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The wp-jalali plugin allows you to display dates and times in the Jalali (Iranian) calendar in WordPress.
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wp-jalali: A Comprehensive Review

WordPress is arguably the most popular content management system (CMS) used to create incredible websites and blogs. It allows developers to customize the user experience, design incredible pages, and add features that become permanent fixtures of sites. However, creating a truly unique user experience isn’t as easy at it looks, and often WordPress developers need to find additional support. One way to do this is by integrating a plugin into the coding. One such plugin is called wp-jalali, which can be used to provide an extra layer of customization. This article explores what wp-jalali is and how it can be used to customize a website.

wp-jalali: Breakdown

Preview of wp-jalali's Custom Admin Page

Wp-jalali is a plugin that can be used with WordPress websites to customize user experience and page layouts. It converts WordPress websites to the Persian (Jalali) calendar system to make content viewable to those who prefer Persian date formats. This plugin is similar to plugins like WP Timezone, and WP Persian, however wp-jalali takes it one step further by changing all aspects of the WordPress website to the Persian system. For example, wp-jalali will switch all posts to the Jalali encoding, properly display Jalali dates on posts and pages, convert wp-jalali widgets to the Jalali system, and make sure that all posts and pages are also properly formatted using the Jalali system.

When integrating this plugin into a WordPress website, content creators need to make sure they input the correct settings. This includes properly coloring posts and pages, making sure the Jalali dates are properly displayed, formatting images correctly, and making sure RSS feeds and other syndicated content are properly labeled. Additionally, wp-jalali is optimized for mobile devices, meaning it can be integrated into mobile apps and websites and remain fully functional. It also makes use of special algorithms to calculate Jalali date values, making sure all conversions between the two calendar systems are accurate and properly displayed.

Pros of Using wp-jalali

Smooth Integration: wp-jalali provides a seamless integration with WordPress. It fully supports all the core WordPress features including Custom Post Types, Widgets, Shortcodes, Menus and other features. This can make it easier for developers to develop and maintain websites with Persian features and content.

Easy Access to Persian Language Features: wp-jalali makes it easier to access and utilize Persian language features when developing websites and applications with WordPress. It adds tools specifically designed for using and incorporating Persian words and phrases into a web project.

Customize on a Robust Platform: wp-jalali is built on a robust platform that allows for flexibility and customization. This makes it easier for developers to create unique and interactive experiences in their projects using this plugin. The plugin also has a vast library of Persian language dictionaries, allowing developers to easily find Persian words and phrases to incorporate into their projects.

Compatible with Numerous Themes and Plugins: wp-jalali works nicely with numerous popular themes and plugins, making it a breeze to get started quickly and easily with your Persian-focused website. In addition, the plugin also incorporates advanced features like the ability to switch between languages without reloading the page, making the user experience even better.

Affordable and Reliable: wp-jalali comes with an affordable and reliable structure for developers, allowing them to make the most of their investments in WordPress and Persian. The plugin is regularly updated, ensuring that it will remain stable and compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, making it an ideal choice for any web developer looking to utilize the Persian language in their websites.

Cons of Using wp-jalali

Security Concerns: wp-jalali is not a plugin that is regularly updated, leaving it vulnerable to security flaws and malicious attacks. Since most of the code is written in PHP there is an increased chance of these flaws being discovered and exploited. It's advisable to look for alternative solutions if a high degree of security is needed.

Confusing Interface: The interface of the wp-jalali plugin is somewhat confusing, making it difficult for new users to find the necessary features and settings. Moreover, it's not always clear on what button or feature is to be used when editing or adding content. This can lead to a frustrating experience for users trying to access the plugin's functions.

Compatibility Issues: wp-jalali is not compatible with certain WordPress themes and plugins. This means that users might not be able to use the full range of features and settings they need when building their websites. Compatibility issues might also arise during the installation process, causing unnecessary delays for the user.

Functionality Limitations: The primary function of the wp-jalali plugin is to display content in Persian. Although some other features such as date/time selection, calendar view, and color formatting are available, the majority of users will likely find the plugin's functions limited and not suitable for advanced customization needs.

Lacking Support: Support for the wp-jalali plugin is not very helpful. The plugin's creators provide minimal support, leaving users to their own devices when it comes to troubleshooting. This means that more experienced WordPress users might find the lack of support restricting, as they will not be able to get the kind of assistance they need to properly configure their website.

80% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

In conclusion, wp-jalali is an incredibly useful plugin for WordPress websites that is designed to customize the user experience by switching the entire website from Gregorian to Persian calendar systems. It can be used to properly format posts and pages in Jalali encoding, display Jalali dates, format widget elements, and make sure content is properly formatted on mobile devices. Because wp-jalali is optimized to accurately calculate date values on mobile device, it can be used to create an enhanced user experience across multiple platforms. With wp-jalali, developers and content creators have more options to customize their site, making it easier to tailor the website to a unique set of users.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 5.0.1
  • Last Updated: 8 years ago
  • Installs: 40,000+
  • WP Version: 3.9+
  • Tested Until: 4.6.27
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Correcting Existing Jalali Date Fields
    The WP-Jalali plugin can help to instantly resolve what can be time-consuming and confusing errors in existing Jalali date fields in WordPress. This plugin can scan through all posts, pages and comments in your WordPress site to ensure all Jalali date formats are correct. It also provides a speedy fix to any incorrect Jalali dates by adding the missing tarikh (Gregorian year) value or convert the date formats from one to another (e.g. from solar to lunar Jalali date or vice versa).
  • Automatic Jalali Date Inputs
  • Jalali Calendar & Timezone Select
  • Formatted Jalali Date Output
  • Date Range Modification
  • Afghan
  • Calendar Conversion
  • farsi
  • persian
  • Tajik