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WP-Sweep is an essential WordPress plugin, created to help make your WordPress maintenance tasks fast and efficient. WP-Sweep’s main purpose is to help user’s clean their WordPress databases up from any unnecessary clutter. It is designed to make the process of clearing out post revisions, "spam" comments, auto drafts, and other non-valuable entities from your WordPress databases as fast and independently done as possible. WP-Sweep is completely free and is one of the most recommended plugins to help keep your WordPress database healthy.
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Mail Bank – #1 Mail SMTP Plugin for WordPress

Mail Bank is a popular, premium plugin that brings together features like SMTP, email logs, and email delivery status in a single intuitive package. It makes it possible to send emails manually and automatically within WordPress without needing third-party service providers. This plugin is perfect for website owners who need advanced email features right within their WordPress dashboard.
OMGF | GDPR/DSGVO Compliant, Faster Google Fonts. Easy. icon

OMGF | GDPR/DSGVO Compliant, Faster Google Fonts. Easy.

The OMFG | GDPR/DSGVO Compliant, Faster Google Fonts. Easy WordPress plugin has revolutionized the way users access and embed Google fonts in their WordPress sites. Without requiring any extensive coding knowledge, this plugin automatically sets up the sites for faster loading times and consistent font performance. Additionally, it is GDPR/DSGVO compliant thus offering users an even more secure and private browsing experience.
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WP Performance Score Booster – Optimize Speed, Enable Cache & Page Preload

When it comes to websites, speed is a top priority for both users and search engine algorithms. Visitors will be less likely to stay on a slow site, and search engines will punish sites that don’t meet their performance guidelines. WP Performance Score Booster is a WordPress plugin designed to help optimize speed, enable browser caching, and page preloading, so your site can operate efficiently. This plugin is powered by the Star Tutorial engine, a web performance optimization framework and industry-standard caching engine.
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Media Cleaner: Clean your WordPress!

The WordPress platform has gained tremendous popularity over the years, and many people use it to power their websites and blogs. It was designed to be user-friendly, so anyone can create and manage content with ease. As a result, it has become a popular choice for webmasters of all skill levels. However, as WordPress websites grow, so does the amount of maintenance that is needed to keep the system running smoothly. One such task is optimizing your WordPress website for performance and security. This is where the Media Cleaner: Clean your WordPress! plugin comes in.
90% – WordPress CDN Plugin icon – WordPress CDN Plugin is a free WordPress CDN plugin that is used to increase the speed, reliability and accessibility of a WordPress website. The plugin helps to boost the performance of any WordPress site, as it can cache heavy web content like images, videos or audio files. accelerates a website by allowing large files to be delivered from multiple regional servers to the user who requests it. This helps to reduce the load on the primary server and also reduces the loading time of a website.
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Robin image optimizer — save money on image compression

Images play an important role when it comes to website design: they help your content stand out and capture visitor attention. But, using large, unoptimized images can have a negative effect on website performance. This is why it’s important to optimize your images for the web and make sure they are properly compressed. Doing so will help your website load faster, and can even result in overall cost-savings in the long run. The Robin Image Optimizer is a powerful WordPress plugin that can help you save money on image compression. It’s designed to optimize all images on your website so they are fast loading and take up minimum space. This means your site will load faster and you’ll get maximum value out of the images you’re using.
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301 Redirects & 404 Error Log

When it comes to WordPress websites, few aspects are as important as redirects and error logs. Without the right redirects in place, website visitors may find themselves unable to access certain pages, and possibly becoming frustrated and leaving your website altogether. Without error logs in place, it’s difficult to determine what’s causing errors on your website, making it hard to ensure the best possible experience for visitors. That’s why the 301 Redirects & 404 Error Log WordPress plugin is perfect for website owners.
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ShortPixel Image Optimizer – Optimize Images, Convert WebP & AVIF

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that helps you to optimize images, and also to convert them from one format to another. It is designed to reduce the file size of images while maintaining their quality, helping to reduce the load times for your site and making it more user-friendly. Additionally, with ShortPixel Image Optimizer, you can convert your images to the popular WebP and AVIF file formats. This plugin is an invaluable part of any WordPress website and its optimization capabilities can make a huge difference in the performance of your site.
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Read Meter – Reading Time & Progress Bar

The world of WordPress plugins is diverse and expansive, offering solutions for nearly every conceivable function you’d want your website to perform. Among these numerous plugins and applications, 'Read Meter – Reading Time & Progress Bar' stands out as an essential tool, particularly for bloggers, writers, journalists, and creators of any sort who publish text-heavy content on their WordPress sites. It’s not just its functionality that makes it unique, but also its contribution to enhancing the user experience on your site. This software tool elevates your website by providing your audience with an expectation of commitment, thereby optimizing your content for better user engagement.