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Exclude Pages From Menu is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows users to quickly and easily hide certain pages from the main menu of their WordPress website, helping to maintain an organized and clutter-free navigation menu.
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Exclude Pages From Menu: A Comprehensive Review

The ‘Exclude Pages From Menu’ WordPress plugin is a powerful and user-friendly tool for website owners and administrators. This plugin provides an easy and straightforward way to hide any number of pages from navigation menus on the site. It can also be used to exclude child pages from parent pages or menu sections. This will help to keep the site looking professionally organized and uncluttered.

Exclude Pages From Menu: Breakdown

Plugin settings displayed in the edit page screen in admin area of WordPress site.

Excluding pages from menus is a great way to improve the navigation flow of a website. With the Exclude Pages From Menu plugin, this task can be accomplished with just a few clicks. There are many advantages of using this plugin, from cleaning up cluttered navigation menus to improving the overall UX of the website.

The plugin can be used to hide any individual page from all menus or from certain menus, making it easy to remove outdated or unnecessary pages. It also provides the ability to ‘exclude all child pages’ from a parent page, which is a great way to keep menus organized and more manageable.

To use the plugin, simply install and activate it on the WordPress dashboard. From there, the user can select pages from the list of available pages and exclude them from the menus they have chosen. This list of pages can be filtered by title or by date to make searching for the desired page much simpler and faster. The plugin also features the ability to add custom CSS if desired, allowing users to further customize the appearance of their menus.

Another helpful feature is the ability to quickly change the order of the pages in the navigation menus. This eliminates the need to individually drag and drop each page into place. The plugin also allows users to customize the display settings for the page, giving them control over how they appear on the website.

The Exclude Pages From Menu plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes, including the popular Genesis and WooCommerce themes. This makes it easy for website owners and administrators to make full use of the plugin's features.

Pros of Using Exclude Pages From Menu

Reliable Navigation System Creation: The Exclude Pages From Menu plugin enables you to build a dependable navigation system within your WordPress website. It lets you specify which pages, posts, and even custom post types, should be included/omitted from the navigation menu. This ensures that users can always find what they are looking for and navigate from page to page with ease.

Easy To Implement: The Exclude Pages From Menu plugin is incredibly easy to use and implement into any WordPress website. Simply install the plugin and choose whether you would like pages, posts, or custom post types to be excluded from the navigation menu and you are good to go.

Manages Plugin Compatibility: The Exclude Pages From Menu plugin is compatible with a variety of additional WordPress plugins, ensuring that your navigation menu works seamlessly with other areas of your website. Whether you have a custom post type plugin, a blog plugin or something else, the Exclude Pages From Menu plugin has you covered.

Increased Efficiency: Using the Exclude Pages From Menu plugin increases efficiency, in comparison to updating multiple navigation menus with manually added or removed items. This efficiency is invaluable and makes it much easier to keep the navigation menu up to date, with the minimum amount of effort on your part.

Saves Time: Using the Exclude Pages From Menu plugin will save you an incredible amount of time in comparison to manually editing the navigation menu on each page. With this plugin, you can achieve a clean, functioning navigation menu in a fraction of the time, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of creating an effective website.

Cons of Using Exclude Pages From Menu

Difficulty Installing: Installation of this plugin can be difficult depending on the user’s experience level. It requires the user to be familiar with WordPress functionality and to be comfortable operating within the WordPress Dashboard. Also, some configurations may require additional knowledge beyond the ease of installation.

Confusing Configuration: The feature settings and available configuration options can be confusing to users who are new to WordPress plugins. Even experienced users may have difficulty understanding how the plugin works and which settings work best for their particular configuration.

Only Excluded from Menu: Pages excluded via this plugin are only excluded from the WordPress menu, but are still accessible via other means. This means that users must remember and keep track of any page exclusions they have made in order to prevent someone from accessing a page which they should not have access to.

Ease of Use: Though this plugin does its job well, it can be difficult for users to understand all of the available options and settings. This can lead to confusion and wasted time while trying to configure the plugin correctly.

Requires Familiarity: Using this plugin requires familiarity with other WordPress features and functions. Most users will have to spend extra time learning about the available settings and options in order to properly utilize the plugin.

68% Recommended!

In conclusion

The Exclude Pages From Menu plugin is a valuable tool for website owners and administrators looking for an easy and effective way to manage their navigation menus. This plugin provides a number of helpful features, from excluding irrelevant pages to changing the order of the menu items. With its compatibility with popular themes and easy installation process, this plugin is a great option for quickly and easily managing navigation menus.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.0
  • Last Updated: 3 years ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 3.0+
  • Tested Until: 5.7.10
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Hide Private Pages from the Navigation Menu
    This plugin allows you to exclude pages from the navigation menu so that they are not publicly visible. For example, if you have pages containing sensitive information, you can hide them from the navigation menu while still allowing them to be accessible for specific users. You can also use this plugin to exclude the home page from appearing in the navigation menu, if desired.
  • Disable Non-Essential Pages from Navigation Menu
  • Simplify the Navigation Menu
  • Enable Different Navigation Menus for Different Pages
  • Hide Pages from Search Results
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  • exclude pages from menu
  • hide pages
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