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NextGEN Gallery is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin, with over 12 million downloads. Easily manage, and display your photos with smooth facilities for thumbnails, slideshows, and even ecommerce!
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WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery: A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to WordPress-based websites, having an aesthetically pleasing, organized, and user-friendly gallery is essential. After all, a gallery is an excellent outlet for displaying digital images, digital videos, and other creative media projects in one well-organized and neat space. It is for this reason that a reliable and comprehensive WordPress Gallery Plugin is an absolute necessity for a successful and effective website. NextGen Gallery is one such plugin for WordPress that allows users to quickly and easily create and manage beautiful image and video galleries.

WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery: Breakdown

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NextGen Gallery offers an incredibly comprehensive set of features that allow users to create and manage their galleries with ease. To begin, users are able to organize their galleries into digital folders for easy sorting and categorization. Within each folder, they can then create multiple galleries of different formats and types. For example, they can create galleries with just images, just videos, or a combination of both. Additionally, users can also customize the look and feel of the gallery with the ability to choose from a variety of predefined color schemes as well as font and background images. They can also set up and manage different user accounts for easier viewing and access to the galleries.

NextGen Gallery also offers users access to an impressive array of features that allow them to easily upload, share, and manage the digital media within their galleries. With support for importing images from various popular photo sharing websites, such as Flickr and Instagram, NextGen Gallery makes it hassle-free to add new content to a user’s gallery. Users can also share the galleries they create on other social media platforms with the click of a button, making it easy to reach a wider audience. Finally, the plugin also provides users with a simple but powerful user interface that allows them to quickly and easily make changes or adjustments to the galleries with just a few clicks of the mouse.

NextGen Gallery also provides users with a robust set of tools and features to facilitate the protection and safeguarding of their galleries. Users can choose to enable password protection to keep unauthorized access to their galleries at bay. They can also choose to enable image watermarking, which will add a unique identifier to the images in the gallery, and can also choose to disable right-clicking or image saving to discourage theft and ensure their work remains protected.

Pros of Using WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery

Uncomplicated Organizing of Image Galleries: The WordPress Gallery Plugin-NextGEN Gallery makes it easy for users to manage their image gallery. It allows users to create albums, as well as organize images and galleries according to their file size, orientation or other criteria. This makes it a breeze for visitors to navigate and find what they need in seconds. Some of the other features of the plugin include built-in social media integration, drag and drop sorting, and watermarking capabilities.

Attractive Layouts and Effects: The plugin also includes numerous fantastic gallery layouts and effects that are sure to liven up any website. There are six main different types of layouts to choose from–slideshows, thumbnails, mosaic, masonry, masonry & blog style. With the plugin, users can achieve sophisticated styling and effects such as lightboxes, filmstrip displays, clone effects, and overlay effects.

Slideshow Automation: The plugin also includes a simple yet powerful slideshow engine that helps users display their photos and videos in full-screen mode. It includes a range of automation options that allow users to create stunning slideshows with ease. The slideshow engine gives users the power to display images as a slideshow, via a single shortcode, or by using all predefined themes.

User-Friendly Interface: Thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface, anyone from beginners to experienced photographers can easily use the WordPress Gallery Plugin-NextGEN Gallery. With the plugin, users can easily upload photos from a variety of sources and manage their images with just a few clicks. The plugin’s drag and drop organization feature further simplifies the task of managing and organizing images within albums.

Compatibility with Other Plugins: The plugin is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of other plugins, including popular ones from popular developers such as WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, and Easy Digital Downloads. This ensures that users have access to additional functionality and features when they are setting up their image galleries. The plugin is also compatible with the WordPress media library and other third-party gallery plugins.

Cons of Using WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery

Ongoing Maintenance Cost: WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery can be quite pricey for many organizations. The plugin runs on the WordPress CMS and is updated frequently, so users need to keep up to date with the latest version releases to ensure that their security and performance are top-notch. If they don’t keep up with the latest version releases, then their website may become vulnerable to attacks which could be disastrous. Moreover, if the plugin malfunctions, they may have to invest in professional maintenance services to get it back up to working condition.

Difficult to Use for Beginners: WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery may not be very easy to use for those with less technical knowledge. The control panel of this plugin may seem to be complicated to a lot of people as the plugin is packed with numerous features that require a certain technical know-how to be able to make the most out of it. People with limited technical knowledge may find this plugin a bit hard to manage and make it work as they want.

Inefficient File Management: The WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery might not be as efficient for file management as some users would expect. The plugin does not come with a default tool to easily organize and manage the uploaded files. Organizing and rearranging the uploaded files when needed has to be done manually which can take a good amount of time.

Compatability Issues: WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery is known to be quite incompatible with a lot of third-party plugins. As many organizations require specialized features or a combination of different plugins to extend the functionalities of their websites, this may cause an issue when they look to integrate the plugin with third-party plugins as the plugin itself is quite complex.

Slow Loading: The WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery can also hinder the page loading speed of any website. As the plugin is packed with numerous features, some of the functionalities may take some time to get loaded on the browser. This could result in slower page loading speeds and the user experience could take a hit as a result.

86% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

In short, NextGen Gallery provides users with an incredible array of features that make creating, sharing, organizing, and managing their digital galleries an absolutely breeze. It is an invaluable tool for website owners who want to put their image and video galleries front and center, and it is an absolute must for such individuals. With its impressive range of features, powerful user interface, and robust security measures, NextGen Gallery is a comprehensive tool that can take any WordPress-based website to the next level without any hassle or fuss.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.55
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 500,000+
  • WP Version: 5.5.4+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 7.0 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Online Photo Gallery
    NextGEN Gallery Plugin is an ultimate solution for creating an online photo gallery. By creating a photo album, users can showcase their pictures and audio files of various celebrations, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, outdoor events, etc, enabling them to share their photos with friends and family in a much more organized manner. It makes it easier to view, search, navigate and keep track of the multimedia content.
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  • Event Photography
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Image Optimization
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