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The ACF qTranslate plugin for WordPress helps you make your multilingual WordPress website accessible in different languages. With this plugin, you can easily create bilingual or multilingual content with a qTranslate compatible version of WordPress and ACF (Advanced Custom Fields). The plugin also natively supports qTranslate-X, which is maintained more frequently than the official version.
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ACF qTranslate: A Comprehensive Review

In today’s globalized world, creating content in multiple languages often becomes an integral aspect of a website. To help automate this process of translating content, WordPress plugins, such as ACF qTranslate, are essential tools for website owners. Built for both developers and non-developers, ACF qTranslate is a multilingual plugin for WordPress that allows for improved performance and flexibility when managing content in different languages.

ACF qTranslate: Breakdown

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With ACF qTranslate, managing multilingualism on a WordPress-based website becomes much simpler and more efficient. After installation, it integrates with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), enabling users to easily add different versions of content in different languages. This eliminates the need for manual translation for each piece of content, making the process notably more cost and time-effective. Instead of many separate posts each in a different language, ACF qTranslate provides the option of holding all different versions of the text in the same post, reducing the headaches that come with managing multiple posts–all with little to no extra effort.

ACF qTranslate also offers a number of helpful features, such as multi-language support, integration with the WordPress visual editor, and page copy functionality. With multi-language support, users can add separate translations for custom fields associated with a post or page. The integration with the WordPress visual editor enables users to switch between languages right in the editor, making the process of entering content seamless. Lastly, page copy functionality gives users the ability to copy content from one page to another, making it easy to quickly fill out a page with existing content.

The plugin is also incredibly flexible and might be adapted to various contexts and needs. For example, depending on its purpose, ACF qTranslate may be configured to be language-based, inserting differences in text, or flag-based, displaying content based on geographic regions where different flags are used.

ACF qTranslate also helps improve the SEO of WordPress websites. With it, users can create unique page titles, descriptions, slugs, and other SEO-relevant elements for content in different languages. This maximizes the websites’ potential to appear in any language in international search results.

Lastly, with its improved coding, ACF qTranslate provides significantly better performance. The plugin is optimized for quick execution, meaning that it takes less time to serve pages and resolve requests in the language the user chooses. This ensures that the website runs smoothly and efficiently regardless of how many languages are being used.

Pros of Using ACF qTranslate

Enhanced User Experience: One of the primary benefits of using the ACF qTranslate plugin is that it allows for a better user experience for website visitors. With the plugin, users can easily toggle between different languages, making it much simpler for them to navigate sites in their native language. This plugin also makes it easier for users to interact with the websites content, which can be beneficial for businesses that want to provide a well-rounded experience. Furthermore, it allows for greater reach into international markets since visitors can now read the content in a language they understand.

Increased Traffic: Another benefit of using the ACF qTranslate plugin is that it allows for increased website traffic. By having the ability to use multiple languages on the website, businesses can now be exposed to a much larger audience. As a result, companies can be seen in markets they may otherwise not been able to tap into. Additionally, providing content in multiple languages allows for a stronger feeling of trust between company and customer, which can lead to an increased number of customers.

Increased Search Rankings: Search engine optimisation (SEO) will be improved with the use of the ACF qTranslate plugin. SEO rankings depend on the quality of content that is available, and using this plugin allows for WordPress sites to host quality content in multiple languages. This can lead to a better overall SEO score, as search engines have a greater range of relevant content to consider when ranking websites. Furthermore, the ACF qTranslate plugin can allow for better international optimisation, as websites will not be limited to targeting just one region.

Customisable: The ACF qTranslate plugin offers plenty of customisation possibilities. With its easy to use interface, developers can quickly configure settings and setup the plugin to run according to theirneeds. Additionally, the plugin is compatible with many other WordPress plugins, allowing developers to easily integrate their existing setup with ACF qTranslate. This makes it simpler to setup the plugin, as well as keep it up to date.

Translation Support: The ACF qTranslate plugin also offers built-in language translation capabilities. This makes it easy for website owners to translate their content into different languages, without needing to pay for translation services. The plugin also includes the ability to have content translated automatically, making it much simpler for companies to provide multilingual content. Furthermore, the translations are of high quality, ensuring websites maintain a professional look no matter the language.

Cons of Using ACF qTranslate

Incompatible with Recent Versions of WordPress: The ACF qTranslate plugin is incompatible with recent versions of WordPress, and therefore users may face problems while using it. This plugin has not been updated for a few years, and it is not supported by the WordPress team. As a result, it is not safe to use this plugin as it may cause security vulnerabilities in the WordPress site.

Limited Language Selection: The ACF qTranslate plugin has a limited language selection, which means users have to work with fewer languages when compared to other plugins. The plugin cannot be used to translate the WordPress site in every language. Additionally, users cannot switch between languages easily, and the site may display incorrect translations if the language is not available.

Difficulty in Configuration: The ACF qTranslate plugin can be difficult to configure on the WordPress site. Users may experience problems while adding the necessary code and enabling the languages that are available. This can be a time-consuming process as users have to manually add the configuration code to each section of the WordPress site that needs to be translated.

Inability to Keep Track of Changes: The ACF qTranslate plugin does not provide an option to keep track of the changes that are made to the translations. As a result, users may not be able to restore the original translations easily in the event of an error or other problem. This makes it difficult to fix any problems that may occur in the translated content.

Potential for Conflicts: The ACF qTranslate plugin may cause conflicts with other plugins that may be installed and activated on the WordPress site. This plugin may not work properly with certain other plugins, and users may experience errors or other problems while using this plugin. Therefore, it is important to check for compatibility before using the ACF qTranslate plugin.

90% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

ACF qTranslate is an effective and powerful plugin that helps WordPress-based websites manage multiple languages with greater ease and flexibility. With its strong multi-language support, integration with the WordPress visual editor, page copy functionality, and improved coding, ACF qTranslate streamlines interpretation work and maximizes SEO potential. For website developers and owners looking to manage multiple languages, ACF qTranslate is an essential plugin.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.7.25
  • Last Updated: 6 years ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 3.5.0+
  • Tested Until: 4.9.24
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Multi-language Environments
    ACF qTranslate is a great plugin for WordPress environments that need to offer multiple-language support. It allows you to easily create language-specific versions of your content, which can be displayed based on the user’s preferences. ACF qTranslate also cleans up the post editing page, making it much easier to manage multiple translations of content. It also allows you to create ACF fields that can be translated into different languages, giving you more control over the translation process.
  • Multiple Languages at Once
  • Creating Language Menus
  • Translation Filtering
  • Editing Translations
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  • add on
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  • advanced custom fields
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