear on your page that can detract from the appeal or validity of your website.

Reduced Spam: The No Page Comment plugin also serves as an effective anti-spam tool, as it shuts off the ability for spammers and robots to leave comments with links that may direct traffic away from your site.

Better Control: By using the No Page Comment plugin you will also be able to have more control over who is allowed to leave comments or any form of communication on your page. You can choose to have only admins or approved users to leave comments on your site.

Improved Performance: Another purpose of the No Page Comment plugin is to improve the performance of your site. It can reduce the number of requests to the server to load comments on page thereby increasing the load time and improving the overall user experience.

Improved User Interface: The No Page Comment plugin also helps improve the user interface of your website. Without comments sections clogging up the page's layout, you can focus more attention on the content and design itself for a cleaner, more efficient page.

Cons of Using No Page Comment

Difficult to Manage Moderator notifications: When users leave comments, they are emailed about new replies. This is not feature when using the 'No Page Comment' plugin and makes it extremely difficult to manage moderator notifications. This could result in many complaints or misunderstandings as it is common for people to expect to be notified when someone comments on their post.

Logical Conflict: When using the 'No Page Comment' plug-in, you can think of it as blocking comments that would normally be left on a page. This creates a logical conflict. Say for instance you would like to allow comments on some pages, but not on others; this type of plug-in does not offer that flexibility.

Preventing Engagement: The 'No Page Comment' plug-in can be detrimental to engagement for an audience. This type of feature prevents your visitors from communicating with each other and leaving opinions about your product. This can create a negative feeling among website visitors, leading to drop off in activity, and in turn, fewer sales.

Reducing User Experience: The plug-in takes away from the user experience by eliminating commenting delivery. Not being able to leave comments can make visitors feel disconnected, since they know there's an inability to communicate with other visitors. This can lead to a decrease in website traffic which can be difficult to reverse.

Lack of Customization Options: The 'No Page Comment' plug-in has limited customization features. You are unable to customize the plug-in beyond the basic 'No Comment' feature. This means you will have limited control over how comments appear on your site and ultimately, a lack of customizability.

100% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

No Page Comment is a great WordPress plugin for anyone looking to simplify the commenting process on their WordPress blog or website. By streamlining the commenting process, any user or administrator can quickly and easily add comments to any post or page from the front-end, without needing to sign in to the WordPress dashboard. Additionally, the plugin offers a robust user interface, moderation and security features, and other features such as linking to social media sites and setting up RSS feeds. If you’re looking for an efficient and intuitive plugin to help keep your WordPress blog or website organized, No Page Comment is definitely worth a try.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.2
  • Last Updated: 2 years ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 3.1+
  • Tested Until: 6.0.6
  • PHP Version: 7.0 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • WordPress Developer Use Case
    No Page Comment, a WordPress plugin, helps developers customize the look and function of their website with minimal effort. It allows developers to add static HTML comments, JavaScript comments, or other elements into their WordPress page. This allows them to customize the look and feel of their website, enabling the most efficient display of content and information possible. With static HTML comments, this plugin allows developers to provide comprehensive explanations, suggestions, or notes on a particular page element, without the need to create a separate comment to cover every minor detail. JavaScript comments can also be used to further increase the interactivity of pages, providing better user experience. Developers can also set up rules to enforce coding standards of the pages in their website.
  • Blogger Use Case
  • Educator Use Case
  • Small Business Owner Use Case
  • Social Media Marketer Use Case
  • admin
  • comments
  • custom post type
  • discussion
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