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WP-Members Membership Plugin is an easy to use plugin that offers powerful membership options for your WordPress website. With this plugin, you can easily create an unlimited number of memberships, manage memberships within your WordPress dashboard, protect content from unregistered users, and much more.
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WP-Members Membership Plugin: A Comprehensive Review

WordPress is an open source website and content management system. It’s easily customizable, and has numerous plugins and themes which are available for installation. Among the different plugins is the WP-Members plugin, a WordPress plugin that allows users to register for a membership account and enjoy special privileges. This plugin allows users to implement a variety of features including content restriction, registration login, forms, and a complete content control system.

WP-Members Membership Plugin: Breakdown

<p>The default when viewing a blocked post - the plugin will deliver a login screen and registration form in place of blocked content (this default can be changed to other options).</p>

The WP-Members plugin helps users create members-only areas on their websites to increase user engagement and loyalty. By using the plugin, users will be able to customize access to content, features, and sections that are only accessible by registered users.

The WP-Members plugin has many features which allow users to create a secure environment for their accounts and websites. The plugin has built-in security measures to help protect user accounts from intruders. These measures include IP address lockouts, settings that users can configure to disable certain types of login attempts, and other protective features.

In terms of content restriction, the WP-Members plugin lets users configure what content their members can access. Users can configure content to be hidden from non-members and restrict access based on user roles. They can also choose to require users to register before they can view certain pages or content.

The WP-Members plugin includes a registration form through which members can create accounts. The registration form is customizable and users can add additional fields to collect additional information.

The plugin also has a built-in login system, which allows users to easily log into the site. The login system is highly customizable so that users can set different parameters such as passwords and account locks.

The plugin also has a wide range of custom forms, which can be used for different purposes. These forms allow users to gather information from users. For example, the forms can be used to collect feedback from customers, or to collect information about members.

Lastly, the plugin includes a content control system which can help users create a secure environment. This content control system can be used to restrict access to specific content and features. It also allows users to define who can access certain areas of the site, and create custom access levels for different user roles.

Pros of Using WP-Members Membership Plugin

Expands Membership Functionality: WP-Members Membership Plugin helps expand the core WordPress membership functionality. It adds features that are not available in the base application and can greatly increase control over user and content access. This plugin provides features like registration customization, user fields for collect additional user info, content restrictions, login form customization, and more.

Provides Security And Flexibility: WP-Members Membership Plugin provides both security and flexibility when it comes to user control. All registration forms can be easily customized, user roles and capabilities can be assigned, and content or page access can be restricted. This plugin also includes basic registration security, including CAPTCHA, requiring users to create strong passwords, and other measures.

Integrates Seamlessly with WordPress: This plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress, allowing it to easily fit into any existing WordPress theme. Many plugins and themes are designed to work with WP-Members, making integration easy. It is also compatible with other popular page builders, allowing for complete customization of the look and feel of registration and login forms.

It is Free: WP-Members is a free plugin, making it an easy choice for those looking to add a membership feature to their WordPress site. With endless possibilities for customization and features, many users find that this plugin meets all their needs without the need to upgrade to a paid version.

Provides Payment Integration Options: For those looking to monetize their membership site, WP-Members provides various payment integration options. Many payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net can be integrated with the plugin allowing users to accept payments for memberships. Additionally, some premium versions of the plugin offer additional features such as recurring payments and other advanced options.

Cons of Using WP-Members Membership Plugin

Security Issues: WP-Members Membership Plugin is not the most secure plugin; it can be vulnerable to attacks including brute force, SQL injection, privilege escalation, and more. Furthermore, the plugin is outdated with the latest version being from 2013, which means there is no support from the developers for newer security patches. This could mean that any security issues you Face either won't be fixed or won't be addressed quickly.

Limited Flexibility: The WP-Members Membership Plugin doesn't offer much in terms of flexibility. The plugin has a limited number of customization options, which makes it difficult to tailor the plugin to fit your exact needs. Furthermore, the plugin doesn't allow for deeper integration with other plugins, which can limit the features you can offer.

User Support: The WP-Members Membership Plugin doesn't have a great user support system. You will have to rely on the plugin's support forums for any questions you may have regarding the plugin. Furthermore, the forums are not very active, which means your questions may take a while to get answered and may not get answered at all.

Limited Features: The WP-Members Membership Plugin doesn't offer all of the features that are available in other membership plugins. The plugin only offers basic membership features, such as registering and logging in users and tracking memberships. It doesn't offer any more advanced features, such as automated emails, coupon codes, or payment gateways.

Poor Documentation: The WP-Members Membership Plugin doesn't have great documentation. The plugin's documentation is very outdated and can be confusing for some. Furthermore, the documentation doesn't explain some of the more complicated processes, such as setting up integrations with other plugins. This can lead to a lot of trial and error when setting up the plugin, which can be frustrating for new users.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The WP-Members plugin is a powerful solution to implementing a secure membership system for WordPress. The plugin has a wide range of features that allow users to easily implement access control and security measures to protect their accounts and websites. It also has customizable forms and content restriction settings, allowing users to create different areas that are accessible only to members. All in all, the WP-Members plugin is a great way for users to extend and customize their website’s capabilities.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.4.9
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 70,000+
  • WP Version: 4.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.2.3
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • User Member Registrations & Management
    WP-Members provides a secure user access management system for managing user memberships and registration on WordPress websites, allowing for creation of both free and premium membership levels and content restrictions. With the plugin, Admin users can create different levels of user accounts, configure settings related to user registration, restrict content to certain user levels or payment plans, manage user profiles, and review user access restrictions.
  • Customizable Registration Forms
  • Customizable Login Pages
  • Secure Password Protection & Validation
  • User Role & Permission Management
  • access
  • authentication
  • content
  • login
  • member