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Change Mail Sender is a WordPress plugin that helps you easily customize the sender name & email address for outgoing emails. It also supports custom email address for each author in your blog so that each author can be associated with an email address.
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Change Mail Sender: A Comprehensive Review

Having a website with WordPress offers many advantages, but when managing multiple websites, administering each one can get complicated. This is especially true when it comes to managing email notifications. Thankfully, the Change Mail Sender plugin for WordPress can help streamline the process. This plugin was developed in 2005 as an alternative to the default WordPress settings. It gives users the ability to modify sender information for emails, and customize other email settings. With the Change Mail Sender plugin, user can shift all emails to a single email address, eliminating the need to manage separate notifications across multiple sites.

Change Mail Sender: Breakdown

Plugin Settings

The Change Mail Sender Plugin for WordPress is a powerful tool that can quickly streamline an email notification workflow. Once installed, the user can select a custom sender name that will appear in the From field of all emails sent from the WordPress site. The default sender name can also be set in the plugin’s settings. This allows users to easily identify emails associated with a particular WordPress site, and make sure a specific name is associated with all emails originating from the website. On larger websites with multiple users, the Change Mail Sender plugin can also be used to assign emails to different users. It also supports filtering of emails by application,which helps identify emails that are related to specific parts of the website.

Beyond sender information, the Change Mail Sender plugin for WordPress supports a variety of other email-related customization options. It allows users to override the default WordPress email settings and configure things like the email content type, email headers, mail method security protocols, SMTP authentication settings, and more. This ensures that emails are sent with the appropriate settings, and can be used to troubleshoot any issues with emails being sent from the WordPress site.

Pros of Using Change Mail Sender

Reliable and Secure: The 'Change Mail Sender' WordPress plugin promises a reliable and secure experience when it comes to changing the sender of your emails. With it, you're able to customize the senders of your emails, allowing you to more easily gain control over their content and performance.

Simple to Use: Using the 'Change Mail Sender' WordPress plugin gives you the ability to switch sender email addresses quickly and without any coding or other complicated steps. Its user-friendly interface is designed to make changing your emails' sender easy and accessible.

Integration with Many Services: The 'Change Mail Sender' WordPress plugin integrates with a variety of services, such as SendGrid, MailChimp, and Amazon SES, so that those services' capabilities can be leveraged when it comes to sending emails.

Economic: Using the 'Change Mail Sender' WordPress plugin helps keep costs low, since it eliminates the need for orphan emails and the required manual steps to create emails with different sender addresses. This makes email delivery more efficient and less expensive overall.

Support: If you ever have an issue using the 'Change Mail Sender' plugin, you can get direct support from the Flexiapps team, who provide a wide range of helpful resources and assistance to ensure users have the best experience possible.

Cons of Using Change Mail Sender

Poor Compatibility with Other Plugins: The ‘Change Mail Sender’ plugin has poor compatibility with other WordPress plugins that use Mail functionality. This means that other plugins on the website can experience compatibility issues when enabled alongside this one. This can cause conflicts and unpredictable behaviour, making it difficult to build a reliable and stable WordPress environment.

Increased Resource Usage: Lack of compatibility between the ‘Change Mail Sender’ plugin and other plugins also means that it can demand an increased amount of server resources. This extra resource usage can negatively impact performance and page loading speed, reducing the overall user experience of the website.

Limited Sender Options: The ‘Change Mail Sender’ plugin only allows for a single mail sender to be chosen from the dropdown option. If users want to utilise more than one mail sender, they cannot do so with this plugin. This makes it difficult for users to be able to create specific mail sender identity for different audiences.

Inflexible Options: The ‘Change Mail Sender’ plugin is also quite inflexible in terms of options. It does not allow users to edit or configure any of the options, which makes it difficult to tailor the plugin’s usage to a specific website’s needs. This can lead to an experience that is not customised to the user’s requirements.

Lack of Security Features: The ‘Change Mail Sender’ plugin is missing any sort of security-related features. This makes it difficult to trust the software, as there is no built-in protection against spam and other malicious attacks. This makes it difficult to rely upon the plugin for any mail-related processes on the website.

88% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Change Mail Sender plugin for WordPress provides users with a quick and easy way to streamline their email notification workflow. By assigning emails to different users, filtering emails by applications, and customizing email settings, the plugin helps make managing emails across multiple WordPress sites much simpler. With the vast range of settings and support for custom sender information, the Change Mail Sender plugin is an invaluable tool for managing email notifications.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • Last Updated: 1 year ago
  • Installs: 30,000+
  • WP Version: 5.2+
  • Tested Until: 6.1.4
  • PHP Version: 5.6.20 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Auto Reply Email Notifications
    The Change Mail Sender Plugin allows WordPress developers to set up automated email notifications for incoming messages from site visitors. This allows the developer to quickly customize the sender information when a contact form, comment, or other type of message is received. The plugin can be set up to automatically send emails from a specified email address, allowing the website's visitors to get speedy responses without the developer ever having to manually change the sender information in the emails every time.
  • Bounced Email Detection
  • Email Scheduling
  • Newsletter Management
  • Spam Protection
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