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Easy Add Thumbnail is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add thumbnails and featured images to posts or articles quickly and easily without any hassle.
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Easy Add Thumbnail: A Comprehensive Review

WordPress is one of the most widely used and popular content management systems in the world. It allows users to easily build and manage their website, typically with little to no coding knowledge. One of the most important components of a website is a thumbnail image for each post. Without one, a post appears unappealing and dull. Fortunately, there is a plugin available for WordPress called Easy Add Thumbnail, that makes adding thumbnails to posts a breeze.

Easy Add Thumbnail: Breakdown

Easy Add Thumbnail makes it incredibly simple for users to add thumbnails to their posts. It provides a range of options, from easy drag-and-drop and automated thumbnails, to allowing users to customize their own. First, users need to install and activate the plugin. Once this is done, the setup process only takes a few steps. First, users can choose an option for creating thumbnails. The automated option will require no further action on the user’s part, as the plugin will automatically generate thumbnails for posts, based on the content in them. Alternatively, users can drag and drop images to set them as the post thumbnail, or choose to manually set the thumbnail themselves. In order to do this, users simply need to click ‘Set Thumbnail’ when editing a post, then choose an image from the ones that have been previously uploaded to the site.

Easy Add Thumbnail also provides the user with the option of customizing their thumbnails. This includes setting dimensions and adjusting its position. This allows users to create the exact thumbnail that they want, without needing to use any additional tools. Additionally, users can also select to keep the same thumbnail for multiple posts, if desired. This feature is especially useful for bloggers, or anyone looking to create a unified look for their posts.

Another handy feature of Easy Add Thumbnail is its ability to run a bulk operation. This means that users can generate thumbnails all in one go, instead of having to go through each post manually to do so. This is great for quickly setting thumbnails for multiple posts at the same time, and is especially useful for those with larger blogs or websites.

Pros of Using Easy Add Thumbnail

Flexibility: The Easy Add Thumbnail plugin provides a great deal of flexibility to the users. It allows the user to customize the thumbnails in various ways such as changing size, cropping, rotating, etc. This way, the users can tailor the thumbnail to fit the intended purpose and the design of the website accurately.

Easy to Use: The Easy Add Thumbnail plugin is simple and easy to use. It requires minimal configuration to set up and use, which makes it accessible for both novice and experienced WordPress users. Even the most inexperienced users can quickly create with the plugin without any technical experience or coding knowledge.

Speed: The Easy Add Thumbnail plugin is extremely quick and efficient. It loads thumbnails and other media content within a couple of seconds, allowing visitors and viewers to quickly skim through pages or posts without waiting too long for large files to load.

Secure: The Easy Add Thumbnail plugin is secure and is highly resistant to malicious attacks. It uses layers of security including sophisticated encryption techniques, integrated from the military and security industries, in order to protect the information of the users and website owners from potential threats.

Compatibility: The Easy Add Thumbnail plugin is compatible with most of the WordPress themes available, so that the users don't have to worry about the compatibility when setting up the plugin on their websites. Furthermore, it is also compatible with most of the popular web browsers, ensuring effortless navigation and interactive experience.

Cons of Using Easy Add Thumbnail

Administrative overhead: The Easy Add Thumbnail plugin offers limited options for administrators, and requires times to manually maintain, verify and update the various parts of the plugin. Additionally, the plugin does not have a built-in feature to keep track of any changes made by the administrator and it requires time to debug any issues that might arise.

Limited scalability: The plugin is not built to be used on larger websites, or in instances where there will be many thumbnails being created and used on a page. Additionally, the Easy Add Thumbnail plugin is limited to being used with WordPress, leaving out any potential use cases for other CMS platforms.

Security concerns: As the plugin requires administrative access, the security of the WordPress installation is put under some added pressure. When using the Easy Add Thumbnail plugin, administrators must stay vigilant when checking any updates or when adding any features that require additional access.

Inconsistent performance: The plugin may not perform reliably on all websites and its operation is dependent on the website’s content management system’s configuration. Additionally, since the plugin is largely managed by the end user, any issues that arise would require troubleshooting and debugging.

Lack of customization: The Easy Add Thumbnail plugin offers limited customization options. This limits the ability of administrators to tailor the plugin to their exact needs and as such, it may not be the optimal plugin for use in more complex projects or websites.

90% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Easy Add Thumbnail is a great choice for those looking to quickly and easily add thumbnails to posts on their WordPress site. It has a range of features, from generating automated thumbnails, to allowing users to quickly customize and adjustment settings. With this plugin, adding thumbnails to your posts doesn't have to be a chore, and can be done in a few clicks. This makes it an ideal choice for any WordPress user looking to easily add some life and personality to their posts.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.1.3
  • Last Updated: 9 months ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 4.7+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Adding Thumbnails for Videos
    Easy Add Thumbnail makes it easy to add a custom thumbnail to any video on your WordPress site. You can simply upload the image of your choice from your computer or select from the WordPress media library, add a brief description, and then click “Set as Thumbnail” and the plugin will take care of the rest. This is great for quickly matching videos to topics or customizing graphics for certain videos on your website.
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  • Quickly Add Thumbnails to Links
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