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WP Admin UI Customize is a WordPress plugin that helps customize the user interface of the WordPress Administrator in an easy and intuitive way. It allows you to easily adjust button size, the color scheme, or any other style related elements according to your preference with a few simple clicks.
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WP Admin UI Customize: A Comprehensive Review

WP Admin UI Customize is an incredible user-friendly WordPress plugin that allows webmasters to design their own custom admin user interface (UI). This plugin adds several extra features to the already existing WordPress UI, enabling webmasters to customize every aspect from colors, post boxes, notification counts, and more. This plugin offers unprecedented freedom to customize websites and allow webmasters to make creative visuals that suit their needs.

WP Admin UI Customize: Breakdown

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WP Admin UI Customize is a free plugin created by Touchize that offers a quick and seamless way to customize the admin UI of a WordPress website. This plugin allows webmasters to select a variety of customization options, such as additional page elements, post boxes, warning boxes, notification counts, and more. By providing webmasters with an immense level of customization options, this plugin enables them to create a unique UI for their website.

The plugin also allows webmasters to customize the colors and font sizes of the UI. This ensures that users can make a visual statement by displaying a unique design on their site. It also allows webmasters to add labels to the admin menu, allowing them to quickly identify user roles or specific areas of the website.

The WP Admin UI Customize plugin also provides additional useful features. For instance, the plugin allows webmasters to explore the ‘Admin Bar’, which is a powerful tool to customize the global layout of the WordPress interface. Additionally, the plugin also supports multiple languages, allowing webmasters to make their website available to an international audience.

Finally, the WP Admin UI Customize is exceptionally user-friendly and requires no special coding skills. This plugin has a straightforward interface that makes the entire customization process quick and easy, allowing webmasters to easily adjust their website's admin UI.

Pros of Using WP Admin UI Customize

Organize a Seamless Employee Workflow: The WP Admin UI Customize plugin allows you to quickly and easily customize the admin interface to suit the specific needs of your employees. This makes navigating the WordPress back-end intuitive, and allows them to more easily keep track of their work progress, client project status, and other key information. As a result, employees can easily do their jobs more efficiently, and have an improved overall workplace experience.

Save Significant Time: The WP Admin UI Customize plugin allows administrators to quickly customize the WordPress back-end to improve usability. For example, an administrator can quickly create a dashboard that is tailored to their specific users’ needs, and the plugin’s helpful settings ensure that no time is wasted searching for how to customize the back-end. This can reduce the time spent on tedious manual tasks, and keep employees more productive.

Increase Website Security: In addition to customizing the WordPress back-end with ease, the WP Admin UI Customize plugin also helps to increase website security. By limiting access to sensitive areas of the back-end, you can help keep your website secure and reduce the risk of hackers infiltrating the system. This additional layer of protection could be especially beneficial if you work with multiple users or have unique customer needs.

Enhance Visuals for Improved UX: Many parts of the WordPress back-end look outdated, without any of the modern design features of today’s websites. The WP Admin UI Customize plugin allows you to customize the look and feel of the admin interface to create a modern, engaging experience for your users. With this plugin, you can easily add visuals that improve user experience, such as colors, fonts, layouts, and more.

Compatible with Most Current Plugins: The WP Admin UI Customize plugin is compatible with most WordPress plugins, allowing you to customize the back-end for the plugins you’re using. This plugin also integrates with other plugins, making it easy to customize the admin interface for the features and tools you’re using. This makes it even easier to quickly and easily customize the WordPress back-end to your unique needs.

Cons of Using WP Admin UI Customize

Difficult to Use: The WP Admin UI Customize plugin is not particularly user-friendly. It can be difficult for someone who is not experienced in WordPress development to understand and use all of its features. The layout can also be a bit confusing, and it is easy to overlook important options. This can lead to a lot of wasted time trying to figure out how to configure the plugin.

Unstable Functionality: The WP Admin UI Customize plugin can be unstable at times, with certain features crashing or not working as expected at certain times. This can be especially troublesome when you are making important changes to the appearance of your website, as you may end up having to revert and rebuild the entire page if something goes wrong.

Expensive: The WP Admin UI Customize plugin is quite expensive for what it offers. Some users may find that the cost is simply not worth the features provided, as there are other alternatives available that provide similar functionality for a lower price.

Insecure: The WP Admin UI Customize plugin can be quite a security risk. As it changes the way the WordPress admin panel looks and works, it can expose your website to hackers and malicious code. It is important to make sure that you install the latest version of the plugin and keep it updated to minimize the risk of vulnerabilities.

Lack of Support: The WP Admin UI Customize plugin does not come with any official support. This means that if you encounter issues or have questions about the plugin, you will need to rely on the community or third-party support websites for help. This can be inconvenient and time-consuming, as you may not receive an immediate response when you need assistance.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Overall, WP Admin UI Customize is an incredible WordPress plugin that provides webmasters with an immense range of customization options. This plugin allows webmasters to customize a variety of elements on their website, such as post boxes, colors, and font sizes. Additionally, the plugin also provides useful features, such as admin bar support and language support. Finally, the WP Admin UI Customize is user-friendly and requires no coding skills, allowing webmasters to make a visually attractive website quickly.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.5.13
  • Last Updated: 2 years ago
  • Installs: 40,000+
  • WP Version: 4.2+
  • Tested Until: 4.9.24
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Improve Site Navigation
    The WP Admin UI Customize plugin is ideal for creating an efficient, user-friendly interface for your WordPress site. With this plugin, you can make adjustments to the main admin menu, widgets, menu icons, and more. You'll be able to create custom menus for site navigation and give each user customized roles. This makes it easy to quickly move between pages and navigate the website safely and securely.
  • User Permissions Management
  • Customize Widgets
  • Customize Icons
  • Backup Settings
  • admin
  • option
  • page
  • post
  • posts