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Themify Portfolio Post WordPress Plugin is an ideal way to show your portfolios, projects, and case studies. It’s easy to customize and comes with multiple features, like post filters, video support, optional Ajax loading, and more.
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Very highly recommended!

Themify Portfolio Post: A Comprehensive Review

Themify Portfolio Post is a WordPress plugin designed to help you create and manage a portfolio or images for your WordPress site. This plugin makes it easy for anyone to create and manage a portfolio of content, even if they don’t have any technical experience with coding or web development. With this plugin, you can easily create a grid of images and have them arranged with filters, galleries, and captions.

Themify Portfolio Post: Breakdown

Themify Portfolio Post offers a range of features to help you manage your portfolio. With the Drag & Drop Builder, you can easily arrange and customize a grid of images. You can also customize the size of the images and the spacing between them. The Filters feature allows you to quickly group images into portfolios, groups, and categories. For example, you could create a portfolio for a photography project you’ve completed, or group images into project categories.

The plugin also offers a custom post type for creating ‘Portfolio Post’ types. This allows you to add additional information to your portfolio items, such as an image caption or descriptions. You can also manage who has access to the portfolio post.

The plugin also provides greater control over the look and feel of your portfolio. You can choose from a variety of image layout options, including masonry, justified, and grid. You can also add custom settings to each image, such as margin, padding, and lightbox styles.

The Themify Portfolio Post plugin includes support for multiple languages and is compatible with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder. With its comprehensive documentation, you can easily learn how to configure and manage the plugin and create a stunning portfolio.

Finally, Themify Portfolio Post offers built-in SEO features for optimizing the visibility of your portfolio in search engine results. You can set custom page titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, and key phrases to boost the ranking of your portfolio in Google and other search engines.

Pros of Using Themify Portfolio Post

Professional Design: Themify Portfolio Post offers users a professional and attractive design interface that can be quickly and easily modified to fit individual user requirements and branding. It features a sleek,modern look and organized layout which makes it simple to showcase images, videos and other media. The design also makes it easy for visitors to quickly navigate and search for specific items.

Premade Templates: Themify Portfolio Post offers users a selection of premade templates that are ready to use. These can be applied quickly and will enable users to get their portfolio up and running quickly. The templates are also fully customizable allowing users to create a unique look and feel for their portfolio page. Furthermore, they are compatible with the latest versions of WordPress which ensures a smooth user experience.

User Friendly Interface: Themify Portfolio Post features a user-friendly interface that will easily guide users through setting up and managing their portfolio. It is built upon an intuitive drag and drop system that makes creating, sorting, editing and publishing content a breeze. Furthermore, it is equipped with an easy-to-use menu system that allows users to fine-tune their content before publishing it.

Content Sharing: Themify Portfolio Post offers users the ability to easily share their portfolio content with others on multiple social media platforms. This gives users increased exposure for their portfolio and allows them to quickly reach a wider audience. Additionally, users can also embed their portfolio directly into other websites using an embed code.

Advanced Features: Themify Portfolio Post is a powerful plugin that offers users a host of advanced features to make their portfolio creation and management process faster and easier. It is equipped with multiple options such as custom layouts, multiple display options, featured images, filters and search functionality. It is also equipped with SEO optimization tools to ensure users can easily optimize their content for SERPs.

Cons of Using Themify Portfolio Post

Hard to customize: Themify Portfolio Post is relatively difficult to customize. Without knowledge of coding, it may be difficult for users to customize the plugin to their specific needs or to change the colors and layouts.

Affects load time: The Themify Portfolio Post plugin can take up a lot of online storage space which may lead to slower loading times, particularly for larger sites or those with a lot of content.

Non-responsive: Themify Portfolio Post is not 100% mobile responsive, meaning that if a website user navigates to it via a mobile device, they may experience degraded user experience.

Limited integration: Themify Portfolio Post offers some integration with other plugins, but is limited to the ones offered by themify. Integration with third-party plugins can be difficult or even impossible.

Unreliable customer service: Themify Portfolio Post customer support is often unreliable. Complaints have been made about responses that take days if not weeks, and often the responses are unhelpful and lack proper instruction.

100% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Themify Portfolio Post is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin designed to help you manage and customize a portfolio of images on your site. With its comprehensive features, such as the Drag & Drop Builder, Custom Post Type, and SEO features, you can quickly create a professional portfolio with little effort. The plugin is also compatible with popular page builders and offers support for multiple languages. Whether you’re a professional photographer, digital artist, or creative blogger, Themify Portfolio Post is an excellent option for showcasing your work.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.2.6
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 40,000+
  • WP Version: 5.2+
  • Tested Until: 6.2.3
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Photography Portfolios
    Themify Portfolio Post is a great plugin for photography professionals, as it allows for a quick and easy way to manage, showcase, and share photographs. With this plugin, creatives can create beautiful portfolios to show off their work, sorting images into categories, setting up customizable galleries, and even displaying images on the homepage. Additionally, the plugin provides features such as drag and drop reordering and lightbox effects to customize the way images are presented and delivered.
  • Freelance Portfolios
  • Artist Portfolios
  • Creator Portfolios
  • Blogger Portfolios
  • portfolio
  • post
  • post type
  • showcase