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Simple Image Sizes

Are you one of the many WordPress users who have to constantly resize the images that you upload? If so, Simple Image Sizes is a WordPress plugin that helps you save time by automatically resizing images while they’re uploaded. This plugin is especially useful for users who upload large numbers of images and want to ensure that they are the proper size and proportion. Simple Image Sizes is a helpful and intuitive tool for any WordPress user with an eye for quality and a need for speed.
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Admin Post Navigation

The Admin Post Navigation WordPress plugin is a great tool for bloggers, writers, and content curators looking for an easy way to organize their posts and pages and navigate between them quickly and easily. It adds an admin bar to your WordPress website, providing quick links to your pages and posts. Not only does this make it easy to manage your content, but it also allows you to go to any page or post quickly.
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Related Posts for WordPress

Having a ‘related posts’ feature in a WordPress website can be a great way to keep readers engaged and better promote content on your site in general. This feature can bring back readers to the website in the future and also encourage more clicks around the website for posts that are related to the one that the reader is currently reading. For these reasons, ‘Related Posts for WordPress’ has become a popular plugin among website owners who want to add a ‘related posts’ feature to their websites.
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Copy Anything to Clipboard

Copying and pasting text is one of the most common tasks carried out by computer users. Copying text from one application to another, especially from a website to a Word document or to an email, is commonplace. For WordPress users, there is a great plugin that makes the process of copying text simpler and faster. The “Copy Anything to Clipboard” WordPress plugin makes it possible for WordPress users to copy text from anywhere on the web directly to their clipboard without any hassle. It uses Javascript to detect if the text is highlighted on the page and then copies it to the clipboard as soon as the highlight is detected. The plugin also adds a “Copy to Clipboard” button to all WordPress blocks.
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WP Bulk Delete

WP Bulk Delete is a powerful WordPress plugin created by the WPBulkDelete team. It provides users with a simple and easy-to-use way to delete large amounts of data from WordPress websites. With this plugin, users can quickly and efficiently delete posts, pages, users, comments, and more in bulk. This plugin is easy to install and use, and it can save time and effort for anyone managing a WordPress website.
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Flexible Posts Widget

Are you looking to add more flexibility to your WordPress blog? If so, the Flexible Posts Widget plugin is an essential WordPress tool that allows you to easily customize your posts. This plugin allows for an easy integration of post types, taxonomies, and categories to enhance the display of post data on your blog. It is highly customizable, intuitive, and easy to use. The Flexible Posts Widget is an ideal plugin for anyone who wants to add customization and flexibility to their website.
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Creating thumbnails of images can be time consuming and is a process that is especially complicated for those who have little knowledge in coding or graphic design. This is where the “Crop-Thumbnails” WordPress plugin comes to the rescue. This plugin allows users to quickly and easily crop images to create beautiful thumbnails with precision in a few clicks. Crop-Thumbnails is a plugin that is suitable for both professional and amateur users of WordPress who are looking for a time efficient way to prepare photos for their website.
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Custom Post Type Maker

WordPress is a popular platform for business websites, service providers, bloggers, and other professionals. It is renowned for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. WordPress allows users to create and manage content quickly and easily. To further tailor WordPress according to the needs and requirements of a website, plugins can be used. These plugins provide extra features and functionality to WordPress websites. One such plugin is Custom Post Type Maker, which allows users to create custom post types for their WordPress websites.
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Public Post Preview

Are you looking for an easy way to manage and preview the posts on your WordPress site? You’re not alone. Every website owner and content manager faces the same challenge of managing and previewing posts for public release before they are published. Thankfully, the WordPress plugin Public Post Preview provides a straightforward solution to this common problem. Read on for an informative and comprehensive article about Public Post Preview.
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Custom Post Type UI

The WordPress platform enables content development and management for a range of professionals and organizations worldwide. To make it more malleable to varied uses, developers created plugins – small programs that add various useful features and performance enhancements. The Custom Post Type UI plugin adds to a site’s range of content editing options. It helps site owners create content without the need for coding.