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Wicked Folders is a WordPress plugin designed to help users organize content and boost SEO optimization. The plugin is simple to use and allows you to create specialized folder hierarchies for pages, custom post types, and media.
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Very highly recommended!

Wicked Folders: A Comprehensive Review

The WordPress plugin Wicked Folders is a great tool for website owners and developers alike that are looking to organize the hundreds of plugins, pages, and posts available on their websites. This plugin allows for a much smoother, streamlined, and pleasant user experience. It also works flawlessly across devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile phones, offering seamless compatibility.

Wicked Folders: Breakdown

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The purpose of Wicked Folders is to help organize content on the back-end of WordPress websites. It assists in categorizing and organizing pages, posts, and plugins on sites for easier navigation and for improved usage. It intuitively organizes content into folders, just like with a computer. Once content has been separated into folders, website owners and developers are able to better control access rights for employees, admins, and customers.

Organization is also extended to the users of the website as well. Instead of browsing through endless lists of posts and pages, they are now able to access content from folders with ease. This crease in organization and categorization is important to improve the website experience for both backend administrators and users. Additionally, it offers enhanced content management as administrator have more control over the content that is seen by the user.

The Wicked Folders plugin off a range of amazing features to help with the customization of content. Website owners and developers have the ability to drag and drop folders to submenus, set directory structure options, and utilize enhanced content filtering capabilities. Beyond the basic plugin, users can also purchase additional add-ons and widgets to further expand their content management capabilities.

Furthermore, the installation, setup, and utilization of Wicked Folders is incredibly easy due to its intuitive user interface. This plugin is also designed to be compatible with other WordPress plugins such as Yoast, Elementor, and so on. With its powerful user experience, it is no wonder that Wicked Folders has become a popular option for businesses and website owners for a smoother content creation and organization experience.

Pros of Using Wicked Folders

Enhance File Management Capabilities: The Wicked Folders plugin for WordPress helps users automatically organize files and folders in your WordPress Media library, which makes it much easier to find the files you are looking for. The plugin also shows thumbnails of images, making it even easier to browse through folders, while the drop-down menus make it easy to jump from folder to folder quickly. It also allows you to set custom folder permissions for different user groups, so that only certain people can access certain folders which helps to secure data.

Increased Navigation Efficiency: The Wicked Folder plugin for WordPress provides an enhanced navigation experience for users. With a dedicated navigation window, you can quickly browse through folders and use drag-and-drop functionality to quickly move files around. It also helps users to quickly jump to the folder they need with the jump-to box. This increases navigation efficiency when using the WordPress Media library, making it much easier to find the specific files you need.

Improved Improved Speed and Performance: The Wicked Folders plugin helps to improve speed and performance when using the WordPress Media library. By indexing the natural folder names instead of using the date structure set up by WordPress, the Wicked Folders plugin offers a more efficient way to store and access files. This helps to reduce page load times and overall performance when browsing the WordPress Media library.

Customization Options: The wicked folders plugin for WordPress also offers customization options. With the Custom Classes feature, you can add custom CSS classes to folders, making them easier to identify. You can also customize the folder icon in the folder tree view which can be very useful when sorting through folders. Finally, you can also choose what information to show in the folder tree view, such as the folder name or the number of files contained in the folder.

More Control Over Data: The Wicked Folders plugin for WordPress also provides users with more control over their data. With the custom folder permissions feature, you can control which users have access to which folders. This is especially useful when dealing with confidential content or larger data sets. Furthermore, you can control access to content by setting expiration dates for folders which helps to keep data secure and organized.

Cons of Using Wicked Folders

Weak customer support: The customer support system for Wicked Folders is often found lacking, with users reporting difficulty reaching a human representative, a slow response time, or a lack of clear resolution. As a result, users have difficulty getting the help they need when facing a problem with the plugin.

Not lightweight: The plugin is not considered lightweight, which can cause performance issues on sites that are already running slowly. This performance impact will mainly be visible when managing larger libraries of content.

Trouble displaying search results: Searching content in Wicked Folders can sometimes be troublesome, as it may not accurately display the results of a search or range of filters. This may be due to the plugin’s use of the WordPress media library, rather than its own search engine.

Cumbersome dashboard: The dashboard for Wicked Folders can be cumbersome to navigate, with users having difficulty accessing specific folders or files in a folder. This can be particularly challenging for those who are less experienced in managing WordPress content.

Inability to access folders on other devices: The plugin is limited when it comes to being able to access folders on other devices such as smartphones and tablets. This means that when using devices such as these, users cannot access the folders they have created in the plugin on the same device.

98% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

In conclusion, Wicked Folders is the perfect plugin to help website owners and developers create and organize content more efficiently and more effectively. With its range of features such as drag-and-drop folder creation, directory structure options, and enhanced content filtering capabilities, this plugin offers everything that one needs to create a streamlined organization for their website. Additionally, it is easy to install, setup, and customize with its intuitive user interface and is also compatible with other WordPress plugins that are widely used.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.18.19
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 4.6+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Easily Manage Important Client Files
    For WordPress users who are working with multiple clients, Wicked Folders plugin makes it easier for them to manage important files related to those clients. Through the plugin, they can create folders and subfolders to organize client documents like contracts, invoices, and project management materials. This way, users can quickly access and update the content related to each customer, without having to search through a cluttered folder. This will save users a lot of time, making it easy to manage files for multiple clients efficiently.
  • Organize Various Types of Content
  • Easily Share Files with Clients
  • Manage User Permissions
  • Backup and Restore Files Automatically
  • administration
  • content management
  • folders
  • page organization
  • tree view