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Photo Gallery by Supsystic is the perfect WordPress plugin for displaying image galleries and albums on your website or blog. It features intuitive drag & drop gallery builder, 100+ unique beautiful design templates, social sharing options and much more.
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Photo Gallery by Supsystic: A Comprehensive Review

Photo Gallery by Supsystic is a versatile and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows users to create stunning photo galleries and manage their media on their WordPress site. With this plugin, users can build visually appealing galleries with many customization options and powerful features that help increase the visual impact of images displayed on their website. The plugin works right out of the box, so no coding is required to create a professional looking photo gallery.

Photo Gallery by Supsystic: Breakdown

<a href=";utm_medium=screenshots&amp;utm_campaign=gallery" title="Fixed Gallery">Photo Gallery demo</a>. Easy to set up, responsive and compatible with all mobile devices.

Photo Gallery by Supsystic is an all-in-one image plugin for WordPress. It comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface which allows users to create beautiful and effective photo galleries in just a few clicks. The plugin offers a wide range of customization options such as changing the photo gallery size, layout, color, and hover effect. Additionally, users can select from different gallery styles including masonry, grid, and slider. The plugin also provides users with various tools for sorting images, such as by date, size, random order, or alphabetically.

Users can also add captions and descriptions to each image, as well as create albums to store and organize their images. The plugin also supports images from popular photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, and more. Additional features in the plugin include the ability to create Pinterest widgets, lightbox effects, sliders, carousels, and more. It also integrates with social networks, allowing users to share their photos on popular social sites.

For users who need additional features, the Pro version of the plugin includes many useful add-on tools. These tools include the ability to password-protect galleries, creates galleries from posts and pages, automatically generate galleries from categories and tags, and more. Users can also set up an image gallery search feature to help visitors quickly and easily find what they need.

Pros of Using Photo Gallery by Supsystic

Easy to Use: Photo Gallery by Supsystic is an incredibly user friendly plugin. It requires no coding knowledge, and is easy to install and set up. You can get online galleries up and running in just a few clicks; it’s that simple.

Secured Structure: Photo Gallery by Supsystic keeps your images secure and makes it easy to protect your photos so that only those you approve can have access to them. It includes security features like password protection, user roles, embedding restrictions and more.

Mobile Responsive Design: The galleries from Photo Gallery by Supsystic are mobile responsive, so your audiences can access the photos from anywhere via mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. The photos will appear as they would on a regular computer, but with a much better mobile experience.

Customizable Options: Photo Gallery by Supsystic offers plenty of options for customizing and personalizing your galleries. This includes things like adjusting size, choosing a theme, and selecting the display type for your photos.

Support: The Photo Gallery by Supsystic team provides comprehensive support through their website, as well as a help desk and FAQs. They also include detailed documentation on how to use their plugin.

Cons of Using Photo Gallery by Supsystic

Lack of features: The ‘Photo Gallery by Supsystic’ WordPress Plugin does not offer very many features or customization options. It is very basic with only basic options for inserting a gallery on the page and managing images. This could be a major limitation for users who need more features or customization.

Slow Support: The customer support provided by Supsystic is relatively slow and inefficient. Most questions or requests for assistance go unanswered, and when help is provided, it may take a while for a response to be delivered. This can cause long delays when troubleshooting issues or implementing features.

Limited Customization: The ‘Photo Gallery by Supsystic’ WordPress Plugin limits the amount of customization available. It provides only basic gallery building and image management options which can be quite restrictive for some users. This may lead to a lack of flexibility in managing galleries or images, which could be a major problem for many.

Potential Bugs: The plugin is known to have bugs and other issues which can cause problems. In some cases, the bugs can lead to data loss or other issues which can be difficult to recover from. This could be a major hindrance for users who need reliable and stable performance from their photo gallery plugin.

Potential Security Vulnerabilities: The plugin has potential security vulnerabilities, as it has been known to have security issues in the past. This can be a major issue for those using the plugin, as the security vulnerability can lead to data loss or other malicious activity. It is important to be aware of the potential security issues associated with this plugin.

94% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Photo Gallery by Supsystic is an excellent choice for WordPress users who want to create stunning galleries quickly and easily. With its comprehensive range of customization options, powerful features, and Pro version add-ons, users can create professional looking photo galleries to show off their images and videos with ease. All this in a plugin that works right out of the box and requires almost no coding makes Photo Gallery by Supsystic an invaluable WordPress tool.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.15.15
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 40,000+
  • WP Version: N/A+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Creating a Gallery On a Blog Homepage
    This WordPress plugin allows users to upload, store, and manage photos for a website or blog. It provides a great way to showcase those photos with a visually stunning photo gallery. Users can easily upload images from their computer, tablet, or phone and categorize them into separate albums. They can also customize the look of their gallery with different layouts and skins. Using the photo gallery, a user can easily display the photos on their blog homepage. They can also include descriptions and captions with each photo for viewers to read. Moreover, viewers can comment, share, and download photos to their own devices.
  • Adding Text to Photos
  • Customizable Photo Display
  • Integrating Social Media
  • Protecting Photos
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