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Form Maker by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder icon

Form Maker by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder

Form Maker by 10Web is a popular WordPress plugin designed to streamline the development of contact forms in WordPress websites. It lets users create versatile forms with its intuitive, easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that is mobile-responsive, secure, and customizable. It is a form-builder of choice for thousands of websites, from small businesses to large corporate entities.
WordPress File Upload icon

WordPress File Upload

WordPress is a popular and powerful content management system (CMS) used by millions of websites all over the world. One of the many features of WordPress is its ability to accept uploaded files from users. This can be a great way for users to share files, such as images, videos, and documents, with other members of the website. Unfortunately, the default WordPress file upload interface does not come with many advanced features. This lack of features can leave site owners and administrators with limited control over their uploaded content. Fortunately, there is a plugin available to help, the WordPress File Upload plugin.
Wufoo Shortcode icon

Wufoo Shortcode

The Wufoo Shortcode WordPress plugin is an incredibly useful and easy to install tool that makes it simpler than ever to embed Wufoo forms on any WordPress page, post, or widget. This plugin is helpful to those who don't want to spend the extra time trying to design the forms themselves. It’s an all-in-one solution for users to multiply form related tasks in just a few clicks.
CF7 Google Sheets Connector icon

CF7 Google Sheets Connector

WordPress is known for its vast selection of user-friendly plugins, which expand the possibilities that the platform offers. One such plugin is the CF7 Google Sheets Connector, which lets users integrate forms and contact form data with Google Sheets spreadsheets. This makes it possible for anyone to keep accurate track of entries, contact forms, and other data. For anyone looking for a single integrated solution that makes tracking information and transferring it between different platforms easier, the CF7 Google Sheets Connector is the perfect choice.
Lenix Elementor Leads addon icon

Lenix Elementor Leads addon

Lenix Elementor Leads Addon is an innovative WordPress plugin that helps website owners increase their website’s sales and generate leads. It is designed to enable users to quickly and easily collect, manage, analyze, and track leads. With this plugin, users can easily create powerful forms and display them on their sites. Through this, they can capture leads quickly, save them to their databases, and measure their performance. With a simple and intuitive interface, this plugin makes it easy for users to create powerful forms and get the most out of their websites.
Advanced Custom Fields: Gravity Forms Add-on icon

Advanced Custom Fields: Gravity Forms Add-on

The WordPress platform is by far the most popular web development platform in the world, powering over 35% of all websites on the internet. It is renowned for its powerful development capabilities, but can also be a complex system to develop for. Advanced Custom Fields: Gravity Forms Add-on is a WordPress plugin designed to make the development of advanced web forms easier and more intuitive.
Multiple Columns for Gravity Forms icon

Multiple Columns for Gravity Forms

The 'Multiple Columns for Gravity Forms' WordPress plugin is a powerful tool that enhances the functionality and appearance of the popular Gravity Forms plugin. With the ability to create multi-column layouts for forms, this plugin offers users greater control and flexibility in designing and organizing their forms. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the 'Multiple Columns for Gravity Forms' plugin, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how it can benefit your website.
Contact Form 7 – Phone mask field icon

Contact Form 7 – Phone mask field

Contact Form 7 – Phone mask field is one of the most comprehensive WordPress plugins on the market for creating custom contact forms. This plugin allows anyone, regardless of their coding knowledge, to create and customize contact forms with the help of its easy-to-use interface. It provides a quick and simple way to make sure all visitors to a website have an easy way to contact the website owner.
Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types icon

Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types

Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types is a WordPress plugin for creating advanced custom form-based websites. It provides an easy drag-and-drop interface for quickly and easily creating comprehensive, custom forms that connect to posts, pages, post types, and user profile information. With Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types, you can create a variety of survey-style forms, such as online polls, customer feedback surveys, registration forms, contact forms, and more. You can also use the plugin to quickly create custom forms to allow customers to submit content to individual posts.
Gravity Forms CLI Add-On icon

Gravity Forms CLI Add-On

Gravity Forms is a popular plugin for WordPress that allows users to easily create and manage forms on their websites. However, sometimes it can be time-consuming to manually create and manage forms, especially when dealing with a large number of submissions. That's where the Gravity Forms CLI (Command Line Interface) Add-On comes in. This powerful tool allows users to interact with Gravity Forms using the command line, making it easier and more efficient to manage forms and submissions.