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Gallery Plugin for WordPress – Envira Photo Gallery icon

Gallery Plugin for WordPress – Envira Photo Gallery

WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool for website building, and it can be easily used by anyone who has basic computer knowledge. Despite its ease of use, its main advantage lies in the myriad of plugins and themes available that help to customize the experience and make it unique. One such plugin is the Envira Photo Gallery, which is designed to make displaying photos and galleries on a WordPress site an enjoyable experience.
Permalink Manager Lite icon

Permalink Manager Lite

The WordPress platform is an incredibly useful and powerful tool for creating custom websites quickly and easily. It is used by millions of individuals and businesses worldwide to bring their ideas to life. One of the most valuable features of WordPress is the wide range of plugins that can be used to expand upon the platform’s capabilities. A great example of a useful plugin is the Permalink Manager Lite.
Link Library icon

Link Library

WordPress is a widely used Content Management System (CMS) that provides users with a multitude of plugins to enhance the functionality of their websites. One such plugin is the 'Link Library', which offers a convenient way to manage and display collections of links on a WordPress site. Whether you are a blogger, an online magazine editor, or an e-commerce store owner, the Link Library plugin can be a valuable tool for organizing and presenting your desired links in an organized and user-friendly manner.
Cool Timeline (Horizontal & Vertical Timeline) icon

Cool Timeline (Horizontal & Vertical Timeline)

Cool Timeline is an amazing WordPress plugin that helps blog and website creators create both horizontal and vertical timelines. In the past, timelines were used mainly for educational purposes, but now, businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers are beginning to recognize their impact as an effective storytelling tool. Not only are timelines aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide an efficient and organized way to package and present information. With Cool Timeline, creating custom timelines is now easier than ever.
Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid icon

Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid

Without developing skills in web design or programming, creating an exciting photo gallery on your website can be a difficult task. Luckily, WordPress has a number of great tools and plugins available to create a unique website gallery quickly and easily. One such popular plugin is Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid, which gives users a customizable and straightforward way to showcase a selection of their favourite photographs.
Force Regenerate Thumbnails icon

Force Regenerate Thumbnails

The ‘Force Regenerate Thumbnails’ WordPress plugin is an incredibly useful tool for any WordPress administrator or website owner. It provides a way to quickly and easily regenerate thumbnails for any of the images in a WordPress media library. Keeping old thumbnails can lead to a lot of clutter and confusion when trying to manage the images in the WordPress media library, and manually updating thumbnails can be very time consuming. With Force Regenerate Thumbnails, you can easily and quickly regenerate the thumbnails in your WordPress media library, so you can keep your media library organized and up-to-date.
Custom Fonts – Host Your Fonts Locally icon

Custom Fonts – Host Your Fonts Locally

Custom fonts are an essential part of any website. They help to create a unique visual experience and set a website apart from the rest. For WordPress users, the process of adding custom fonts to a website can be difficult, and many times require a lot of coding knowledge. But now, thanks to the Custom Fonts WordPress plugin, users of all levels can easily and quickly have access to a range of custom fonts and be able to install them with just a few clicks.
Photo Gallery by Supsystic icon

Photo Gallery by Supsystic

Photo Gallery by Supsystic is a versatile and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows users to create stunning photo galleries and manage their media on their WordPress site. With this plugin, users can build visually appealing galleries with many customization options and powerful features that help increase the visual impact of images displayed on their website. The plugin works right out of the box, so no coding is required to create a professional looking photo gallery.
Add Category to Pages icon

Add Category to Pages

The ‘Add Category To Pages’ plugin is a fantastic tool available in WordPress to aid users in organizing their websites, giving them the ability to easily categorize and manage their content. This lightweight plugin offers users a simple solution for better organization and additional options to customize their pages. By allowing users to add categories to pages, pages can be filtered by categories, helping to enhance navigation and usability of the website.
When Last Login icon

When Last Login

When Last Login is a WordPress plugin created by Matt Gross that allows website owners to view when their website users last logged into their accounts. This plugin could be extremely helpful for a website with many registered users who login often to access information or to make purchases. The plugin also allows website owners to create customizable login notifications for users who do not login for a predetermined period of time. When Last Login is a lightweight plugin that is easy to install and use with minimal configuration.