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This HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugin is a must-have for developers looking to quickly and easily write, preview, and publish HTML in an optimized format. With its syntax highlighting, error checking, and other features, it is the best tool for creating clean, readable HTML code.
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HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter: A Comprehensive Review

One of the most widely used website design and development tools is WordPress. Among many other advantages, WordPress provides users with a great collection of plugins that can help users customize the look of their sites. One of the most popular plugins for website design and development is the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin. This plugin makes it easy to write and format code for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as highlight and adjust the syntax of the code writing process.

HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter: Breakdown

Syntax highlighting in the Classic Post/Page HTML editor.

The HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin is designed to provide quick and easy access to industry-standard code writing tools. It allows users to quickly create code for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that can be easily integrated into a WordPress website. With this plugin, users can easily design, develop, and manage their WordPress website using industry-standard code. The plugin is also designed to be user-friendly so that even non-technical users can gain access to the code writing tools out there.

The plugin features an intuitive and easy to use interface that allows users to quickly write and format HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. It also recognizes and highlights the syntax of the code being written, and allows users to adjust the syntax as needed. This makes it easier for users to create and maintain code for their website, and ensures that the code written is of the highest quality. The plugin also supports popular code editing tools such as Sublime Text, Notepad++, Atom, and Visual Studio code, so users have the flexibility to tailor the code writing process to their specific preferences.

In addition to allowing users to write and format code, the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin offers several advanced features to help with website design and development. One of these features is syntax validation, which can help identify potential syntax errors in code before it is integrated into the website. The plugin also supports code snippets and templates, which can help streamline the code writing process and save users time. Finally, the plugin offers support for dark mode, which allows users to adjust the look of code displayed in the WordPress interface for easier reading and better visibility.

Pros of Using HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

Time-Saving Benefits: The HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter WordPress plugin allows users to efficiently and quickly add HTML code to their posts and pages, saving them time. It removes the burden of constantly switching between HTML and the WordPress visual editor. As a result, the process of adding HTML code to a post or page is simplified significantly, while also cutting back on development time.

Customizable Tool Tips: The kintgarner functionality provided by HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter offers users additional flexibility. While using the plugin, users can customize their own tooltips -- pop-ups with code and information about a particular element or function. This adds to their convenience when coding, allowing them to easily reference specific pieces of information within the HTML code without having to leave the WordPress editor.

Easy to Use: The HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin is built with a clean and simple user interface. It is designed in a way that allows users to easily navigate and access the different syntax highlighting tools. This ensures that any user, regardless of their coding skills, can quickly learn and use the plugin without any trouble.

Reliable Performance: HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter is designed to provide reliable performance and runs smoothly even on slow computers. It is regularly updated with bug fixes and new features, giving users access to the latest technology while coding. This reduces the likelihood of experience issues with the plugin, ensuring a consistent and problem-free coding environment.

Advanced Features: The HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter WordPress plugin offers advanced features such as code collapsing, line numbers, and keyboard shortcuts which make coding even more convenient. This ensures that users have access to a full suite of tools that they can use when coding, making it much easier to create and maintain complex code.

Cons of Using HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

Inability to Customize Options: The HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin does not offer users the ability to customize their settings according to their individual needs. The plugin only allows for the basic level of syntax highlighting that can potentially hinder the usability of the plugin for those who require more advanced features and options.

Difficulty Adding Syntax Highlighting to WordPress Pages: Adding syntax highlighting to WordPress pages can be complicated for even the most experienced users. It requires adding HTML code in the built-in editor, and for any changes to take effect, the page must be refreshed. Due to the difficulty of adding this code which includes proper syntax, some users may find it more challenging to add syntax highlighting with the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin.

Limited Format Support: The HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin only supports a limited number of languages and formats. There is no support for popular programming languages like Python, Java, and C#. If your project requires support for these languages, the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin won’t be able to help.

Not Compatible With Latest Versions of WordPress: The plugin may not be compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. This means that if you try to use the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin on a WordPress site running a more recent version of the CMS, it may not work properly. You will need to be mindful of this when choosing which version of the plugin to use in your WordPress environment.

Lack of Documentation for Troubleshooting: The HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter does not include much documentation for users to reference in case of any troubleshooting problems. Documentation is essential for users to better understand how the plugin works and how to troubleshoot any issue that may arise. Without access to such resources, users may struggle to properly utilize the plugin's features.

88% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

The HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for website design and development. It makes it easy for users to write and format HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for their WordPress website, and also provides advanced features to help streamline the code writing process. With its intuitive interface and support for industry-standard code editing tools, the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter plugin can help users save time and improve the overall look and feel of their websites.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.4.4
  • Last Updated: 1 year ago
  • Installs: 50,000+
  • WP Version: 4.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.1.4
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Content Post Editing
    The HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter is a great tool for content post editing. It allows users to easily identify sections of code, such as HTML or CSS, as well as accurately highlight the syntax. This plugin also comes with features such as an auto-closing tag system, which will automatically close an opened tag when the user types a closing tag. In addition, this tool allows for customizations of the syntax highlighting, such as setting the font size, syntax colors, and line spacing. This plugin will make editing content posts much simpler, and save time as well.
  • Mobile Optimized Content
  • Debugging
  • Security
  • User Experience
  • code coloring
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