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Reading Time WP icon

Reading Time WP

Reading Time WP is a powerful and easy-to-use WordPress plugin designed to display an estimated reading time at the beginning of all posts on your website. The plugin works by calculating the total reading time of your content based on the average reading speed of an adult, using characters, words and images in the post to make an accurate estimation. The plugin is a great addition to any WordPress website, as it gives readers an insight into how much time they need to dedicate to their reading. This helps readers determine whether they have the available time to read your content and can increase readership on your website.
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Post Type Switcher

A powerful plugin for WordPress, ‘Post Type Switcher’, is an incredibly useful tool for users who need easily convert one post type to another. This incredibly straightforward plugin takes the stress and effort out of post-by-post conversions and instead makes the process of moving post types an effortless job. Many WordPress users struggle to work out the best way to convert hundreds of posts — ‘Post Type Switcher’ can take that burden away and replace it with the extraordinary convenience of having a dependable plugin by your side.
Author Box, Guest Author and Co-Authors for Your Posts – Molongui icon

Author Box, Guest Author and Co-Authors for Your Posts – Molongui

WordPress, a robust content management system, allows website owners to streamline and enhance their online presence effectively and effortlessly. One of the most crucial aspects of managing a website or a blog is that it's not a one-man show; it's a collective effort. Recognizing the need to efficiently manage multiple authors, Molongui has developed a comprehensive solution, the 'Author Box, Guest Author, and Co-Authors for Your Posts – Molongui' plugin. This plugin addresses common author-related challenges that content creators often face.
WP Admin UI Customize icon

WP Admin UI Customize

WP Admin UI Customize is an incredible user-friendly WordPress plugin that allows webmasters to design their own custom admin user interface (UI). This plugin adds several extra features to the already existing WordPress UI, enabling webmasters to customize every aspect from colors, post boxes, notification counts, and more. This plugin offers unprecedented freedom to customize websites and allow webmasters to make creative visuals that suit their needs.
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Simple Image Sizes

Are you one of the many WordPress users who have to constantly resize the images that you upload? If so, Simple Image Sizes is a WordPress plugin that helps you save time by automatically resizing images while they’re uploaded. This plugin is especially useful for users who upload large numbers of images and want to ensure that they are the proper size and proportion. Simple Image Sizes is a helpful and intuitive tool for any WordPress user with an eye for quality and a need for speed.
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Duplicate Menu

The Duplicate Menu plugin for WordPress is the perfect solution for when you need to create additional duplicate menus for your WordPress website without having to change the menu’s existing structure. This plugin is perfect for all WordPress sites, regardless of the theme and content, and allows users to create an exact duplicate of the existing menus with just a few clicks. This is extremely beneficial for anyone who needs to make changes without affecting the current navigation structure of the website.
Duplicate Page and Post icon

Duplicate Page and Post

Duplicate Page and Post is a WordPress plugin that helps users save time and effort by providing the ability to clone and copy existing pages and posts. It allows webmasters to quickly duplicate pages and posts with ease, without needing to manually create new pages or posts from scratch. One of the most popular features of this plugin is its ability to allow webmasters to quickly clone any page or post on the WordPress site while preserving all of the important data, including its status, settings, content, etc. This helps users create full backups of various pages and posts with ease.
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WP Bulk Delete

WP Bulk Delete is a powerful WordPress plugin created by the WPBulkDelete team. It provides users with a simple and easy-to-use way to delete large amounts of data from WordPress websites. With this plugin, users can quickly and efficiently delete posts, pages, users, comments, and more in bulk. This plugin is easy to install and use, and it can save time and effort for anyone managing a WordPress website.
Easy Social Feed – Social Photos Gallery – Post Feed – Like Box icon

Easy Social Feed – Social Photos Gallery – Post Feed – Like Box

Easy Social Feed – Social Photos Gallery – Post Feed – Like Box is a powerful and versatile WordPress plugin that helps website owners quickly and easily create stunning showcases of their social media posts. This plugin makes it easy to show off your posts and photos from popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It is an excellent tool for website owners looking to beef up their presence and reputation on social media channels. With this plugin, website owners can maintain and monitor activity on their social media pages in just a few clicks.
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Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts is a free WordPress plugin created to make it easier to use Google Fonts on a WordPress website. It allows users to quickly and easily choose and customize the fonts they prefer to use across their website without having to learn to code. This plugin also enables users to use any font which is available in the Google Fonts library without having to pay for them and provides access to the entire catalogue of fonts related to the library. Easy Google Fonts WordPress plugin was created in 2015 with the goal of allowing WordPress users to find and customize fonts easily and quickly, and it has since helped make it easier than ever to design the perfect WordPress site.