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Gutentor – Gutenberg Blocks – Page Builder for Gutenberg Editor icon

Gutentor – Gutenberg Blocks – Page Builder for Gutenberg Editor

Gutentor is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create beautiful pages using the power of the Gutenberg Blocks Page Builder for the Gutenberg Editor. It is designed to help website owners, publishers, bloggers, and developers create stunning content tailored to their needs. By using the Gutentor plugin, users have the ability to easily build a wide range of page layouts that suit any purpose or niche, such as portfolios, homepages, portfolios, blogs, product landing pages, corporate websites, ecommerce websites, and more.
Custom CSS and JavaScript icon

Custom CSS and JavaScript

WordPress is a powerful content management system that enables users to create stunning websites and blogs with ease. But for those looking to take their WordPress design to the next level, the Custom CSS and JavaScript plugin provides a great opportunity to do just that. This plugin enables users to add custom CSS and JavaScript code snippets to WordPress websites without having to mess around with core WordPress files. With this plugin, users can build custom stylesheets and scripts, allowing them to customize their WordPress design in new and exciting ways.
Kirki Customizer Framework icon

Kirki Customizer Framework

Kirki is a powerful open source Customizer Framework plugin developed for WordPress developers and provides a simpler way to customize a WordPress theme. The plugin has been developed with the aim of making it easier to create customizer panels, sections and controls. Through the Customizer APIs, the plugin enables developers to create custom controls, supports postMessage transport for all setting types, enables developers to extend the framework with custom controls and settings and to provide more features and options than the default WordPress Customizer. Kirki also allows developers to easily add text, checkboxes, select controls, color and image and background options, and much more to their WordPress theme in the native Customizer backend.
User Profile Picture icon

User Profile Picture

Many websites use profile pictures to easily identify the visitors on the platform. With WordPress, website owners can add a personal touch to their space by allowing users to upload profile pictures as part of the customization feature. To provide the best user experience, website owners can use the User Profile Picture plugin. It helps to ensure that all user profile pictures adhere to the platform’s design trends and other requirements.
Seed Fonts icon

Seed Fonts

Seed Fonts is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create stunning typography on your website with ease. Rather than having to use third-party fonts, bypassing tedious webfont management, and finding styling difficult and time-consuming, Seed Fonts provides an all-in-one solution. And it doesn't even require you to know any code. With its intuitive user interface, it's easy to create a beautiful and unique website or blog in minutes.
Sticky Header Effects for Elementor icon

Sticky Header Effects for Elementor

Have you ever wanted to add motion effects on your website? Motion effect can help make a website look more professional and appealing. With the ‘Sticky Header Effects for Elementor’ WordPress plugin, anyone can add motion effects to their webpages without needing any coding knowledge or experience. This plugin is a perfect way to create engaging and attractive motion effects for websites built with Elementor.
Responsive Lightbox icon

Responsive Lightbox

WordPress, with its robust and diverse ecosystem of plugins, allows you to add complex functionality to your website in a swift and easy manner. Amidst an array of these plugins, there exists a particularly noteworthy one - 'Responsive Lightbox'. This plugin, as subtle as it may sound, possesses a capacity to dramatically enhance user experience by providing an elegant solution to manage and display images on your WordPress site. As the virtual world is becoming increasingly visual dominant, utilizing images professionally and effectively is no longer a luxury, but a central element to captivate users. When it comes to presenting images in an aesthetically pleasing yet functional way, 'Responsive Lightbox' comes into the picture. This plugin, developed by dFactory, is currently being used by over 1 million WordPress sites, speaking volumes about its functionality, popularity, and overall performance.
Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms – Best Gravity Forms Styler, Designer icon

Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms – Best Gravity Forms Styler, Designer

Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms – Best Gravity Forms Styler, Designer is a WordPress plugin created to provide businesses a quick, easy and effective way to customize their Gravity Forms. This plugin significantly increases the usability and capability of Gravity Forms, making it a versatile and powerful tool for displaying forms on websites. With Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms, WordPress users can customize themes, styles, and layouts for a more professional and polished look in minutes.
Advanced Image Styles icon

Advanced Image Styles

Advanced Image Styles is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows users to create visually stimulating galleries of images with minimal effort. Its intuitive drag and drop system makes it easy to work with, and its wide range of customization options lets users truly express themselves creatively. Whether used professionally or recreationally, this plugin can satisfy any image requirements and allow users to construct stunning galleries to show off their original work.
TinyMCE Templates icon

TinyMCE Templates

The TinyMCE Templates WordPress plugin gives users the ability to create and save their own templates within the WordPress Visual Editor. This plugin allows you to save and quickly insert HTML snippets with relative ease. With a few clicks, you can create, save, and reuse various HTML widgets such as buttons, images, videos, and other interactive elements. The TinyMCE Template WordPress plugin has gained tremendous popularity because it’s fast, efficient, and incredibly user-friendly.