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Enable Accessibility

The Enable Accessibility WordPress plugin is designed to help website owners create a truly accessible online experience, making the content available to everyone regardless of disability, device or age. With a growing global focus on web accessibility, the Enable Accessibility plugin can help website owners and developers quickly and easily create an accessible website that meets or exceeds the digital accessibility requirements established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
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Rich Table of Contents

The Rich Table of Contents plugin for WordPress has become a popular tool to help webmasters increase the usability, readability, and organization of their websites. It has become a very useful way to add comprehensive and professional-looking menu trees to blog pages and posts, helping to keep sites organized and neat. This plugin is particularly great for writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and developers alike as it allows them to maintain order across their websites, especially if they are managing several blogs, sites, or posts at the same time.
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Oceanwp sticky header

The OceanWP Sticky Header WordPress Plugin is one of the leading plugins for websites and blogs to make web pages more user friendly. The plugin enables a header to remain at the top of the page regardless of the user’s scrolling action. Thanks to the OceanWP Sticky Header WordPress Plugin, website navigation stays easily accessible in a header, providing website visitors with the information they need quickly and conveniently.
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Accessibility by UserWay

Accessibility by UserWay is a WordPress plugin which was designed to make websites, webpages, and applications more accessible and compliant with government web accessibility standards. This plugin aims to help individuals with disabilities access websites, webpages, and applications from any device. Accessibility by UserWay also makes it easier for website and web page owners to meet their accessibility requirements. Moreover, this plugin provides users with an easy-to-install solution that offers several benefits such as a more user-friendly design, improved accessibility, and improved SEO performance.