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The RaraTheme Companion is a free WordPress plugin that adds extra features and functionalities to your website. It helps you create and edit pages, posts, custom fields, widgets and sidebars - all in one place, easily.
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RaraTheme Companion: A Comprehensive Review

The ‘RaraTheme Companion’ WordPress plugin is an incredibly useful tool for bloggers and website owners. It is designed to make customizing the look, feel, and functionality of WordPress websites much easier. It provides an extensive suite of features that can help to extend the functionality of WordPress without any need for coding. It also offers a wide range of customization options that make it easy to create a unique and professional looking website.

RaraTheme Companion: Breakdown

The ‘RaraTheme Companion’ WordPress plugin brings a lot of options to the table. It is packed with features that make it easy to customize the look and feel of a WordPress website. It provides a live preview of any changes made, so users can see how their website will look in real time. Additionally, it includes access to over 600 Google Fonts, allowing users to change the font types, sizes, and colors of any part of their website.

Users of the ‘RaraTheme Companion’ plugin can take advantage of a wide variety of customization options. It enables users to customize their website with a few simple clicks, allowing for quick changes without any coding knowledge. They can add background images to any page, use their own logo or brand colors, adjust margins and padding on individual elements, create featured areas, and even choose from a selection of ready-made templates. There are also multiple layout options, including boxed and wide layout choices.

Beyond design options, the ‘RaraTheme Companion’ plugin also provides features focused on helping users to keep their website secure. It allows for easy installation of security plugins, as well as the creation of a backup and recovery system for WordPress websites. It also offers an effective spam protection feature that helps to protect your website from malicious spam bots.

The ‘RaraTheme Companion’ WordPress plugin also includes a number of widgets that can be used to extend the functionality of WordPress websites. WordPress widgets provide a pre-drafted piece of code that can be easily inserted into a website. With the ‘RaraTheme Companion’ plugin, website owners can easily add various types of widgets including contact forms, social media sharing, photo galleries, and more.

Finally, the ‘RaraTheme Companion’ plugin offers a built-in SEO manager that helps users to optimize and improve their website’s performance in search engine results. This SEO manager allows users to customize titles and descriptions for their webpages, as well as add and manage meta tags. It also helps to increase website traffic by allowing users to post their content on social media.

Pros of Using RaraTheme Companion

Speed and Efficiency: RaraTheme Companion offers a range of features that help you to increase the speed at which your website loads, helping to ensure better performance. It also offers features such as caching, minifying, and image optimization that help you to maximize the efficiency of your website code and images.

Enhance Visitor Engagement: The variety of features offered by RaraTheme Companion also enables you to enhance user experience and engagement with your site. With custom widgets, popups, sliders, and other functionalities, you can easily create a more interactive environment for your visitors.

Ease of Use: RaraTheme Companion is an ideal choice for beginners as it’s extremely easy to use. You can easily configure the plugin without ever having to touch any code – all the settings are intuitively placed and extremely easy to understand.

Compatibility & Reliability: RaraTheme Companion has been tested to be fully compatible with the latest WordPress version and all popular themes. It also offers a wide range of features that allow you to increase the reliability of your website, such as built-in security features, backup resources, and the latest version of the plugin is constantly tested for compatibility with the most popular WordPress themes and plugins.

SEO Optimized: In addition to speeding up your website and increasing its stability, RaraTheme Companion is also SEO optimized. It uses ‘SEO friendly’ HTML code, which leads to better ranking in search engine results, as well as clean, readable URL structures which makes interactions with your content more user friendly.

Cons of Using RaraTheme Companion

Unnecessary Bloat of Code: RaraTheme Companion adds a lot of unnecessary code to your website, making your website slower, and even completely crashing in some cases. Also, the extra features such as Google Maps and other third-party integrations can cause conflicts with other plugins and can create compatibility issues.

Unresponsive Support: The Customer Support for RaraTheme Companion has been known to be difficult to reach and quite unresponsive when contacted. This can cause a lot of frustration and stress for inexperienced users who cannot get any help with technical issues like plugin conflicts.

Lack of Functionality: RaraTheme Companion lacks basic customization features such as the ability to add custom CSS or Javascript, or even change the plugin to add sections or columns. This can be frustrating for users with specific design requirements for their site.

Logging Out Issues: Sometimes, when using RaraTheme Companion, users may experience random logout issues while working on their website. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially for new users who may not know how to fix this issue.

Costly Upgrade: The RaraTheme Companion Pro version is quite expensive when compared to other popular WordPress plugins. This can be a problem for new users who want to upgrade the plugin but don't have the budget to do so.

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In conclusion

The ‘RaraTheme Companion’ WordPress plugin is an incredibly useful tool for bloggers and website owners. It provides an extensive suite of features that make it easy to customize and extend the functionality of WordPress websites. It allows users to easily customize the look and feel of their websites using a wide variety of design features and layout options. Additionally, it offers widgets that can be used to extend WordPress functionality and an SEO manager that helps users to optimize their website’s performance in search engines. If you’re looking for an easy way to customize the look, feel, and functionality of your WordPress website, then the ‘RaraTheme Companion’ plugin is definitely worth considering.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.4.2
  • Last Updated: 1 year ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 4.4.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.2.3
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Impressive Layouts via Drag and Drop
    The RaraTheme Companion plugin provides an ultimate drag and drop experience for creating efficient and engaging layouts for any type of website. The plugin provides fantastic customization options including vast fonts, colors, and spacing, giving the user unlimited possibilities to create a unique website. This is a great choice for the amateur web designer or professional alike, as it will make the process of creating awesome layouts much easier and quicker.
  • Advanced Widgets to Enhance Your Page
  • Mega Menus for Impressive Designs
  • Integration with Popular Page Builders
  • Responsive Bootstrap Grid System
  • posts
  • sidebars
  • social links
  • widgets