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Co-Authors Plus is a WordPress plugin that allows multiple authors to be assigned to a post with the same level of access. The plugin is optimized for ease of use and allows for authors to be assigned in bulk or individually. SEO optimized for increased online visibility.
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Co-Authors Plus: A Comprehensive Review

The Co-Authors Plus plugin is a powerful tool that enables users to assign multiple authors to a post or page in WordPress. This plugin is ideal for businesses and blogs that feature multiple authors, as it allows you to give attribution to each author and control which authors appear in the post or page. With this plugin, authors can conveniently collaborate on a post or page without needing to worry about the technicalities of sharing information or formatting posts.

Co-Authors Plus: Breakdown

Multiple authors can be added to a Post, Page, or Custom Post Type using an auto-complete interface.

Co-Authors Plus is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to assign multiple authors to a post or page. Once the plugin is installed, you simply select the authors you would like to collaborate on a post or page and assign them as co-authors. The plugin creates a new "Co-Authors" box on the post or page, where the authors are listed and can be changed at any time. Co-Authors Plus allows you to customize the names of each author as they appear in the byline, as well as set different display styles for the authors.

The plugin also makes it easy to assign authors to posts or pages. You can search the co-authors by name, username, or email, making it quick and painless to add authors to posts and pages. Additionally, Co-Authors Plus also provides a feature called Author order, which allows you to set the order in which the authors appear.

Co-Authors Plus also enables versatile control over the authors on a post or page. You can assign permissions to limit which authors can view and edit posts, as well as restrict the number of authors per post. You can also delete authors, add tags to the authors, and delete authors from a post or page.

The plugin also features a template tag replacement called coauthors_posts_links that you can use in WordPress themes for displaying the authors of a post or page. This template tag allows you to add the authors' names to the bylines of posts or pages, as well as add custom formatting to the links.

Pros of Using Co-Authors Plus

Reduced Workload: The Co-Authors Plus WordPress plugin is an essential tool for any website administrator looking to reduce the amount of work they have to do when managing a blog. With the plugin, multiple authors can be assigned to the same post or page. This means that multiple authors can collaborate to create a single blog post or page, reducing the workload and making it easier for the administrator to manage the website.

User Management: The Co-Authors Plus WordPress plugin also includes customizable user management features, allowing the user to set different levels of access to authors based on their role or the content they are creating. This makes it easier for the administrator to manage the website’s user list and maintain website security standards.

Easy Content Creation: Using the Co-Authors Plus WordPress plugin also makes it easy for site owners to create content quickly. Multiple authors can contribute to the same content without having to duplicate the original post or page, which helps save time. Content is created faster and can be published faster, making it more likely to reach the desired audience.

Publishing Options: The Co-Authors Plus WordPress plugin also provides the user with additional publishing options. It allows for multiple authors to post on the same blog post or page, and the user can also set different levels of access to authors. This helps to ensure that only the authors intended for the content will be able to post and publish it.

Content Curation: The Co-Authors Plus WordPress plugin also makes it easy for website administrators to curate content from multiple authors. This makes it easy for the administrator to find the authors that create the best quality content for their website and ensure that all content is factual and up-to-date. This makes it much easier to maintain the website’s content integrity.

Cons of Using Co-Authors Plus

Lack of Language Support: One of the main cons of using the Co-Authors Plus plugin is that it doesn’t support a wide range of languages currently, which may be a hindrance if you have visitors from different countries or if you’re using it for a multilingual website. As of now, it only supports English and Spanish, so you might need to look for other plugins if you need more language support.

User Interface Issues: The user interface of Co-Authors Plus may also present an issue, particularly for novice users. The interface is quite complex, which may seem overwhelming at first and may be difficult for some to use and understand due to the complexity of the options. Furthermore, the interface also has some bugs that still need to be fixed, making it hard to customize according to your preferences.

Compatibility issues with some themes: The Co-Authors Plus plugin not only has compatibility issues with some themes but also with some third-party plugins. Some themes may not be able to display the information the right way, and some third-party plugins may conflict with it, so you may need to check if it works with your theme and other plugins before using it.

Time consuming to set up: The Co-Authors Plus plugin is rather complicated to set up and configure, so you may need to dedicate some extra time to make sure it’s working correctly. Since the user interface is complicated and the plugin is quite robust, you may also need to take extra time to adjust the settings and get it working properly.

Limited support: The Co-Authors Plus plugin is an open source plugin, meaning that it doesn’t come with any professional-level support. If you run into any issues or have any questions, you will need to search for answers online or ask other users in their support forums. This can be inconvenient and time consuming, so it is important to know beforehand that the plugin doesn’t come with official support.

70% Recommended!

In conclusion

Overall, the Co-Authors Plus plugin is a powerful and versatile tool for businesses and blogs with multiple authors. It simplifies the process of assigning and managing authors for posts and pages, and gives you full control over the authors and their permissions. With its template tag replacement and customizable display styles, Co-Authors Plus makes it easy to give attribution to the authors of your posts and pages.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.5.15
  • Last Updated: 10 months ago
  • Installs: 30,000+
  • WP Version: 4.1+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Publishing research papers online
    Co-Authors Plus can be extremely useful for online researchers who are looking to publish their work. This plugin enables users to designate multiple authors to a WordPress post or page. This is great for online researchers who have multiple contributors to a paper, as they don’t have to keep track of multiple submissions. Co-Authors Plus allows authors to enter in the name, email address, and even website URL. It also allows authors to be assigned byposts as well.
  • Creating blog posts together
  • Guest blogging
  • Guest authors on a news site
  • Creating collaborative projects
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