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Typekit Fonts for WordPress is a plugin that makes it easy to add high-quality, visually-rich fonts to your WordPress site. Completely customize your site's typography with the use of fonts from Adobe, Monotype, and other font providers.
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Typekit Fonts for WordPress: A Comprehensive Review

Typekit Fonts for WordPress is a highly sought-after plugin designed to bring the typography of Adobe’s renowned Typekit fonts to WordPress websites easily. It offers an intuitive interface and the ability to personalize a website’s font within a few clicks, allowing for a creative aesthetic without compromising functionality. For web developers and WordPress site owners, Typekit Fonts for WordPress offers an ideal alternative to traditional web font solutions.

Typekit Fonts for WordPress: Breakdown

Settings/configuration page

Typekit Fonts for WordPress is a plugin that simplifies the process of integrating the rich typography of Adobe Typekit into a WordPress website. It offers an intuitive interface making it easy to apply Typekit Fonts to a website’s content. With the plugin, WordPress site owners can also manage their font library, as well as track the number of font families, character sets and text styles used. The plugin is designed to streamline the entire process, from selecting a font family to configuring a unique font set.

Typekit Fonts for WordPress also provides powerful customization options and features. For instance, it allows users to preview font families, styles, and languages in order to determine what works best for their website. Additionally, it provides the option to adjust the text size, spacing and font weight values for any typeface. Furthermore, it includes a number of advanced features such as the ability to set up webchaves to ensure reliable performance.

Perhaps most importantly, Typekit Fonts for WordPress is designed specifically for small business owners, bloggers, and other WordPress site owners who may be unfamiliar with typography. As a result, it is also highly accessible to casual web developers, allowing them to implement beautiful typography on their sites without much difficulty.

Pros of Using Typekit Fonts for WordPress

Highly Customizable: Typekit Fonts for Wordpress provides users with a highly customizable set of fonts that can be easily modified to fit the look and feel of their website. With a wide variety of styles and typefaces available, it’s easy to find the perfect fonts for any project.

Quality Assured: Typekit Fonts for Wordpress are developed and maintained by some of the best typeface designers in the industry, so users can be sure they’re getting fonts of the highest quality. The designs are thoroughly tested for compatibility across browsers, ensuring a great experience on all devices.

Scalable Performance: With Typekit Fonts for Wordpress, users can easily make adjustments to their font size and spacing, allowing for improved readability and a better user experience. The fonts also scale in size according to different devices, so they’ll look great on different screen sizes.

Easy Integration: The Typekit Fonts for Wordpress plugin makes it easy to integrate the fonts into WordPress without any coding or technical knowledge. The plugin is designed to help users quickly and easily add the fonts to their website, and it’s compatible with a variety of themes and plugins.

Consistent Updates: The Typekit Fonts for Wordpress plugin is regularly updated, ensuring that users always have access to the most up-to-date version of the plugin. This means users will never have to worry about their fonts becoming outdated or incompatible, ensuring that their website remains up-to-date and functional.

Cons of Using Typekit Fonts for WordPress

Accessibility Issues: One of the major drawbacks of using the 'Typekit Fonts for WordPress' plugin is the lack of accessibility features that would allow people with disabilities or limited vision to access the content of the website where the fonts are used. The plugin doesn't provide any support for text-to-speech or braille translation, or other accessibility features that are essential for helping those users receive the same content as everyone else. This could limit the audience of the website, and it also could be a violation of disability discrimination laws in some countries. Even though Typekit fonts are attractive and can be used with the plugin, users should weigh the potential benefits of them against the risk of not being accessible.

Licensing Confusion: The Typekit license agreement can be confusing, especially to users who are unfamiliar with the specifics. The license may be somewhat limiting because it can restrict users from using Typekit fonts in certain ways, such as not allowing them to be used on products that are sold or distributed for free. The license also might limit the number of domains that can use the fonts. Further complicating the matter is that the Typekit license agreement is not written in plain language, making it difficult for users to understand all of its provisions. To avoid having to worry about potential legal complications, websites should be sure to read and understand the Typekit license agreement first before using the 'Typekit Fonts for WordPress' plugin.

Limited Browser Support: The 'Typekit Fonts For WordPress' plugin can be unreliable since not all browsers support Typekit fonts. It may be difficult or impossible to fully utilize the plugin if the user does not have updated web browsers. Older versions of certain browsers may not be able to load Typekit fonts at all, meaning that the user would have to upgrade to a newer version of the browsers or face the possibility of losing out on the Typekit font experience. Luckily, users can update their browsers, but they should be aware of the potential compatibility issues should they choose to use the plugin.

Potentially Slow Down the Website: Using this plugin could potentially slow down the website's page loading times, especially if the website uses more than one type of Typekit font. Typekit fonts require additional files and stylesheets to be loaded, which can make the page loading times much longer than average. This could be especially detrimental for websites that depend on fast loading times for their users. Website owners should consider the potential impact of using the 'Typekit Fonts For WordPress' plugin in terms of its potential impact on page loading times before using it

Limited Variety of Fonts: The 'Typekit Fonts For WordPress' plugin also has a limited variety of fonts that it offers. While Typekit does have a lot of different fonts, the plugin doesn't have access to all of them. The plugin can only use the fonts that are explicitly listed in the plugin settings. This means that users may have to find other ways of getting the fonts that they want, which might be a time-consuming process and could contradict the idea of using the plugin in the first place.

98% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Overall, Typekit Fonts for WordPress is an indispensable tool for WordPress site owners who wish to enjoy the beauty and versatility of Adobe’s renowned Typekit fonts. It offers ease-of-use and powerful customization options, allowing users to create a unique look and feel for any website. Furthermore, the plugin is designed to simplify the integration of Typekit fonts for both novice and experienced web developers alike, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to add new and exciting typography to their site.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.9.0
  • Last Updated: 7 years ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 4.2+
  • Tested Until: 4.9.24
  • PHP Version: 5.2.4 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Blog Post Formatting
    The Typekit Fonts for WordPress plugin allows users to quickly and easily improve the overall look and feel of their blog posts by choosing from a variety of unique fonts that are available through the plugin. This plugin is compatible with most modern WordPress themes, and can be used to apply specific stylistic choices to any type of content, regardless of the platform or template. For example, say a blogger wants to improve the readability of their post by changing the font type – they can easily do so with the Typekit Fonts for WordPress plugin, as it provides an easy to use interface for navigating, selecting, and applying various fonts to any content component.
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