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Pages with Category and Tag is a WordPress plugin that helps you manage your pages more easily. It allows you to categorize and tag your pages a lot better, giving you faster access and greater control over your page settings.
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Pages with category and tag: A Comprehensive Review

The WordPress platform allows users to create marvelous websites with ease. There are thousands of plugins that can be used to customize a WordPress site to meet the needs of the user. The Pages with Category and Tag WordPress plugin is an especially useful tool for those wanting to improve the way they display their content on their site. It enables the user to create more efficient and organized navigation menus. By utilising this plugin, a WordPress user is able to add an ever increasing number of categories and tags to their website with greater ease than ever before.

Pages with category and tag: Breakdown

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Pages with Category and Tag is an extremely powerful and popular WordPress plugin which allows users to build their own custom menus using categories and tags. The plugin itself is an incredibly versatile and simple to use solution aimed at helping WordPress users create menu structures with greater ease and efficiency. The plugin adds a new category and tag-specific menu item type to the WordPress menu feature, allowing users to create advanced menus that automatically generate a list of all the categories and tags associated with a particular page. This helps to improve the overall structure and organization of the website’s navigation menu.

In addition to the benefits of custom menu organization, Pages with Category and Tag also helps to reduce the complexities of styling complex menu structures and organizing large numbers of categories and tags. This can be done quickly and simply with the plugin’s intuitive interface. In addition, this plugin offers users an advanced and helpful set of customization options for their menus. This includes the ability to change the order in which categories and tags appear, and the ability to customize the style and colour of each category and tag group.

The Pages with Category and Tag plugin is an incredibly useful tool for any serious WordPress user. It makes the process of organizing and categorizing pages vastly more efficient, without the hassle and time associated with manually building a menu structure from scratch. Not only does it provide a simpler and quicker way to build a website’s navigation menu, but it also offers a wide range of customization options that can help a user to customize the aesthetic and organization of their menu to suit their needs.

Pros of Using Pages with category and tag

Flexibility: The Pages with category and tag plugin provides significant flexibility to webmasters, allowing them to customise the content on different pages as per their requirements. This plugin allows webmasters to add tags, categories, subcategories and more to help easily categorise the content on a website. The tags created can be managed and modified whenever required.

Customisation Options: The Pages with category and tag plugin offers a variety of customisation options such as enabling/disabling tags, categories and sub-categories. Webmasters can also customise titles, descriptions, URL aliases, page layouts and other visual elements of webpage to further make the website look professional.

SEO Friendly: The Pages with category and tag plugin offers SEO friendly features, enabling webmasters to enhance their website’s visibility in search engine rankings. This plugin helps by making the pages better indexed in search engine result pages (SERPs), thereby increasing the website’s visibility and reachability.

Security: The Pages with category and tag plugin also ensures security features are in place. Webmasters can use the plugin to protect their content from any malicious intent or infringement. By adding security measures like user-level permissions and access control lists, users can ensure the security of their contents.

Integration & Easy Access: The Pages with category and tag plugin provides seamless integration with other existing plugin. This helps webmasters to quickly access and manage all the categories and tags in one place without having to switch between different tabs or applications. The plugin also supports various languages which allows webmasters to create localized page content according to various users in the website.

Cons of Using Pages with category and tag

Error Prone: Using the Pages with Category and Tag WordPress plugin can be a bit error prone, especially for those unfamiliar with coding. It may take some time to get used to the plugin, as well as some time debugging any errors. As such, it might be faster to hardcode the elements, which can be difficult if there are many items.

No Shortcode or Widgets: Unfortunately, the Pages with Category and Tag WordPress plugin does not provide any type of shortcode or widgets. This can be a hassle for the user, as they must manually enter the code, or have someone else do it for them. Additionally, it would be more difficult to get the look and feel that the user desires without the help of widgets or shortcodes.

No Support: The Pages with Category and Tag WordPress plugin does not provide any support. Users may find this difficult, especially for those who are new to coding. It can be quite hard to find answers to questions regarding the plugin, since there is no official support.

Inability to Add Custom Meta Fields: The Pages with Category and Tag WordPress plugin does not provide the ability to add custom meta fields. This could be an issue for many users, who may need additional data for their pages. Without this feature, users may have to manually add their meta fields.

No Visual Composer Integration: The Pages with Category and Tag WordPress plugin does not have any integration with Visual Composer. This means that it can be a bit harder to get the exact look and feel that the user desires. Additionally, users may find it difficult to work with the plugin’s code without any outside help or tools.

96% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Overall, the Pages with Category and Tag plugin is an ideal solution for anyone looking to improve the way they display content across their WordPress website. With its versatile design and comprehensive customization options, it makes creating and organizing complex menu structures easier than ever before. By utilizing this powerful plugin, a WordPress user will be able to more efficiently create a menu structure that details all of their categories and tags, resulting in a much cleaner and user friendly navigation menu.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 0.9.0
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 3.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Automatically Assigning Categories to Posts from Tags
    The Pages with Category and Tag WordPress plugin allows users to easily assign categories to blog posts based on the tag used. This plugin is especially useful for users who make frequent blog posts, as it saves time in categorizing each post manually. The plugin uses a system of algorithms that makes it easy to sort through a large volume of tags and determine what category each post should be placed into. In addition to saving time, this plugin also provides an increased level of accuracy in organizing posts and accurately categorizing them. This feature makes the plugin particularly useful for blogs with complex organizational structures.
  • Tagging Posts To Allow Easy Searchability
  • Creating Customizable Site Taxonomies
  • Integrating Categories and Tags Across Multiple Post Types
  • Using Tags to Automatically Suggest Related Posts
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