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Co-Authors Plus

The Co-Authors Plus plugin is a powerful tool that enables users to assign multiple authors to a post or page in WordPress. This plugin is ideal for businesses and blogs that feature multiple authors, as it allows you to give attribution to each author and control which authors appear in the post or page. With this plugin, authors can conveniently collaborate on a post or page without needing to worry about the technicalities of sharing information or formatting posts.
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Event Tickets and Registration

Are you planning a conference, workshop, or other type of event? Making sure that your guests can easily register and purchase tickets for your event can be a challenging task. The ‘Event Tickets and Registration’ WordPress plugin is the perfect solution to make event registration hassle-free. It is an easy to use and feature-rich tool that provides a secure and fast way to manage ticket sales and registrations for all types of events.
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FULL – Cliente

The FULL – Customer WordPress plugin is a great tool that helps to improve customer experience through the usage of customized forms for customers that are tailor-made for specific preferences. It’s perfect for any online store, website, blog, or service, offering an easy way to create wonderful experiences for customers that will make them feel valued and appreciated. It also allows customers to sign up to your email list,capture leads, and more.
Paid Membership Plugin, Ecommerce, User Registration Form, Login Form, User Profile & Restrict Content – ProfilePress icon

Paid Membership Plugin, Ecommerce, User Registration Form, Login Form, User Profile & Restrict Content – ProfilePress

The ProfilePress WordPress plugin was designed to after a complete suite of membership/content restriction, registration, and user profile management tools for WordPress users. The plugin includes an easy-to-use interface, pre-built forms, access control features, e-commerce capabilities, and a host of other features that make it the perfect and most successful plugin for building membership sites or protecting content, media, and digital products. With ProfilePress, users can easily create beautiful and compelling membership sites, while also ensuring user privacy and enhancing user privileges.
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Hostinger is a leading web hosting provider that offers reliable services with an array of features. They have been providing web hosting services for over a decade and pride themselves on their ability to offer reliable hosting services and easy-to-use solutions. For WordPress users, Hostinger offers a powerful WordPress plugin that contains a wide range of features. This plugin can help users to save time and effort when setting up and managing their websites. It can integrate with other services within the Hostinger platform and can offer significant benefits to WordPress users.
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WP Events Manager

Events are an exciting and important part of life. But managing them can be hard and time-consuming. With WP Events Manager, WordPress users can quickly and easily create, manage, and track events for any type of organization, business, or individual. With this plugin, users can easily create multiple events, manage bookings, and customize the event signup process and payment gateway preferences, all without needing any programming language or HTML coding.
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51la Analysis

The ‘51la Analysis’ WordPress plugin is a powerful tool designed to help website owners maximize their SEO potential. It does this by providing an in-depth analysis of all the pages of a website, giving site owners valuable data on how their site is performing in search engine rankings. With its two main features, the Traffic Analytics and Site Audit, the ‘51la Analysis’ plugin makes it easy to identify problem areas, measure conversion rates as well as compare a website’s performance with competitors.
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Dash Notifier

The Dash Notifier WordPress plugin is a great way to keep your website updated with instantly updated notifications. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can be sure that any activity on your website is notified to your dashboard automatically. This plugin is easy to install and use and is compatible with all current versions of WordPress.