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Ultimate Dashboard – Custom WordPress Dashboard icon

Ultimate Dashboard – Custom WordPress Dashboard

The Ultimate Dashboard – Custom WordPress Dashboard plugin is developed to manage various WordPress websites and its outstanding features set it apart from the similar products available in the market. This plugin will grant its users access to a number of useful features like quickly creating and customizing custom WordPress dashboard, building multiple custom pages, creating notifications, and styling options. In addition to these, access to all of the websites from a single hub is also included with the plugin. Administrators will be able to update and customize any website without ever leaving the hub interface.
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Add Logo to Admin

The ‘Add Logo to Admin’ WordPress plugin enables you to customize the appearance of your WordPress dashboard for authorized users. Built to be user friendly and easy to install, this plugin provides a simple way to change the default WordPress logo by adding a new logo of your own. This way, you can display a logo of your choice whenever a user logs into their WordPress dashboard.
Admin Custom Login icon

Admin Custom Login

If you're looking for a way to customize the login page of your WordPress website, Admin Custom Login might be the perfect plugin for you. With Admin Custom Login, you can change the visuals and interface of the login page to help improve the user experience and make your website stand out from the crowd. This plugin is easy to install and use, giving you the control you need to customize the login page to suit the look and feel of your website.
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WP Admin UI Customize

WP Admin UI Customize is an incredible user-friendly WordPress plugin that allows webmasters to design their own custom admin user interface (UI). This plugin adds several extra features to the already existing WordPress UI, enabling webmasters to customize every aspect from colors, post boxes, notification counts, and more. This plugin offers unprecedented freedom to customize websites and allow webmasters to make creative visuals that suit their needs.
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Admin Post Navigation

The Admin Post Navigation WordPress plugin is a great tool for bloggers, writers, and content curators looking for an easy way to organize their posts and pages and navigate between them quickly and easily. It adds an admin bar to your WordPress website, providing quick links to your pages and posts. Not only does this make it easy to manage your content, but it also allows you to go to any page or post quickly.
Cryout Serious Theme Settings icon

Cryout Serious Theme Settings

WordPress is one of the most powerful and popular website building applications available today. It is open source, versatile, and allows users to create stunning and customizable websites with ease. One of the most important components of a successful WordPress site is the theme, which defines the layout, design, and overall look and feel of the website. Choosing the right theme is essential in order to ensure that your website looks good, functions properly, and meets the needs of visitors. One of the easier ways to create a customized WordPress theme is with the Cryout Serious Theme Settings plugin. This plugin is a powerful yet user-friendly tool for website builders and experienced developers alike. It allows users to quickly and easily customize the WordPress theme of their choice with a variety of options and settings.
All In One Favicon icon

All In One Favicon

The ‘All In One Favicon’ WordPress plugin is an invaluable tool for those who publish content or use WordPress as a platform for their business. This plugin allows people to easily upload and configure a Favicon, the small logo or image that can be found in the web browser tabs. The Favicon can promote the presence of your brand and make it easier for visitors to find and navigate to your website or blog page. As it is an image, Favicons also serves to complete the visual appeal of a website by providing a finishing touch.
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ACF qTranslate

In today’s globalized world, creating content in multiple languages often becomes an integral aspect of a website. To help automate this process of translating content, WordPress plugins, such as ACF qTranslate, are essential tools for website owners. Built for both developers and non-developers, ACF qTranslate is a multilingual plugin for WordPress that allows for improved performance and flexibility when managing content in different languages.
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Admin CSS MU

Admin CSS MU is a WordPress plugin specifically designed to enhance and simplify the process of applying custom CSS styles to WordPress themes or plugins. It is among the easiest and most efficient ways of creating a custom look and feel of a WordPress website without the need for users to be a coding professional or expert. Furthermore, Admin CSS MU makes it easier to write custom CSS by giving users access to an auto-complete feature and support for the most popular CSS bracket syntax themes.
PublishPress Revisions: Duplicate Posts, Submit, Approve and Schedule Content Changes icon

PublishPress Revisions: Duplicate Posts, Submit, Approve and Schedule Content Changes

... In the ever-dynamic digital landscape, maintaining an interactive website holds the key to effective online visibility. WordPress, being a dominant platform, provides users with a plethora of plugins to enhance the functionality of their websites. One such essential, versatile and user-friendly plugin is 'PublishPress Revisions: Duplicate Posts, Submit, Approve and Schedule Content Changes'. This ingenious plugin essentially provides WordPress website owners and administrators with a robust system to manage, control, and schedule content changes. It is aimed at ensuring that vivid updates, alterations, and improvements to website content can be seamlessly instituted, monitored, and approved without disrupting the user experience and overall aesthetics of the website.