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Simple Image Sizes is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily add, remove, and modify image sizes in WordPress. Optimize your images for SEO by setting the exact dimensions and compression level to suit your needs.
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Simple Image Sizes: A Comprehensive Review

Are you one of the many WordPress users who have to constantly resize the images that you upload? If so, Simple Image Sizes is a WordPress plugin that helps you save time by automatically resizing images while they’re uploaded. This plugin is especially useful for users who upload large numbers of images and want to ensure that they are the proper size and proportion. Simple Image Sizes is a helpful and intuitive tool for any WordPress user with an eye for quality and a need for speed.

Simple Image Sizes: Breakdown

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Simple Image Sizes offers WordPress users a remarkably intuitive ability to automatically resize images as they’re uploaded to the site. Once the plugin is installed, image resize promises to become a simple goal to reach. WordPress users can customize the settings to the exact size they need for different images or multiple images. The default settings are determined by the WordPress theme’s media options, but the user has the ability to override them with their own specific settings. This means you can quickly adjust an image’s width, height, alignment, and size.

The plugin includes a live image resizing feature that allows users to preview the image in its resized form before it’s even saved. It also comes with a ‘bulk image resizing’ option, which allows users to resize all of the images in a folder at once. Additionally, the plugin allows users to define image sizes on an individual basis, ensuring that they can customize each image to the exact dimensions they need.

Simple Image Sizes also comes with a ‘default images’ feature, which stores predetermined image sizes making it easier for users to quickly and easily add images to their WordPress sites. This feature also makes it easy to keep track of and delete unwanted images from the site. The plugin also has a helpful ‘CSS Generator’ feature that makes creating custom CSS codes for specific images very easy.

Pros of Using Simple Image Sizes

Easy Setup: Using the Simple Image Sizes plugin simplifies the image size setup process. It eliminates the need to run manual commands and allows you to quickly and easily set up custom image sizes for your WordPress site.

Control Over Image Sizes: The Simple Image Sizes plugin allows you to easily control the actual image sizes (width and height) displayed on your website, an important factor when considering how your images will be displayed on all devices (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop & Desktop etc).

Flexible Image Formats: The plugin allows you to choose the image format you want for individual image sizes, meaning you can select a web-friendly format such as JPG or PNG while still retaining the original EXIF data from the original image.

Responsive Images: The Simple Image Sizes plugin enables you to easily make sure that your website is using responsive images for all of your image sizes. This ensures that your images are some of the first elements loaded on the page and that they are as light as possible for all devices.

SEO Friendly: The Simple Image Sizes plugin allows you to easily set up SEO-friendly image sizes and add additional information, such as alt text and captions, to each of your images. This helps ensure that all of your images are properly indexed and ranked by search engines.

Cons of Using Simple Image Sizes

Difficult to Implement: The Simple Image Sizes plugin can be difficult to implement, particularly if you are not a web development professional or have limited knowledge of WordPress. It can be hard to correctly size and add images to a WordPress post using the plugin, as you must understand how WordPress works and pay attention to the various sizes and settings that are available.

Time Consuming: Using the Simple Image Sizes plugin can be time consuming. This is especially true if you are working with lots of images and trying to create many options of different sizes. The plugin can be quite slow, and even a few minutes of working with it can severely impact the amount of time that you have for another task.

Limited Functionality: The Simple Image Sizes plugin is limited in terms of the number of available sizes and settings. It is not as comprehensive as other plugins, and it cannot resize and optimize images in a way that some other plugins can. As such, the quality of the images is not as good as some people would like.

Plugin Issues: The Simple Image Sizes plugin can be quite buggy and glitchy at times. This can lead to a lot of frustration when trying to resize images, as the plugin may crash or freeze during the process. It is also possible for the plugin to not display images correctly, and you may have to redo your images a few times in order to get them to look right.

High CPU Load: The Simple Image Sizes plugin can use up a lot of computer resources, as images are being processed and resized. This can lead to a high CPU load, which can cause your website to slow down or even crash. This is especially true if you are using a shared hosting service.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Simple Image Sizes is an incredibly intuitive and useful plugin for any WordPress user who wants to save time while uploading images. This user-friendly plugin offers many features designed to help WordPress users quickly customize images to their exact size and proportion. Simple Image Sizes also comes with many helpful features to make bulk uploading and image deletion a breeze. Whether you’re a WordPress power-user or a budding beginer, the Simple Image Sizes WordPress plugin is sure to be a valuable addition to your arsenal of tools.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.2.2
  • Last Updated: 1 year ago
  • Installs: 80,000+
  • WP Version: N/A+
  • Tested Until: N/A
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Blog Post Thumbnails
    The Simple Image Sizes plugin is ideal for enabling proper resizing of blog post thumbnails, allowing webmasters to ensure every post has a preview image in the exact size the post demands. Using the plugin's intuitive controls, administrators can have thumbnail images resized to the proper dimensions and stored in a dedicated folder for quick and easy access.
  • Featured Images for Pages
  • Featured Images for Posts
  • Galleries and Slideshows
  • Optimized Images for Social Media