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The Add Logo to Admin plugin makes it easy to customize your WordPress backend with your own logo. Insert a logo, adjust transparency, select a color combination, and much more, all without ever leaving the WordPress interface.
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Very highly recommended!

Add Logo to Admin: A Comprehensive Review

The ‘Add Logo to Admin’ WordPress plugin enables you to customize the appearance of your WordPress dashboard for authorized users. Built to be user friendly and easy to install, this plugin provides a simple way to change the default WordPress logo by adding a new logo of your own. This way, you can display a logo of your choice whenever a user logs into their WordPress dashboard.

Add Logo to Admin: Breakdown

The Add Logo to Admin page

The ‘Add Logo to Admin’ plugin allows you to display a unique logo on your WordPress dashboard login page. After installation, extra fields are added to the General Settings page where you can customize the look of the page. You can upload a new logo from your local computer or internet, provide the alt tag for the logo to make it accessible for visually impaired users, and assign a URL for the logo. Depending on the WordPress theme deployed, you may be able to customize the logo position, logo size, and logo height from the plugin.

Once the logo is uploaded and customization has taken place, users will be able to see the logo whenever they logged into the dashboard. This makes your WordPress installation look more professional and also sets it apart from other WordPress sites. What’s more, the plugin is very lightweight so it won’t slow down the performance of the website.

You can also control which user levels will be able to view and change the logo. By default, any administrator can view or change the logo. However, you can also configure the capabilities of other user levels such as Editor, Author, Contributor or Subscriber.

Pros of Using Add Logo to Admin

Increased Brand Recognition: Using the ‘Add Logo to Admin’ WordPress Plugin can help increase brand recognition exponentially. You can customize the look and feel of your WP Admin Dashboard. By placing your company logo in the admin area, it can help make it look more professional and get it noticed by others who view it.

Customize Your Admin Dashboard: The ‘Add Logo to Admin’ WordPress Plugin enables you to customize the colors, fonts and other aspects of the WP Dashboard. This will help ensure that all team members in your company can immediately recognize it as something unique and specified to the organization.

Protect Your Brand Image: The 'Add Logo to Admin' WordPress Plugin can help to protect your brand image. By branding the admin area, you ensure that any visitors who view it will recognize the logo and will recognize the website or software as belonging to your organization or company.

Improve Website Usability: With the ‘Add Logo to Admin’ WordPress Plugin, you can easily improve a website’s usability. Adding your logo to the admin area can help users to easily navigate around the website and quickly find what they are looking for.

Makes Management Easier: The 'Add Logo to Admin' WordPress Plugin can make it easier and faster to manage your website. By allowing you to customize the look of the WP Dashboard, you can quickly and easily access any sections of the website quickly and efficiently.

Cons of Using Add Logo to Admin

Incompatible with other plugins: Using the ‘Add Logo to Admin’ WordPress plugin may not be compatible with other plugins you might be using. For example, it is not compatible with the Easy Digital Download plugin, as it creates an additional menu item in the admin dashboard. Additionally, the plugin is not panel-agnostic, so it may not work with other control panels, such as Sublime or WooCommerce. As a result, using this plugin may lead to compatibility issues with other plugins you are using.

Security risk: By using the ‘Add Logo to Admin’ WordPress plugin, you are introducing a security risk to your website. Installing any plugin introduces an opportunity for hackers to exploit the code and gain access to sensitive information within your website. The ‘Add Logo to Admin’ plugin also requires you to type in an FTP password, which creates an even bigger security risk to your website.

Slow loading speed: Using the ‘Add Logo to Admin’ WordPress plugin may slow down your website’s loading speed. When you add plugins to your website, you are adding more code that needs to run. This can lead to increased loading times, which can be detrimental to your website’s growth. It is important to keep loading times to a minimum to ensure that visitors are not deterred from viewing or using your website.

Duplicate Navigation Items: Using the ‘Add Logo to Admin’ plugin may create duplicate navigation items in your admin dashboard. This can be confusing for other admins who need to use the dashboard, as they may find it difficult to find the items they need. Additionally, the plugin creates a new header logo, which adds even more confusion to the navigation, as it is not integrated into the existing design.

Cost: The ‘Add Logo to Admin’ WordPress plugin does cost you money. Even though the plugin is free to download, there are additional costs associated with using it. For example, if you want to add additional customization options to the plugin, you may need to purchase a premium version of the plugin, which will cost you money. Additionally, you may need to hire a developer to help you configure the plugin to fit your needs, which can be costly.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

In conclusion, the ‘Add Logo to Admin’ plugin greatly improves the look and feel of your WordPress dashboard by adding a unique logo to the login page. It adds a professional touch as well as making it easier to identify the site. With options for customizing the logo position, logo size, logo height and user level to be able to view or change the logo, the plugin provides an easy to use and highly configurable solution. Therefore, if you are looking to customize the login page of your WordPress website, the ‘Add Logo to Admin’ plugin is definitely worth considering.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.6.2
  • Last Updated: 9 years ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 3.5+
  • Tested Until: 4.3.32
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Corporate Branding
    The Add Logo to Admin plugin helps companies advertise their corporate branding by adding their logo to the WordPress back-end dashboard. This easily enables company executives to set up the logo they want to represent the company to the rest of the world.
  • Licensing Logo
  • Promoting Products and Services
  • Improving Efficiency
  • Inspiring Loyalty
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