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Easily customize the Elementor icons with the Custom Icons for Elementor WordPress Plugin. Create custom icons from scratch, or use ready-made icon packs and SVG icons for Elementor.
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Custom Icons for Elementor: A Comprehensive Review

The internet, which has come to play a crucial role in broadcasting any type of information, is home to an ever-increasing number of websites. Websites are now the go-to for researching products, services, and businesses, among other things. As websites are becoming more popular, it is important for them to stand out among the competition. Designers and developers have been able to make attractive websites with visuals that catch the eyes of visitors through creative tools such as Elementor. With the Custom Icons for Elementor WordPress plugin, a website developer can add vibrant custom icons to their Elementor-based pages in just a few clicks.

Custom Icons for Elementor: Breakdown

The issue with the traditional Icon Libraries used by Elementor in the past has been that they often contain limited icon designs and therefore limit the developer’s creative potential. Custom Icons for Elementor is a WordPress plugin created by Elementor that provides a large library of carefully-crafted icons that developers can easily access. As each icon is designed by a group of artists, the selection of icons is always full of variety and updatable to any future trends.

The Custom Icons for Elementor plugin is easy to use; for those already using the Elementor program, the plugin can be set up in a few clicks. Once the plugin has been installed and ready to go, developers are free to start browsing through and utilizing an expansive collection of high-quality vector icons. Developers can sort icons by category which make it effortless to find the right icon for any part of a website. Developers are also able to modify the icon’s color, size, background color, and shape to suit the website’s aesthetics.

The Custom Icons for Elementor plugin also has tools for generating a unique CSS class for each icon inserted into a website, making it even easier for developers to customize them. Not only can they modify the model icons, but they also have the ability to upload their own custom icons with an SVG file for their website. Whenever new icons are available, developers can easily update the plugin in order to add them to their selection.

Pros of Using Custom Icons for Elementor

Easy to Use: The ‘Custom Icons for Elementor’ WordPress plugin is extremely user friendly and easy to set up. It has a simple, intuitive interface that makes adding custom icons to your Elementor page builder a breeze. The plugin supports drag and drop, so you can quickly add the icons you need. It also offers an easy-to-browse library of icons, so you can quickly find the perfect one for your project. This plugin is great for both experienced Elementor users and those just getting started.

Extensive Library of Icons: The ‘Custom Icons for Elementor’ WordPress plugin offers an extensive library of icons. There are over 2,500 icons available, including popular brands like Apple, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also search for icons by keyword or browse through categories. This makes it easy to find the icon you need, without having to create it from scratch.

High Quality Icons: The icons included in the ‘Custom Icons for Elementor’ WordPress plugin are of the highest quality. They are vector-based, meaning they can be resized without losing any quality. This makes them perfect for any project, from mobile apps to website design. Additionally, the icons are well-designed and look great when added to your Elementor pages.

Scalability: The ‘Custom Icons for Elementor’ WordPress plugin is extremely scalable. It is optimized for both mobile and desktop devices, so it can be used on any platform. It also supports multiple languages, making it easy to use in global projects. The plugin also offers a wide variety of sizes and formats, making it perfect for any project.

Compatibility: The ‘Custom Icons for Elementor’ WordPress plugin is highly compatible with Elementor and other popular WordPress plugins. It also supports various themes and WordPress versions. This makes the plugin extremely versatile and easy to use in any WordPress project or website design.

Cons of Using Custom Icons for Elementor

Slow Down Page Speed: The Custom Icons for Elementor plugin adds additional baggage to a website by adding extra CSS and JavaScript files. This extra code can slow down page load times, which can cause a negative user experience.

Increased Dependency on the Plugin: The Custom Icons for Elementor plugin is dependent on the Elementor plugin, thus if the Elementor plugin is updated or unavailable, the Custom Icons for Elementor will also stop working.

Difficult to Update JavaScript Libraries: The Custom Icons for Elementor plugin uses outdated JavaScript libraries, which can be difficult for novice web developers to update. This can present a serious security concern if not handled correctly.

Characters Limited to Specific Icons: The Custom Icons for Elementor plugin only includes a limited amount of characters, meaning it does not have a wide range of visuals to choose from. This makes it difficult to customize icons to suit specific needs.

Extra Steps to Add Custom Icons: In order to add custom icons to your website, you must manually upload the new icon to the Elementor panel. This requires extra steps and can add additional time to the process of updating your website.

90% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Elementor Custom Icons plugin is an ideal tool for developers who are looking to give their websites a creative and distinctive edge. With the additional access to over 3.5 million vector icons, developers will be able to quickly and efficiently customize their websites with the right kind of icons. Elementor’s Custom Icons Plugin is the perfect tool for any developer or designer looking to add their own creative flair to their website design. With its intuitive interface and impressive library of custom icons, developers and designers will be able to quickly and easily customize website design to be more visually attractive and unique.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 0.3.1
  • Last Updated: 1 year ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 5.4+
  • Tested Until: 6.1.4
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Create Icons For Your Website Logo
    The Custom Icons for Elementor plugin allows you to easily add your own logos, icons, and illustrations to any page or post. This is an essential tool for businesses who want to create a unique look and feel to their website. Simply upload or type in the URL of your custom icons, and the plugin will automatically generate the code to make them appear on the screen. With this plugin, you can design your own icons to fit in with the existing design elements on your website, such as logo, buttons, and banner graphics.
  • Design Custom Icons Set
  • Create Icons for Posts and Articles
  • Choose from Pre-Made Icon Themes
  • Add Icons to Visual Composer
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