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The Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler WordPress plugin enables you to generate shortcodes based on the contact form you've created. Create advanced contact forms and access them from anywhere, anytime.
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Very highly recommended!

Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler: A Comprehensive Review

The Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler plugin is a powerful tool for WordPress users, allowing them to easily create and manage contact forms quickly and effectively. With its ability to employ customizable shortcodes, Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler is quickly becoming one of the most popular WordPress contact form plugins. Designed for users of all levels of experience, the plugin offers a simple setup that requires no coding knowledge to get started, permitting the creation of accessibly and aesthetically pleasing forms in a matter of minutes.

Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler: Breakdown

Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler is a free WordPress plugin designed to help users create contact forms from scratch quickly and without any coding. It is simple to set up and use, and it is a great option for webmasters looking for an easy way to incorporate contact forms into their websites. Once installed, the plugin automatically creates shortcodes for each form and provides a detailed interface that guide users through the entire process. Moreover, the plugin allows users to customize the form’s labels and appearance, as well as provide additional fields including date picker, radio button, and checkboxes, for a more detailed form.

In addition to the plugin’s easy-to-use interface, it has many useful features that make Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler one of the most popular contact form plugins for WordPress. Users have control over the preferred output HTML tags, such as the ability to apply CSS classes to specific shortcodes. The plugin also has an optional "remote files" option, allowing users to upload files directly from their desired remote location. The "captcha" feature provides additional security, and optional checkboxes and radio buttons can be used to assign special permission settings or link the form to existing data sources.

Furthermore, Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler also allows users to customize the security settings of contact forms. The plugin includes a no-spam rule to filter out suspicious emails, while CAPTCHA-protected forms keep out automated submissions. Users can also set up custom auto-responders to send out messages to user-defined addresses when a request is received. The plugin is also fully compatible with the wordpress multisite feature, allowing webmasters to manage contact forms on multiple sites from a single dashboard.

Pros of Using Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler

Accessible Contact Forms: The Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler allows website owners to create custom contact forms with minimal effort. Webmasters can easily generate, design, and customize contact forms without having to write any code whatsoever. The plugin also enables the customization of contact forms to match the look and feel of the website. This ensures that contact forms appear properly and seamlessly integrate with the rest of the website’s content.

Customizable Options: The Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler offers a variety of customizable options for webmasters to make the most out of their contact forms. These include customizing the visibility of certain parts of the contact form, setting up advanced validation for fields, incorporating a captcha to stop contact form spam, displaying content between sections of the form, and much more.

Advanced Email Notifications: When a contact form is submitted, the Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler enables webmasters to create custom email notifications that are sent out automatically. This allows messages to be sent to multiple recipients, as well as to be customized with specific content such as attachments. Webmasters can also configure the notification to be sent to the person submitting the contact form, providing the visitor with a confirmation for their submission.

Compatibility with Other Plugins: The Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler is compatible with a variety of other plugins, making it even easier to create a custom contact form. This includes compatibility with plugins for analytics, email marketing and notifications, use of HTML and CSS for more advanced customization, integration with third party services, and much more. These plugins can be used in conjunction with the plugin’s features to create a powerful contact form solution.

Secure and Secure Connection: The Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler also implements a secure and stable connection for the various contact forms that are created using the plugin. This ensures that all user data used in the contact forms is safe and secure, as no sensitive information is stored on the website or server. Furthermore, the Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler is regularly updated for new features, fixes, and security patches, providing users with a reliable and secure contact form solution.

Cons of Using Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler

Limitations of Customization: The Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler plugin is a useful tool for customizing basic contact forms within WordPress, but it does have certain limitations. For example, changes made using the plugin may not always display on the website in exactly the same form as they did when they were edited. Additionally, the plugin may not be compatible with certain themes and plugins, which can lead to significant problems with functionality. As a result, users should be sure to check for compatibility before committing to using the plugin.

Limiting Database Storage: The Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler plugin stores contact data on the user's database, which can lead to an increased strain on server resources as the contact form is used more and more often. This can be especially problematic if the website is experiencing a large amount of visitors at once. Additionally, if a website hacker manages to breach the user's security measures, the stored contact form data could be easily compromised as well.

Potential For Bugs: Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler is a relatively new plugin and, like any other plugin, it has the potential to contain bugs which could influence the behavior and display of the contact form on the website. Therefore, it is important that users monitor the plugin's performance and update when necessary to ensure that the contact form is functioning properly.

Difficult to Troubleshoot: Working with a contact form code can be very difficult and, depending on the level of user experience, troubleshooting contact form issues can be challenging. As a result, the Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler plugin may not be the best choice for users who lack coding expertise, as they may find it difficult to debug form issues on their own.

Steep Learning Curve: Getting to grips with the Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler plugin requires a good understanding of JavaScript and HTML. This may prove to be a challenge for those with less coding experience, especially if they are unfamiliar with the behavior and syntax of the languages. Furthermore, as the user becomes more experienced with the plugin, it is possible they may begin to find it difficult to recall its usage due to its complexity.

98% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler is the perfect option for WordPress users looking for an easy and convenient way to incorporate contact forms into their website. With its easy and fast installation, customizable features, and integrated security elements, this plugin makes creating and managing contact forms a breeze. By offering a comprehensive interface for setting up contact forms and incorporating detailed customizations, Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler is the go-to plugin for many WordPress users.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.1
  • Last Updated: 6 years ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 2.6.0+
  • Tested Until: 4.9.24
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Integrating contact forms with other WordPress plugins
    The Contact Form 7 Shortcode Enabler plugin allows you to easily integrate WordPress contact form functionality with other plugins. By enabling the Shortcode Enabler you can embed forms into any post or page, and extend the functionality of your plugins without writing any code.
  • Creating Professional Looking Contact Forms
  • Collecting data through contact forms
  • Promoting products and services
  • Integrating with eCommerce platforms
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