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The Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator WordPress plugin helps users easily and quickly generate the best favicon for their website. It creates both favicon and app icons, optimized for all major browsers and platforms.
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Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator: A Comprehensive Review

A Favicon is a small icon, typically only 16x16 pixels in size, that represents a website. Favicons are used in the browser tabs, favorites and bookmarks, as well as in the address bar of the browser. They need to be downloaded and saved on the server in order for the website to use them. This is where the Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator WordPress plugin comes in. This plugin is a powerful tool that allows website owners and developers to easily generate and install a Favicon to their website in a matter of minutes, making it easier than ever to customize and optimize their sites.

Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator: Breakdown

Initial favicon setup screen. You are invited to setup your favicon.

The Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator WordPress plugin is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that enables website owners and developers to create and install a custom Favicon to their sites. Through a user-friendly interface, users can simply drag and drop their custom images to generate a Favicon, and then the plugin will automatically generate multiple versions of the Favicon for various browsers and mobile devices. It also allows users to customize the options of the Favicon to perfectly fit with their website's aesthetic.

The Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator WordPress plugin also has an integrated Device View feature that allows users to test how the Favicon looks on various devices. This way, users can be confident that the Favicon will look great no matter what platform a visitor is using to access the website.

The plugin also comes with an automated backup feature that helps keep user data safe. This ensures that user settings and preferences, such as background colors, sizes, and other details, are always restored even if there's an issue or a change is made on the website.

Pros of Using Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator

Compatibility: The Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator plugin is compatible with many major browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE 11, Edge, and Opera, allowing for maximum impact no matter what the user's browser is. This means that the plugin can work with a wide range of WordPress sites, from simple blogs to complicated commercial sites, with little to no extra effort on the part of the user.

High-Quality Icons: The plugin includes a variety of high-quality icons and images suitable for a range of purposes. All files are optimized for speed and performance and are of a higher resolution than many of the free options available online. This plugin makes it easy to create and add a branded look to your website.

Multisite Support: The plugin also supports WordPress Multisite, which allows users to run multiple WordPress sites from one installation. This makes it easy to manage multiple sites and keep track of favicons across all domains. Furthermore, the plugin takes into account any configuration settings applied to the site, so users don’t have to worry about setting them up manually.

Multiple File Types: The plugin supports a variety of file types, allowing users to create icons in whatever format they need. This includes PNG, GIF, JPG, and ICO file types, making it easy to create and customize icons regardless of the user’s preference. Additionally, it enables users to create icons that are optimized for both traditional and high-resolution displays.

Easy to Use: The plugin is designed to be easy to use for even those without much experience in creating and uploading favicons. It includes a user-friendly configuration page with a drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to easily upload images and make further adjustments with little effort. Additionally, the plugin includes an autofill feature that will suggest the most suitable icon sizes and file types for any given website.

Cons of Using Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator

Difficult installation process: Using the Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator WordPress plugin can often be difficult to install due to its complex nature. It is generally better to have some technical skills, such as HTML and CSS, before attempting to use it. Unfortunately, even then installation can take time and the user may end up frustrated if they cannot get it to work properly.

Inconsistent results: Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator plugin can sometimes give unpredictable results depending on the website or the browser, which can be disheartening for the user. The plugin may not work as expected and could potentially leave them feeling like they wasted their time and money.

No customization: The Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator WordPress plugin does not provide any customization options. Users have to choose from one of the templates provided by the plugin and cannot make any changes to them. This limits the creativity and originality that can be achieved with the Favicon.

Limited icon size options: The Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator WordPress plugin does not provide users with the option to choose the size of the icon they want to use. This means that the icon size is limited to what the plugin offers, and this can prove to be a problem when the user wants to have icons of different sizes to fit their website.

Additional Costs: Using the Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator WordPress plugin typically involves additional costs. This includes the plugin's cost, hosting costs, and other associated fees. Furthermore, the plugin is a subscription-based service, which means that users will have to pay a recurring fee in order to keep using it.

100% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator WordPress plugin is an excellent tool for website owners and developers who want to add a custom Favicon to their sites. It makes it easy to generate and install a Favicon in a fraction of the time, and also allows users to customize the options of the Favicon. Additionally, it comes with a Device View feature and an automated backup system to ensure that user data is always safe and secure. With its simple yet powerful features, this plugin is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to add a professional touch to their website.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.3.28
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 200,000+
  • WP Version: 3.5+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Boost Brand Awareness and Increase Visibility
    With Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator, you can easily create a beautiful and unique icon for your WordPress website. The plugin helps you create a memorable and notable icon representative of your identifies. Additionally, it allows you to display your brand across all browsers, helping to boost your overall visibility. This will give your brand a larger reach and a higher level of engagement from potential customers.
  • Provide a Unique Visual Identity
  • Streamline & Simplify Website Navigation
  • Display on Time and Across Platforms
  • Improve SEO and Improve Performance
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