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Custom Post Type UI provides an easy to use interface for registering and managing custom post types and taxonomies for your WordPress site. With this plugin you can quickly and easily create custom post types, taxonomies, and post statuses.
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Custom Post Type UI: A Comprehensive Review

The WordPress platform enables content development and management for a range of professionals and organizations worldwide. To make it more malleable to varied uses, developers created plugins – small programs that add various useful features and performance enhancements. The Custom Post Type UI plugin adds to a site’s range of content editing options. It helps site owners create content without the need for coding.

Custom Post Type UI: Breakdown

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Custom Post Type UI is a plugin that adds content types (Custom Post Types) to the WordPress interface. It streamlines the process of writing and editing content for WordPress websites. Custom Post Types can be tailored to the specific needs of a website. This includes custom fields and taxonomies for categorizing and organizing the Custom Post Types. As a result, a Custom Post Type can look entirely different from the standard page or post.

Custom Post Type UI is used to create the types of content aside from the regular Page and Post types. This allows for more intuitive and organized content management. It also has other related tools for user-defined taxonomies and custom fields. The plugin allows us to create Custom Post Types directly from the WordPress dashboard. This eliminates the need to write lines of code or hire a technical expert.

The plugin offers additional features which make it even more useful. For example, it allows embedding Custom Post Types directly into sidebars, menus, and other areas. This allows users to create more elaborate content that is organized into sections. Customizable labels help make all the content types easily recognizable to visitors and search engines.

The plugin also offers a convenient way of creating draft versions of content that can later be submitted for review and editing. This is useful for collaboration and ensuring that finalized content is free of typos and errors. It is possible to publish the Custom Post Types by setting them as public posts. Additionally, Custom Post Types can be set to preview only so that the changes made on drafts are only visible after the post is published.

In addition, site owners can use the plugin to restrict access to their Custom Post Types and taxonomies so that only those with specific permission levels have access to them. This is important for ensuring the security of confidential or sensitive information.

Pros of Using Custom Post Type UI

Easy to Manage and Setup: Custom Post Type UI allows users to quickly and easily create custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes without having to write custom code. All that's required is a few clicks of the mouse, and the required custom post type is added to the WP site.

Efficient and Intuitive: Custom Post Type UI is designed to be an efficient and intuitive experience so that users can quickly get their custom posts and taxonomies set up with ease. With Custom Post Type UI, there will be no more tedious and complex code for creating custom post types; users can create them in a matter of minutes.

Responsive Support: The Custom Post Type UI team actively maintains their plugin and provides users with the support they need. The team is easily accessible via email and frequently releases timely updates to fix any potential issues or bugs. In addition, users are encouraged to submit feature requests that may be implemented in future versions.

Well Documented: Custom Post Type UI comes with well-written and detailed documentation, allowing users to learn how to use the plugin quickly and efficiently. It also provides example code snippets and links to helpful video tutorials, so users can be sure that they are utilizing the plugin correctly and can easily find help if they have any issues.

Flexible and Powerful: Custom Post Type UI is a powerful tool that allows users to easily create custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes while still being flexible enough to be customized to their own needs. This makes it the perfect plugin for anyone looking for an easy way to add more functionality to their WordPress site in a matter of minutes.

Cons of Using Custom Post Type UI

Clunky Interface: The Custom Post Type UI plugin has an interface that can be a bit cumbersome and confusing, especially if you are not familiar with WordPress or coding. This can make it difficult for users who are not comfortable in these areas.

Limited Features: Although the Custom Post Type UI plugin is a useful plugin, it lacks some advanced features like taxonomies and custom fields. The plugin cannot create custom loops and the ability to customize the queries is limited.

Slow Performance: Another con of using the Custom Post Type UI plugin is that it can be slow and inefficient. This can affect the performance of your website, making it load slowly and having a negative impact on user experience.

Lack of User Support: The Custom Post Type UI plugin lacks user support, which is common with many free plugins. This means that if you have any questions or problems, you will not have anyone to turn to for help.

Incompatible With Most Themes: The Custom Post Type UI plugin is not compatible with many premium themes, and if you try to use it on a non-compatible theme, it will most likely not work. This can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Custom Post Type UI plugin provides an intuitive and powerful way of creating and managing content for WordPress websites. It allows for creating custom post types and assigning custom fields and taxonomies to them. This plugin enables users to design rich and interactive content without any coding knowledge. Additionally, the plugin makes it possible to specify access levels and preview post drafts before publishing them. All of these features make Custom Post Type UI an invaluable tool for WordPress site owners.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.15.1
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 1+ million
  • WP Version: 6.3+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 7.4 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Creating Customizable Blog Feeds
    Using Custom Post Type UI, users can create custom blog feeds with ease. By entering the post type you want to use as the base and then specifying the exact criteria you want to show up in the feed, you can create unique, tailored blog feeds for specific situations. For instance, you can create a feed of yoga classes offered by a studio or of dance classes offered by a dance school. You can then embed this feed automatically in any page you'd like, giving you complete control over where it is displayed.
  • Using Custom Post Type UI for Portfolios
  • Creating an Event Listing
  • Audience Engagement Using Custom Post Type UI
  • Customized Reviews Management System
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