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Scripts n Styles icon

Scripts n Styles

Scripts n Styles is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes customizing the functionality of any WordPress website a breeze. It is the ideal plugin for anyone looking to add custom JavaScript, CSS, HTML and PHP directly to their WordPress dashboard. Scripts n Styles is a great way to add custom functionality without dealing with complex code or the burden of writing functions for your own plugin. With the ability to selectively add custom CSS and JavaScript to any post page or most other PHP templates, it makes adding features to the WordPress dashboard easier than ever before.
Advanced Image Styles icon

Advanced Image Styles

Advanced Image Styles is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows users to create visually stimulating galleries of images with minimal effort. Its intuitive drag and drop system makes it easy to work with, and its wide range of customization options lets users truly express themselves creatively. Whether used professionally or recreationally, this plugin can satisfy any image requirements and allow users to construct stunning galleries to show off their original work.
Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms – Best Gravity Forms Styler, Designer icon

Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms – Best Gravity Forms Styler, Designer

Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms – Best Gravity Forms Styler, Designer is a WordPress plugin created to provide businesses a quick, easy and effective way to customize their Gravity Forms. This plugin significantly increases the usability and capability of Gravity Forms, making it a versatile and powerful tool for displaying forms on websites. With Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms, WordPress users can customize themes, styles, and layouts for a more professional and polished look in minutes.
Change WordPress Login Logo icon

Change WordPress Login Logo

Having a unique login address is a great step towards securing your WordPress website. But, not all website owners are aware of the importance of having a unique login logo. This is why the Change WordPress Login Logo plugin was created – to help website owners in customizing their login logo according to their website design. It is a plugin specifically designed for WordPress and it can be quickly downloaded and installed on the website.
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Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts is a free WordPress plugin created to make it easier to use Google Fonts on a WordPress website. It allows users to quickly and easily choose and customize the fonts they prefer to use across their website without having to learn to code. This plugin also enables users to use any font which is available in the Google Fonts library without having to pay for them and provides access to the entire catalogue of fonts related to the library. Easy Google Fonts WordPress plugin was created in 2015 with the goal of allowing WordPress users to find and customize fonts easily and quickly, and it has since helped make it easier than ever to design the perfect WordPress site.
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Code Embed

The Code Embed WordPress plugin is an incredibly helpful tool for WordPress users who want quick and easy access to embedded code snippets. This plugin simplifies the process of adding code snippets to your WordPress site, taking a once cumbersome task and making it both fast and easy. Along with making your life easier, Code Embed comes with a variety of advanced features such as syntax highlighting and line numbering so that you can control and customize the look and behavior of your embedded code. Read on to learn more about what Code Embed has to offer and how you can use it to take your WordPress site to the next level.
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Advanced Editor Tools

Advanced Editor Tools (previously known as TinyMCE Advanced) is an incredibly powerful and versatile WordPress plugin. It allows users to customize their WordPress experience to their exact specific needs. They can adjust the features of the editor, the admin area toolbar, and the interface for editing the posts and pages. With this plugin, users can modify the ways in which they add media to their posts, undock the compose window, and use various advanced styles for their writing.
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Favicon Rotator

The Favicon Rotator WordPress plugin gives WordPress users the ability to make their website stand out with a rotating, animated Favicon. For line business owners, the ability to have a rotating Favicon can be a great way to draw more attention to their website and add a bit of flair to their website. Not only that, but the Favicon Rotator Plugin also allows webmasters to group various customizations for their webpage’s Favicon. Whether the webpage owner is a small business owner, an e-commerce store, or a blog, the Favicon Rotator can help enhance their webpage for the better.
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Better Font Awesome

The 'Better Font Awesome' WordPress plugin is a powerful tool that enhances the font capabilities of any WordPress website. With this plugin, users can easily integrate and customize the renowned Font Awesome icon library to enhance the visual appeal and usability of their website. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a beginner looking to enhance your website's aesthetics, this plugin provides the perfect solution.
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All In One Favicon

The ‘All In One Favicon’ WordPress plugin is an invaluable tool for those who publish content or use WordPress as a platform for their business. This plugin allows people to easily upload and configure a Favicon, the small logo or image that can be found in the web browser tabs. The Favicon can promote the presence of your brand and make it easier for visitors to find and navigate to your website or blog page. As it is an image, Favicons also serves to complete the visual appeal of a website by providing a finishing touch.