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Boost your site's reach with the 'RSS Includes Pages' WordPress plugin. This tool includes pages in your RSS feeds, enhancing your visibility, usability, and SEO.
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RSS Includes Pages: A Comprehensive Review


The world of digital content is a vastly dynamic ecosystem, continually evolving to meet the varying needs of content creators and consumers. One influential pillar of this digital universe that has shaped the way we navigate the internet is WordPress. Known for its impressive flexibility, WordPress hosts over 60 million websites worldwide, drawing its strength from an extensive array of plugins. Among these plugins is one outstanding tool known as the 'RSS Includes Pages' WordPress plugin. For anyone familiar with website management and wishing to improve their site's functionality, understanding how plugins like 'RSS Includes Pages' function is imperative.

RSS Includes Pages: Breakdown

By default the plugin adds pages to your existing feeds. In the <a href="">pro version</a> you can specify posts and/or pages. You can also excludes posts/pages by ID.


WordPress's 'RSS Includes Pages' plugin is a potent tool designed to rectify a quintessential restriction in the fundamental architecture of WordPress RSS feeds. By design, WordPress automatically includes only blog posts and not pages in the RSS feeds. Although suitable for an exclusively blogging site, this feature gets limiting when one wants to share or syndicate 'Page' type content to the audience through RSS feeds. And this is where the 'RSS Includes Pages' plugin steps in to enhance versatility.

'RSS Includes Pages' is a lightweight plugin. Its primary purpose is to modify the default RSS feed behavior so that it includes both 'Posts' and 'Pages’ when syndicating your WordPress site content. Unlike other plugins, when it comes to simplicity and pulling off its role, the RSS Includes Pages plugin sits in a class of its own.

Once installed, the plugin seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website and modifies the RSS feed output to include 'Page' type content. As a result, any updates made to your website's 'Pages' would be visible in the RSS feed, unlike the default scenario.

Essentially, this shifts the paradigm of what you can do with WordPress. It means that bloggers, content creators, and website administrators can now syndicate content more extensively. Notably, the plugin doesn't restrict you to blogs or posts but allows static pages, meaning you can now share any updates made to 'About Us,' 'Contact,' or any other 'Page' on your site via your site's RSS feed.

Moreover, the plugin doesn't need any complex configurations or settings for it to work. It's as simple as installing, activating, and letting it do its job. This notable aspect makes it an ideal tool for beginners and professionals alike navigating WordPress.

Pros of Using RSS Includes Pages

Extended Functionality: 'RSS Includes Pages' plugin extends the default functioning of WordPress by including pages in your RSS feeds that typically only include posts. This extends your site's reach and ensures that every part of your content is easily accessible and sharable.

Easy To Use: This WordPress plugin is user-friendly and simple to use, no coding is required. The installation process is uncomplicated, which makes it an excellent tool for both advanced and less-experienced users. Configuration is straightforward as well, allowing you to manage settings and options smoothly.

Customization: 'RSS Includes Pages' plugin not only includes pages into RSS feeds but also allows customization of feed content. It can be adjusted according to your requirements, such as defining which pages get included, their order, and frequency which gives full control over what you want to display in the feed.

Improved SEO: Sharing more of your content through RSS can help improve your site's SEO. By including pages in your feed, you can drastically increase the amount of linkable content available. This can bolster visibility, increase site traffic, and potentially improve search engine ranking.

Compatibility: This plugin works well with other WordPress plugins and themes without creating conflicts. This ensures smooth operation of your website while reaping the benefits of the 'RSS Includes Pages’ plugin. The plugin is also up-to-date with the latest WordPress version, ensuring that it continues to function efficiently.

Cons of Using RSS Includes Pages

Limited Customization: 'RSS Includes Pages' plugin allows the addition of pages to RSS feeds, but has limited flexibility to customize what gets into your feed. This could make it difficult to tailor the content of the feed to the specific needs of your audience.

No Page order Feature: The plugin adds all your pages to the feed, but does not provide an option to control their order. This can lead to an unordered, possibly confusing feed which might make it harder for users to find specific content.

Affects Site Speed: Plugins generally add extra code to your site, which can slow it down. If your site speed is already an issue, adding 'RSS Includes Pages' may exacerbate the problem and negatively affect the user experience and search engine rankings.

Potential for Inclusion of Irrelevant Pages: The plugin includes all pages in the RSS feed by default, including those that may not be relevant to your audience as RSS content (e.g., ‘About us’, ‘Contact us’ pages). This may result in unnecessary content cluttering your feed.

Dependency on Plugin’s Updates: Like all plugins, 'RSS Includes Pages' is only as good as its updates. If the developer stops maintaining it or it takes a considerable amount of time to upgrade to be compatible with newer versions of WordPress, it could result in bugs and security vulnerabilities.

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In conclusion


'RSS Includes Pages' is a game-changing plugin in the dynamic WordPress ecosystem. It lightens the task of content syndication by bridging the gap between static 'Page' type content and 'Post' type content in RSS feeds. This brilliant innovation translates to increased flexibility and broader content sharing options for WordPress users.

Furthermore, owing to its lightweight nature and no requirement for complex configurations after installation, the tool is incredibly user-friendly and can be easily utilized by anyone, irrespective of their experience with WordPress.

In conclusion, in a world where content is king, RSS Includes Pages reigns supreme as a value-adding WordPress plugin. By simplifying an otherwise complex process in an elegant, user-friendly way, it epitomizes the pursuit of convenience that solidifies WordPress as the world's leading content management system. Through its innovative functionality, it affirms that sometimes, simple adjustments can indeed open up a world of more possibilities.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.8
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 5.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Custom RSS Feed Generation
    A user wants to syndicate their WordPress site's pages as well as posts. The standard RSS feed only includes posts, but with the 'RSS Includes Pages' plugin, they can include pages as well. This makes it perfect for sites that heavily utilize pages over posts or in any instance where a user wants to include page updates in their RSS feed.
  • Content Distribution Networks
  • Blogging Platforms Migration
  • E-commerce Sites
  • Podcast/Video Blogging Websites
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