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Integrate interactive maps to enhance user engagement and provide location details.

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Image Hotspot by DevVN icon

Image Hotspot by DevVN

Image Hotspot by DevVN is an innovative and convenient WordPress plugin for website design and development professionals. It has revolutionized how developers and designers can quickly and easily create interactive images. You can now easily create a wide variety of interactive image hotspots, which enable users to interact with images or graphics via animations and animations tools. It is a groundbreaking solution that allows website developers and designers to bring interactive experiences to their webpages quickly and efficiently.
WordPress Plugin for Google Maps – WP MAPS icon

WordPress Plugin for Google Maps – WP MAPS

WordPress is an open-source website creation tool written in PHP and it is used to create and manage websites. WordPress has a wide variety of plugins that simplify user experience when using a WordPress website. One of these plugins, WP MAPS, is a powerful plugin that allows users to embed and customize fully responsive Google Maps into WordPress websites. With WP MAPS, users can create custom maps with markers, lines, and polygons and control how it looks and interacts with users.
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Snazzy Maps

The ever-growing world of internet technology is filled with a variety of plugins that are designed to make website building and customizing an effortless task. When it comes to maps, the task of integrating them with a website can be a difficult and time-consuming one. Fortunately, the 'Snazzy Maps' WordPress plugin exists to simplify this task. Released in 2014, this plugin has quickly become popular among website builders and developers.
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Countdown Timer Ultimate

When designing a website, one of the biggest elements that you have to consider is time. How much time does a page take to load? How long does a videobuffering take? How long will it take for a customer to input their information? All these questions require you to properly manage your websites’s timer. The Countdown Timer Ultimate WordPress Plugin is the perfect tool to manage time on your website.