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LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect) is a WordPress plugin that enables a custom redirect upon user login. This plugin allows for a more efficient login management and ensures maximum security within WordPress.
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LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect): A Comprehensive Review

LoginWP (formerly Peter's Login Redirect) is a WordPress plugin that helps you easily manage login redirection on your website. It simplifies the process by allowing you to customize the redirection to any page or URL without having to reach into the code of your WordPress installation. Whether you’re using a self-hosted WordPress website, or you’ve got a managed WordPress account, LoginWP makes login redirection a breeze.

LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect): Breakdown

Redirection rules overview.

LoginWP (formerly Peter's Login Redirect) helps you take control of user login redirection and it couldn't be easier to use. All you need to do is install the plugin and enable its settings, then you’re ready to start customizing the user experience. You can select from a variety of options including the ability to redirect the user to the same page they were on, the homepage, a custom page, or a custom URL. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran developer; LoginWP makes it easy to customize login redirection.

Once installed, LoginWP (formerly Peter's Login Redirect) is designed to work with any custom login page, including custom WordPress page templates or other redirect plugins. It has powerful features such as the ability to redirect users to a specific page based on user roles, or custom post types, and you can also set up multiple redirection criteria based on various conditions. Plus, LoginWP includes powerful condition builder and smart cookie editor features to fine tune redirection.

In addition, LoginWP (formerly Peter's Login Redirect) also gives you control over logout redirection which can be useful if you have users logging out from different parts of the site or from different devices. You can also redirect users to any page you like on logout or use the WordPress default logout action. What’s even better is that it works seamlessly with popular plugins like the WordPress security plugins so you can take full control of the login and logout actions on your website.

Pros of Using LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect)

User Experience Enhancer: LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect) is an ideal solution for WordPress users striving to improve user experience. It allows website admins to redirect users and groups to different areas of the WordPress dashboard after a successful login. This helps to make the WordPress experience more personalized and reduce unnecessary clutter. The plugin even supports multiple redirects so that users can be taken to different pages depending on their credentials.

Boost Security of WordPress: The LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect) plugin adds an extra layer of security to WordPress websites by requiring new users to register and verify their accounts before logging in. This makes sure that only authenticated users are granted access to the WordPress dashboard, thereby minimizing the chances of malicious users accessing sensitive information or data.

Accessibility Optimization: The LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect) plugin makes it easier for users with accessibility needs to access the WordPress dashboard. It supports screen reader functionality and the inclusion of visual elements such as icons and buttons, which make it simpler for users to navigate the WordPress dashboard. This plugin can also be helpful for those with limited physical abilities, such as motor disabilities, who have difficulty using traditional mouse-based navigation.

User Grooming: The LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect) plugin can help admins ensure that the users visiting their WordPress sites are groomed accordingly. Administrators can define areas within the WordPress dashboard which new users need to be taken to after they login. This can help ensure that the users have the right knowledge to converse with each other on the site, without disturbing the privacy or regular operations of the site.

Time-Saving Feature: One of the key advantages of being a WordPress user is having access to the LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect) plugin. This plugin is a time-saver as it automates the login process for users. It helps to ensure that users don't need to enter their login details every single time they make a visit to the site. This time-saving feature enables developers to concentrate on other important tasks, instead of spending time on remembering and entering login information.

Cons of Using LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect)

Permissions Issue:: Using LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect) could lead to a permissions issue when users try to access certain pages that are not allowed for their user role. This is because the plugin allows admins to create custom redirects to pages that all users, regardless of their role, can access. If the page they are trying to access is not intended for all users, then it could cause a breach in security.

Limited Page Restrictions:: The LoginWP plugin does not offer the ability to limit page restrictions. This means that admins will need to manually monitor and manage what users can and cannot access within the WordPress site. This could be complicated and time consuming if there are multiple user roles, which is a necessary feature for many websites.

Lack of Compatibility:: The LoginWP plugin is not compatible with some of the more advanced features offered by WordPress. This could mean that the desired functionality of the website is compromised if certain features are unavailable. Also, if a bug is encountered with the plugin, then it may not be easily fixed unless the issue is resolved by the developers.

Lacks Customization Features:: The LoginWP plugin lacks customization features which can make it difficult for admins to customize the way that the plugin works or to make it easier for users to access certain pages or features. The plugin also does not allow for integration with third-party applications, which limits its potential applications for some websites.

Buggy Updates:: The LoginWP plugin does not always have timely updates, meaning that admins could occasionally encounter bugs and other issues when using it. This could lead to unexpected problems and errors, which could cause costly delays or other issues.

96% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

LoginWP (formerly Peter's Login Redirect) is a great plugin for WordPress users because it simplifies the process of managing login and logout redirections. You can control which pages users are sent to after login or logout, as well as custom redirects based on specific user roles or criteria. It’s easy to set up, and with the powerful features available you can control the user experience more than ever before. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned WordPress developer, LoginWP makes login and logout redirection a breeze.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version:
  • Last Updated: 10 months ago
  • Installs: 100,000+
  • WP Version: 4.9+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Secure login protection and redirects
    The LoginWP (Formerly Peter's Login Redirect) plugin helps ensure that a website's logins are secure by preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas of the site. It also adds redirects to make sure that logged in users go to the correct page after login. Custom settings allow for easy access to specific user roles and pages for redirects. It also helps prevent spammers from intruding in the system.
  • Automatic logout after login
  • Prevents fraud and malicious activity
  • Simple customization options
  • Access for specific user roles
  • login
  • login form
  • logout
  • redirect
  • User Registration